Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tell Me Your Thoughts

Earlier in the holiday, we had been on the road to Rebecca's parents' place for a couple of hours. I was driving, and during a rare moment of silence from the kids, I let my mind wander. I was thinking about this fantasy of mine, and one of many of it's possible scenarios.

Rebecca can always pick up on when I'm thinking, so of course she asked what I had on my mind. I said I would tell her eventually, but for obvious reasons, it couldn't be in front of the kids.

Eventually turned into last night, when we finally had a moment in bed together when we both weren't exhausted. Rebecca currently has her monthly visitor and a cold, so we laid in bed and talked while she stroked me.

I told her that while I was driving, I was thinking about a particular scenario:

We were somewhere, maybe on vacation (just her and I) and she brought another man back to our hotel room. I told her I sat in a chair and enjoyed watching her naked body as she climbed on top of him.

In my mind I saw her straddling his legs, reverse cowgirl, facing me at the foot of the bed. She constantly maintained eye contact with me as she reached down and guided his cock to her pussy.

He was, of course, a bit larger than me in both length and girth, so she had to go slow. As she lowered herself, she looked in my eyes, slightly biting her lip as she felt him stretch her.

She kept working herself down until he was finally fully inside, and the lower portion of her lips rested on his balls. In this fantasy, she rested for a minute then slowly slid up his shaft, leaving her wetness along the way.

I described the details as best as I could as we lay in bed together. She held my cock in her hand and slowly pumped me as I recounted my fantasy.

She gently asked what else happened next in this daydream and I told her. I said that she sat facing me, looking deep in my eyes as she pumped up and down on his cock. As she approached her orgasm, she maintained eye contact with me, even as her eyes fluttered in ecstasy.

The interesting thing about this particular fantasy was that the other man was faceless and nameless. It was as though she was making love to me but with another man's cock.

As I got closer to coming, I tried my best to hold off in order to finish my story. I told her that her orgasm triggered his, and being a fantasy with no repercussions, he came deep inside her. I explained that she immediately dismissed him from our room, then climbed on top of me. I wasn't able to articulate to her how I imagined it felt to slide inside her after him, as I was caught up in my own orgasm.

I really wanted to wait to tell her this fantasy when we were we able to make love, but with her monthly visitor in full attendance, my lust just couldn't wait any longer. I guess I'll just have to wait until my mind wanders again..

Saturday, December 17, 2011

You're my Alpha

I was feeling a little insecure lately, for lack of a better word. The last thing I want is for her to lose respect for me because of the freedom I've given her. She seems to be quite comfortable seeing G, and I'm really enjoying her getting comfortable in that respect.

Having said all that, I decided I wanted wanted to reassure her I don't want to lose her. So tonight, out of the bedroom, I told her a few of my thoughts.

First of all, I told her she should never, ever think I am pushing her away when I tell her she can go with him. Second, I said that if he ever started speaking poorly of me, or encouraged her to leave me, she needs to set him straight, or stop seeing him. Finally, I told her that if she ever started to have stronger feelings for him, that I wouldn't want her to make the common assumption that those feelings for him had to come at the expense of her feelings for me. I told her I will always be there for her, and I'm comfortable in the strength of our relationship, enough so that she could explore her feelings if she chose to.

Her response was quite simple,

"Don't worry, you're my Alpha."

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Whiskey Sour Continued..

It's funny how your mind starts to forget the little details about an event so soon after it occurs. I guess that's why I started this blog. I realized how many great nights we've had, each one better than the last. This is really a blog of my memories, made before they start to fade. Saturday night is another great one, one I hope to experience again.

The Whiskey Sour

When I got home from dropping the sitter off, Rebecca met me at the door and we went upstairs together. We undressed each other at the foot of the bed all except for her crotchless panties, which I intentionally left on her.

I have to say, she was very wet as we made out heavily under our covers. I was hard, and my head was brushing against her amazing slit. After a short time, I slipped inside her and started immediately pumping her with long strokes.

It must have been the Whiskey Sour talking, but she whispered, "Tell me what i can do to make you feel good." That kind of caught me off guard, not really sure what she meant. Being quick on my feet, I whispered that I've always wanted to have her ass. She replied something positive, so I went to our bathroom and brought out some lube. She went to turn over on her belly, but I asked her to stay on her back.

I continued to pump her sopping wet pussy, and at the same time managed to apply a large amount of the lube to my right fingers. I tried let it warm up in my hand, then I reach around and under her to her lovely, tight ass. I slowly worked my index finger in, all the while still pumping her with my cock. I eventually was able to work two of my fingers in her ass, while my cock filled her pussy.

I had to slow down since the idea of her taking me in both holes had me on the verge of coming. I got up and gently rolled her over onto her belly, so I could have complete access to her.

I tried to take it as slow and as gentle as possible, but the fact that I was as hard and as large as I've ever been made it difficult. I could feel when I was positioned "correctly", and slowly she relaxed enough to let me in. I was three or four inches in, and she was definitely in some discomfort. I laid still to see if she could get used to it, but even the whiskey sour wasn't enough to get her past the pain, so I slowly withdrew.

I went to our washroom and washed myself up, then got a steaming wet cloth for Rebecca. As she lay on her stomach, I gently cleaned her up.

In my/our younger days, a minor failure like this would spell the end of the night, but now when things like this happen, we're able to laugh and move on.

When I got back to her, we took off where we left off and I once again entered her very willing pussy. While I pumped her, I whispered to her to tell me why she thought it hurt too much for her. I was obviously fishing for the answer, and she didn't disappoint. She replied by saying, "your cock is too big." What man doesn't like to hear that?

I told her how much I enjoy the nights where she sucks my finger as I fuck her. I asked her if she knew why I liked it and she said no, she didn't. I replied by explaining it was because I always fantasizes about her sucking another man's cock while I pump her. I've noticed that she really gets into it as well, so she must harbor some thoughts deep down.

I stopped pumping her and told her how part of my fantasy had us changing places so he could have the opportunity to feel her. Then I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her wet pussy and told Rebecca he would do the same. In a smooth motion, I slid inside her, bottoming out. She gasped as I started to slowly slide deliciously in and out.

I whispered in her ear her that earlier, when I had my finger inside her tight ass, I could feel my cock through the thin wall between her ass and pussy. As I came, I whispered that I could imagine this would be how it would feel to be inside her ass when another man had her pussy.

She rolled me over onto my back and climbed back on to my (still) hard cock. She hadn't cum herself yet, and I noticed she was getting a little more direct in her approach, which in itself is rare.

As she road me, I could quite literally feel our combined juices leaking out of her, and coating not only me, but her as well. She had just had her waxing earlier in the week, so she was as slippery as ever, and she used it fully.

I reached up and gently stroked her breasts and she surprised me with another request. When my hands were near her nipples, she told me to squeeze them. Her nipples are very sensitive, so she NEVER wants them squeezed. I was only happy to oblige. I slowly increased my pressure on them as she kept rocking on me.

I released one nipple, reached down and slid my thumb in between us. She moaned when I made contact with her clit, which until now had been grinding against my pubic bone. I started to stroke her and she rocked harder on my cock and hand. Eventually, I couldn't hold back any longer, and came inside her for the second time.

I started to soften, but she kept going. When I started to take my hand away, she grabbed it and held it fast. I told her to show me how she liked it, and she held my hand, using it like a vibrator on her clit. I took my hand away, and she continued with her own hand, another rarity for her to do.

Laying on my back, I looked up at my wife, bearing down with a determined look on her face as she finally came and collapsed on my chest.

Thank you G, (for the whiskey sour.)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Whiskey Sour

3 parts Bourbon whiskey
2 parts fresh lemon juice
1 part syrup
dash egg white (optional)

We went to my office Christmas party last night. Rebecca surprised me as she was getting dressed by slipping on her crotchless panties. I had suggested earlier in the day that she could wear them if she felt like it. Often, these suggestions are cleverly forgotten when it comes time to go for it, but this time I walked into our dressing room to find her in her bra and crotchless panties.

Party is a strong word for what we attended. Half the office couldn't make it for some reason or another, so it was a small gathering. The food was good, and the drinks better. I suggested to Rebecca earlier that I would do the driving since I had to take our boy to an early morning hockey practice.

Several months ago, G introduced her to a new drink, the Whiskey Sour. Rebecca is a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. Any more than three drinks, and she's done for. She usually nurses a single glass of wine for several hours. Tonight however, our hostess mixed a tasty whiskey sour and Rebecca showed me how they're supposed to taste. I attempted making one after that date with G, and it didn't turn our very well. It might have had something to do with my choice of syrup, but I'm not sure....

We worked the room, chatting people up. Occasionally, I would bump up behind Rebecca, reminding myself what she wore underneath. at one point while we stood at the island chatting, she reached behind to where I was standing and grabbed my cock through my dress pants.

It wasn't soon after that we decided to leave. When we arrived home, I dropped her off and drove the sitter home. Rebecca was waiting for me when I got home...(sorry, but to be cont.)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Late Night

Rebecca met V for a drink around 6:30 last night. They met at a bar near her office, so she could go to work for a bit afterwards. As I had mentioned before, V is bit younger than her (he's 29).

Apparently, he treated this a little like an interview, where he asked her questions about her sex life. Questions included "how many men have you been with?"(1.5- she doesn't could her first due to his smallness.)"how often do you have sex?"(about 3 times a week) and "Have you ever been with someone from a different culture?" (no, but not by design)

She answered them all quite honestly, but was wondering why both he and G asked almost all the same questions.

After an hour and a bit came the funny part. It seems he had to meet another girl across town on some sort of first date. I guess we'll chalk it up to him being young. Rebecca was okay with it, and he didn't really want to leave, but she encouraged him to go. I guess it's good that he'll honor his commitments, not to mention his complete honesty.

So off he went, and off she went to the office. She texted me when she arrived at her building and said she would stay awhile and get a few things done before coming home.

About forty-five minutes later, she texted me to tell me G had emailed her to ask if she could join him for a drink. He was downtown for some function which had wrapped up. She asked me if it was okay, and I told her to have fun.

She rolled in around 12:30am, and came to bed, where I had been waiting. I asked her how it went, and she said it was fun. They had met for drinks and eventually she had given him a ride home. I asked her if anything had happened, hoping that it had.

It was disappointing to hear they just chatted about work, etc. She finally gave him a ride home, then came home to me, where I was quite wide awake with anticipation. she mentioned that V had texted her later in the evening to say her had ditched his other date and wanted to continue his questioning. She took a rain check on that conversation.

When she got home and came to bed, she was dripping wet, so I can tell she enjoyed herself, even if "nothing" happened. I slipped inside her quite easily, very easily in fact, where that thought alone pushed me over the edge.

Waiting for her return, I had been aroused and hard, on and off for about four hours. When I finally came inside her, I'm sure I must have felt like a warm fire hose. She moaned her approval when she felt it.

It was late, and our day starts around 5:00 am, so we went to sleep. We're planning on having a bath tonight, where she can fill me in on any details she missed, and I can make up for my quick draw last night.

I don't suspect a lot more will come out of our conversation, but I like the fact that she is willing to go out like this. She seems to enjoy it. She's at a bikini waxing appointment as I type this, so I'll get to enjoy that after our bath.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Bizarre World

I just got off the phone with Rebecca. We were both taking our lunch breaks, so we were just confirming the details for after work, when she'll be joining V for drinks and dinner.

This is a bit different than G in the sense that I know V is interested in her, and he's single. It's a bit more exciting because of this, and the fact that things haven't reached an equilibrium with V like they have with G.

Knowing Rebecca, she'll keep the conversation very legit, possibly allowing for some interpretation on his part.

I have to say, I feel like we've grown as a couple. I have matured in my trust of her. Most married couples' trust is based on the belief that a partner wouldn't "cheat". My comfort comes from knowing she will always love me. I have given her as much freedom as she wants, and she's using it in a very frugal way. I've discovered by giving her her freedom, we've become even closer. I really can't begin to understand the paradox.

She'll probably tell him I'm fine with her meeting him, which I'm sure will confuse the hell out of him. I'm also sure she has no intention of fully exercising her freedom tonight, or ever for that matter.

Instead, I hope she'll enjoy herself, maybe laugh inside at this young buck clambering for her attention, and get some well deserved affirmation of how attractive a woman she is.

I'm can't explain how or why I'm happy to wait at home while she does this, but I am. What a bizarre world...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011

No Expectations

Earlier this evening was amazing. As I mentioned in my previous post, the sexual attraction was intense between us. We had a great family night as we watched a movie with the kids, and shared a bottle of wine. (Us, not the kids.)

When we went to bed, I found Rebecca waiting. This time of year, we keep the heat in our room quite low, and our bed is always cold when we get in.

I told her she needs to warm me up, so she held me on top of her. She slipped off her panties and said she had a good method to give me some of her heat.

I asked what it was, and she guided me inside her. I commented that it was a bit unorthodox, seeing how she was married and all. She played along, working me deeper inside of her.

I said something like, "Well, it won't count as sex if we can both keep from cumming."

I slowly pumped her, whispering in her ear, that her husband probably wouldn't mind anyway. She whispered something back which stuck with me, and even now still has an effect.

Talking to me as her lover, not her husband, she said, "No expectations"

As her lover, I took that as, "don't expect a relationship, it's just sex."

As her fantasy lover, I told her my only expectation was that she enjoy every moment of me inside her, and that she relax and give her body to me for the time she is with me.

It didn't take long before she came, her wonderful pussy quivering on her lover's hard cock.

I pulled out of her for a moment, and told her that now she's home with me. I reentered her, feeling her wetness. I told her I heard she had saved a guy from hypothermia tonight. As I pumped her she gave a few brief details of how.

I don't remember exactly how I teased the words out of her, but eventually she made me cum with a phrase I've never heard her say this easily. She whispered, "Tonight, I came on another man's hard cock."

Looking Forward to Monday

I came home from work today to find Rebecca on the floor in front of the fireplace having a glass of wine.

She mentioned she had been texting for a bit. I thought it might be G, but it turns out she had been talking to V instead.

He asked her, and they're going for drinks on Monday. Again, it'll most likely be just drinks, but the sexual tension between us is thick. It may be the fact that her monthly visitor finally left today, but either way, I'm looking forward to it. V has always had a thing for Rebecca, and I want her to enjoy the brief company of a younger man who wants her. She deserves the attention.

We have a date night tomorrow, just the two of us, so I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with her. Maybe I can convince her to go crotchless for me..

Friday, November 25, 2011

Working Late

Rebecca has had to go back into the office in the evenings lately to stay caught up on her work. Last night, we put the kids to bed around eight. I finally caught the flu the kids have had, so I went to bed early, while she went back to the office.

In my fevered, delusional sleep, I had visions of her meeting up with G downtown. This morning she told me she got a lot of work done, and that she had been emailing him back and forth over the course of the night. A little flirting, as well the mundane.

I enjoy the fact that she'll have these "conversations" with him during her "alone" time. It shows she's comfortable branching out a little. At the same time, she sends me loving texts while she's gone. He asked her to have lunch with him today, but she is picking the kids up for an early dismissal day at school. She dropped them off this morning, and is currently at the gym, working out. God, she's hot.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Old Hat

Rebecca mentioned the other day that she and G had been emailing a bit, and she was teasing him. That day she was wearing a skirt and "stayups", and he happened to ask what she was wearing.

She described her outfit, and he replied by telling her she was cruel. Her response to me was, "What? I just told him what I had on..."

Anyway, it sounds like they're meeting for lunch on Friday. At one point, the idea that she actually wanted to go for lunch with him had me tossing my cookies. Now this has become old hat.

Maybe I'm losing the edge a little. I know she's totally in love with me, so I'm completely fine with her seeing him. I guess her lack of anything sexual happening with him at all has me in cruise control. I suppose it won't take much for her to push my buttons though.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

"More Common than You Think"

Yesterday, Rebecca went for after work drinks with a girlfriend. This friend, "N", surprised Rebecca by saying she thought that it would be nice to be able to just have no strings attached sex with someone other than her husband.

Rebecca was surprised to hear this from her. N doesn't know anything about Rebecca's freedom, and Rebecca didn't tip her hand. She just kept quiet as N told her about a guy who she "had chemistry" with. It seems he would come by her office occasionally and flirt. I'm guessing if N had the freedom that Rebecca has, she would have acted on it.

When Rebecca told me about their conversation, she added, "It must be more common than you think."

Weekend Pics

One of my favorite parts...

Monday, October 31, 2011

The French Maid

Happy Halloween...

Today, I came home from work and Rebecca gave me her update from her emails with G. Pretty minor stuff, but she continues to flirt. He asked her what she had planned and if she had a costume picked out.

She told him she was going as a french maid, "complete with feather duster". He quickly replied by asking her for some pics. Funny thing, from my perspective, I would love for her to send him some french maid pics. It's strangely exciting to have another man want to see your wife in costume...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

More thoughts on things..

"A" is asking some good questions, and it has provoked me to take stock of what my thoughts are now. Judging from my earlier insecure posts (which I cringe when I read now), I think I have come a long way.

I can imagine that our dynamic might look strange and a little one sided to someone viewing it from the outside.

Early on, I was pretty freaked out about the loss of control/ etc, but there are a few things that I have grown to realize and be comfortable with.

First of all, Rebecca loves me beyond anything or anyone else. It took me some time to really understand that. This gives me the confidence in her making decisions about who she sees and when, etc. She tells me when they have lunch, email etc, I just don't get every little detail like I want immediately after the fact.

She rations the tidbits, and she's becoming quite good at knowing what turns me on. It's all still on a flirting level, so it takes some reading into.

My personal feelings swing back and forth between feeling cuckolded to feeling like I'm the one doing the cuckolding. She meets him for lunch and he gets her for an hour to chat, and when she comes home, I take her and show her she's mine.

Of course, the balance could shift if she ever fell in love, but I would rather go into that situation having given her my unconditional love all along. I'm even certain that I could handle that with the same unconditional love for her.

There's a point I believe that there is really no choice, or maybe no need for either of us to choose. Like any other couple, she could leave me anytime if she chose to. There's just simply no need to do so. She has a husband and family who loves her more than anything in the world. She also has the freedom to explore her sexuality and feelings for others. How many other women can say that?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recent Comments

The following is a comment I think deserved to become its own post. The comment is in quotes below, and my response is below it. The questions asked are good because they get to the heart of the matter.

"I just finished reading this blog from start to finish. I decided to post my comment here because it seemed to me the most relevant post."

"First off, Slider I think it's great that you are putting everything out there and I think it is even better that Rebecca reads it (a definite plus if you give her space and time to read it). With that being said, a lot of what your emotional experiences in HW are similar to what my husband and I have gone through as swingers."

"I don't mean what I say next to be judgmental but merely an observation. I find it a contradiction of what Rebecca perceives as "cheating" versus her actions where she is not willing to give you full access to her emails and texts. The only reason I say this is because when my husband and I first started swinging every chat and every text message was read by both of us. There came a point where my husband doesn't read my texts anymore but trusts that I will tell him about anything important. As we both know what one person finds vitally important is another person's no big deal. I know hubby trusts me."

"I have been wondering how you could convey to Rebecca that the content of her communication with G is a huge part of the turn on for you. From what I gathered from my reading is that you have told her, but was it communicated in a manner that she could receive it? Just stating the obvious that men and women can communicate very differently."

"Just my two cents... for what it is worth."


Hello A,

You have identified something I'm trying to understand myself. One of the things that appealed to me (other than the sex) about this HW thing is the level of communication and openness that successful HW (and in your case, swinger) couples seem to have.

I mean, if a woman can openly discuss her attraction and feelings for another man with her husband, then she should be able to talk to him about anything. That's real intimacy.

In our case, I think that this level of communication/intimacy is the ultimate goal, but it may be a long journey to get there. I know we have a great marriage, so good, in fact that we talk about how abnormal we are compared to people we know. We're just not 100% comfortable discussing everything.

I also know that Rebecca is struggling with traditional ideas of sex, marriage and what a "proper" wife says and does. Even during sex, in her dirtiest moment, she'll hesitate when she says the words "cock" or "pussy". Having said that, we have definitely come a long way from our early days of talking about sex.

I think her shyness or desire for privacy with her emails comes from what she thinks "proper" is, but it's also a good indication to me that she has said or done more with G than what she has told me. Honestly, I'm not that freaked by it if that's the case. I can understand her need for privacy until she's comfortable sharing her feelings about him with me. I would just hope our discussion comes sooner rather than later.

Hearing about it is the one big thing I get out of this, but it's hard to explain how my biggest turn on is the idea of her getting hot with another man, then coming home and giving herself back to me.

What she needs to figure out on her own is that her interest in another man doesn't have to run contrary to our love. I freaked out early in their "relationship", when I saw her showing interest, so I could see why she's hesitant to be completely open.

Finally, I can't blame Rebecca for keeping some things to herself, we all do it to some extent. I certainly haven't told her everything about my fantasies yet either...

Please feel free to comment more and thank you for reading. No offense to the guys on here, but it's nice to read a woman's opinion..


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Male Brazillian???

We checked out prices for Rebecca to get laser treatments to replace her waxing sessions. On the price list is a "male brazillian". She laughed and dared me to go for it, but she had a crucial question.... Where do they stop?

It's a good point. I'm not that hairy, but even I would have a "line" where the wax stopped. It would look like I was wearing skin colored underwear. I suppose this is how they upsale you on the chest and stomach wax.

Anyone with experience with this? Jay? Judging from your avatar, you've dealt with this age old question.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fire and Wine

After we put the kids to bed, we watched the hockey game in front of the fire, sipping wine. Rebecca loves to have her bum rubbed, so of course I was happy to oblige.

Raining Men

Thursday, Rebecca told me that V has im'd her to tell her he's in town. Last night she was out with a girlfriend of hers for dinner and drinks. When she got home, and climbed into bed naked with me, she said he was texting her asking her to go out tonight (Saturday).

She doesn't have a lot of interest in going out with him it seems. (He's a bit young) I would find it more amusing than her, just because I know he would be trying hard to impress her.

As I slid in and out of her wet (and recently waxed) pussy, I asked her to tell me something. She hesitated for a second, then said that G had also sent her an email asking to meet for drinks tonight.

There you have it, she has two possible dates tonight, and it looks like she wants to stay home with me. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy she chose me out of the three of us. I just hope she knows I'm comfortable enough with us to let her choose a night with someone else once in awhile.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"My Husband's..."

Rebecca and I decided to try the lounge at our hotel for its convenience. This was the Monday at the end of a long weekend, so it was very quiet. I stayed in our room for about twenty minutes while Rebecca got comfortable in the lounge.

When I eventually went down to the bar, I found her sitting at a table alone. There were a total of three other people in the bar. One was a couple, and the only other person was definitely not her type.

We had agreed earlier that if it looked hopeless, we would fall back onto plan "B", which was for me to pick her up.

I walked up to her table and asked her if I could join her. She said of course, and I ordered a single malt from the waiter. We discussed how quiet it was, then made small talk getting acquainted with each other. I asked her where her husband was.

"He's resting in our room. He ran yesterday," she replied.

"I ran too," I told her, "But I still made it out."

We chatted for another half an hour or so, before I invited her back to my room to check out my view. As we walked to the room, she asked me what room number I was in.

"309", I told her.

"That's very close to where my husband is," she said.

I opened the door and apologized for the mess. As we stepped to the window to see the view, I turned around and kissed her. She kissed me deeply back, and our hands moved quickly to take off each others' clothes. I was hard as a rock as my imagination had my wife stoking this "other man's" cock.

I took her to the bed and laid her down. She was dripping wet, so I could tell she was into the fantasy as well. I ran my cock head along her wet lips. As I entered her, I asked her what her husband would think if he saw her like this.

"I think he would like it," was her answer.

"Really? Would it make him hard to see his wife take a hard cock?" I asked, pushing deeper inside.

"Hmmm, it would." she answered.

"Maybe we should invite him over and he could sit on the other bed and watch you get fucked," I suggested. "I bet he would like that."

She grabbed my hips, and pulled them back and forth, using them like handles to pump herself with my cock.

"Imagine your husband is sitting there watching as you take control of this stranger. Show him how much you want my cock." I instructed her.

Her hips were moving rapidly beneath me. She was grinding her mound against my pubic bone, keeping me deep inside her.

Every once in a while, I could feel a spasm run through my cock. Usually, this is just a precursor to my full orgasm. This time however, I could feel a single, relatively thick squirt as I shot a single warm blast of cum into her pussy.

"I felt that," she said.

"There's plenty more where that came from," I said.

"You know that the more I cum inside you, the more this pussy becomes mine," I explained to her.

I decided to keep the fantasy going, and follow it through to it's ultimate conclusion.

"Whose pussy is this?" I asked as she kept grinding against me.

"Yours," she whispered.

"Tell him whose pussy this is." I said pretending her husband was watching from the other bed.

"It's his." she moaned, talking to her pretend husband. This pushed me even closer to the edge. As I started to fill her with even more cum, I asked again, "Whose pussy is this?"

Rebecca's own orgasm started as she whispered her answer...

"My husband's."

God, I love this woman...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dressed for Dinner

Heading out for pre dinner drinks.

The Reward

For surviving the run yesterday, Rebecca has let me pick a reward. My idea of a reward is certainly different than most husbands'.

We're going out for an early dinner, then drinks later. I told her that after dinner I want her to head into the bar before me. I'll follow later and watch her from afar.

We did this once in Mexico. When I came to the lounge that time, she was at a tall table with a guy in a ponytail. It turned out he was a gay dancer in the evening show, but it made my stomach flip flop when I didn't know the difference.

We'll see what happens. I would love to watch her from across the room getting hit on by someone, maybe even exchanging email addresses. I don't expect much though, as it'll be a quiet Monday night at the bar.

She has a new dress she bought on a recent shopping trip that she's going to wear. She looks amazing in a dress, so if there is anyone "flirt-worthy",this will definitely get his attention.

Marathon Weekend

Rebecca and I are on a short out of town getaway. We had booked off this weekend so I could run my first marathon. I know you were all were thinking "sex marathon" when you saw the title.

The running marathon went well, and I was happy with my time, especially considering it was done on what was essentially a two day a week training schedule.

I was a bit stiff and tired last night, so we went out for dinner at the hotel lounge and called it a night.

Not to worry, I wasn't out of action long. Rebecca climbed on top of me this morning, and we made up for some lost time.

We don't fly out until tomorrow, so we're going to drive up the coast and go for a (slow) walk along a beach. She just showed me the outfit she plans to wear tonight, so I'm looking forward to that as well.

The other image here is of her getting out of her pajama bottoms. I love that ass.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Recent Thoughts

Rebecca is out of commission with the flu. She crashed after work yesterday and is still in bed right now. She rarely gets knocked out like this, in fact she often points out how she "never" gets sick. The kids are at a birthday party, so I have my first two hours of quiet time in a week.

I was thinking this morning in bed about a massage I gave Rebecca a few weeks ago. As I massaged her shoulders I fell into our massage therapist fantasy, where I make small talk and slowly become more and more personal with my comments as well as my caresses. Eventually, "reluctantly", she allows me to touch her wetness with my hand, then eventually my hard cock.

Eventually, I was pumping her with long and deep strokes, still making conversation. I've noticed small (good) changes in her over the last year. She used to dial it back when I would make references to her husband. I guess her shy nature wouldn't allow her to think about cheating on me, even "with" me.

This time, as I got closer to cumming, I made reference to her husband waiting at home. She reached under us and felt my balls, commenting that they felt full. I replied by saying they were, since it had been a long time since I had a client as hot as her. As I hovered at the edge of my orgasm, I went out on a limb fantasy-wise, and told her that I'll send her back to her husband filled with cum. She orgasmed immediately. I followed, filling her...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Root of Insecurity

I have been following a forum post on OHW for the last few weeks. It turned into a real train wreck, so of course it got me thinking about our own situation. The synopsis of the month is something like this:

The poster's wife was to be away for a month long training session. He stayed home and kept the house and kids in order. The couple had played as a couple in the past, but had discussed the potential for her to have some fun on her own someday. Well, it turns out she did meet someone at the training session, and her husband agreed to allow her to have some fun.

Of course this was an intense way of going about things. Over the course of the month, she saw her lover during the week and came home on weekends to her husband and family. By the end of the training however, she requested to stay on the weekend with her lover. She prefaced the request by saying this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and that it would be over when she returned. Her husband acquiesced. She assured him, there were no emotions involved and that it was purely physical.

You can of course see where this is going. She came home at the end of the training with the "bombshell" that she has feelings for the other man, and that she has questions about their marriage. I'm sure when Rebecca reads this, she will ask aloud, "what did he expect"? I tend to agree, although I was optimistic part way through this ordeal thinking they would be fine. In hindsight, I think any woman who spends that length of time with another man will start to grow feelings for him. He could be Quasimodo for all it matters.

Now I'm pretty certain Rebecca's take will be that she never should have slept with the guy, or let any emotions develop. Once that started to happen, the wife in question seemed to feel like she had to lie to her husband and assure him there were no emotions involved, in order to spare his feelings, coincidentally ensuring she could continue the relationship with the other man. There was an expectation or belief that she could control her emotions throughout this affair.

This of course had me thinking of Rebecca and G. She has reassured me of course that she is only having fun flirting with him. My gut instinct tells me more has happened between them than she has let on, be it physical and/or emotional. If I'm wrong, then fine. To be honest I expect her to develop some kind of feeling for him. The key is for her to know that I won't freak out when and if this happens, as long as she is able to put the feelings in perspective when compared to her life with me and the kids.

I was on the OHW chat as well and had the chance to discuss the emotional aspect briefly with a nice woman going by the moniker "M". M has been married for 35 years, and has been a HW for around 25 of them. I asked her about the emotional part of it, and her response was "of course I'm emotionally attached" when it comes to her lover. She wouldn't sleep with him if there wasn't a connection. She compared it to the the love of a good friend, not something she would ever consider leaving her husband for. She was very matter of fact about it. Stating she and her husband love each other very much.

I think the original poster in the beginning of this essay and his wife haven't become at all comfortable with the emotional connection bound to develop between a woman and a man she's spending time with. This has led to all sorts of little white lies, which in turn have snowballed into this mess they're in now. Granted, theirs was a unique and compressed affair, not likely to occur very often in the "natural" world, but it's these intense situations where I believe we can learn the most.

As for Rebecca and I, she is still at a point where she denies any emotional connection to G. So be it, maybe it hasn't occurred. Maybe it won't happen. I only hope she won't deny it past the point of it happening, because then things could get out of control.

Finally, I have to point out that as far as I know, Rebecca hasn't even held hands with G yet. Much like the original poster, I believe her when she says that nothing else either physical or emotional has happened. All I can say is if she ever chooses to move forward, I dearly wish to end up like M and her husband, reflecting back on 35 years of love, and not like the OP.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Home Alone

Rebecca is off on a weekend girls trip to Phoenix (with my Mother), so I'm hanging with the kids. I just put them to bed, and I'm getting ready to go myself. Of course, I miss her already. I also realize I was going to post some pics of her crotchless episode from this week. Unfortunately, I never got around to taking them. I guess I was too busy enjoying the crotchless experience to take the photos. My apologies. In lieu of them, I thought I would post some of my favourite images of her over the last year. Most I've posted before, but one or two may be new.

From the Boudoir Shoot

First Pair of Booty Shorts

I love her ass..


Riding the "Dolphin"


Getting ready to go out.

The Shower (Boudoir)

The Shower (Boudoir)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

She's off to Work

I'm trying this new app for posting from my phone...

Rebecca leaves for work early, while I get up later and get the kids ready for school. She usually dresses while I'm still asleep.

This morning after she left she sent me a text saying she was wearing something for me.

I checked her drawer, and the crotchless are gone. There's also an empty package of "stay up" nylons (black) on the counter in our dressing room. I'm trying to figure out which skirt she's wearing....

Edit: quick cut and paste of the conversation:

Her: I'm wearing something for you today...
Me:I like that...did it feel chilly on the way to the bus?
Her:Bit refreshing yes. :)
Me:I'm going to need proof..
Her:You're funny.
Me:Maybe photographic, or a witness? :)
Her:Don't have a camera. witness?
Me:You'll have to use your imagination...
Her:You're still funny. I am wearing stay ups too.
Me:I saw the empty package. You should have coffee today. :)
Me:I'm going to have to wear baggy pants
Her:You're funny.
Me:You're hot.
Me:Just out if the shower. Feel free to text me during the day. I love you.
Her:Bit drippy
Me:Nice. From me or you?
Her:Both I imagine. Time of month.(ovulating)
Me: Very hot....

Edit again: I'm not sure how, but I forgot to mention, she had her monthly waxing last night. I'm sure the fresh fall air was even cooler than normal because of it.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Red, Crotchless

Rebecca and I had a date night Friday. It was a busy week for both of us workwise, so we were looking forward to it. 

We picked a little spot we had been to close to her office. One of my nieces sat with the kids, so we were able to enjoy three hours of uninterrupted conversation. 

We talked about the usual work stuff, Rebecca had a big meeting Thursday with a difficult client group, which went well. I knew it had been on her mind leading up to it, so I was happy to see some of the immediate pressure come off her. 

I was coming back from a seven hour day of driving (for a one hour meeting), so I was ready to chill for awhile too. 

In the restaurant, we had a nice private table. We we were able to chat relatively undisturbed. Those with young children will understand how rare and important this becomes. As we talked, we held hands across the table, like we alway do when we're together. The waitress even called us "cute". (If she only knew we've been married for close to fifteen years.)

The subject of G came up, and we discussed the emails, and I got her thoughts on things. She said the whole thing is an ego boost, but then she immediately qualified it by stating she didn't "need" the ego boost, but it was fun nonetheless. 

We touched on her boundaries, and she made it clear that she has no "deep" interest in him, that she is only having fun flirting. I told her that as long as she's in control ( of her emotions) she was free to have as much fun as she likes. 

Rebecca mentioned that it was cruel to toy with him like that. I told her that my take was, if I was him,  not getting anything sexually fulfilling at home, I would welcome a break to my day having a beautiful woman like her flirting with me. 

That's when she told me a story from a couple of months ago. She was at work, and he emailed her, casually trying to guess what she had on. He guessed more less right, she was wearing a skirt and blouse, although he got the blouse color wrong. 

When she replied to correct him, she added that she was wearing her crotchless panties. 

Him: you're kidding right?

Her: I don't kid.

Him: Seriously?

Her: Seriously, red.

Him: I need proof.

Her: What kind of proof?

Him: Photographic

She didn't respond to that, and he followed up by asking how her day looked, seeing if they could meet for coffee. He also added he was losing his mind.

They didn't get together that day, as she was quite busy. It turns out she was just messing with him, and in fact, her monthly visitor was there.

She told me this as we ate. Knowing that my reserved wife was flirting with another man in this way really turned me on. I was hard under the table, and I told her so. 

A little while later, we got a call from our sitter, so we headed home to put the kids to bed. Rebecca drove the sitter home, then came home and we went to bed. 

Sex that night was hot. Rebecca came quite quickly, so I was able to enjoy her after she had "hers". I pumped her with the full length of my cock, driving in and out of her dripping pussy. I shared my thought with her that she should go out for drinks sometime with him, but this time she should wear the crotchless. That thought alone pushed me over the edge and I filled her completely.

Still on the theme of the red crotchless last night, I asked her if I could take a couple of pictures for either my private stash or even for the blog. 

It's been awhile since her last waxing, so she promised to let me snap a few this week after her "appointment". She's going to Phoenix on a girls trip this weekend, so she has to be pool ready. This "girls" trip is to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday, so it will be tame.

At the very least, I'll have some pics of her to enjoy while she's gone...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Last Saturday morning I was up early, letting Rebecca sleep in, when I noticed her blackberry sitting on the bathroom vanity. I had her password from a while ago, so I decided to take a look. I went to her gmail account icon, and fortunately it keeps her logged in. On it, I found four messages between her and G from Friday.

It turns out she is getting more comfortable flirting, and she may have not been as reluctant to step it up as she's let on. The first email I read was from her to him and must have been a continuation of a past conversation. She said something to the effect that he makes her mind wander, and she would enjoy a road trip with him. He responded alluding to her on an airplane ( she had told me some time ago that she had mentioned to him that her and I were members of the "mile high club"). Her response to him caught me completely off guard (in a good way). She suggested she could renew her membership, referencing a flight to a city they both travel to separately on business. 

That Saturday, she was taking a photography class, so in her email, she said he could stop by the class if he needed a picture taken. He didn't take her up on the offer, but his response was revealing. He said she should show the class the pic she sent him of her. He said it would win the class over. Initially, I was floored reading this. She has sent him a pic of herself, most likely from the boudoir session,( but there are others as well.)

It took a few hours for all of this to sink in. She hasn't been at all honest about their relationship, but I have to say, I'm not upset about it. Her dishonesty comes from her lack of comfort with this, and her worries about how I would react. The rest of that Saturday, I was totally turned on. She was too, although she never knew that I had read the emails. During that evening, we would touch and kiss whenever we would pass.

In bed that night, Rebecca came hard as she ground on top of me. I assumed she was extra turned on by her recent email exchange, which of course turned me on even more. I was as hard as I've ever been. Sunday, I was hoping for a sequel to the emails, but when I went to her BB, she had changed the password. That concerned me a bit. I commented on that fact when we were in bed Sunday night. My emotions were on edge, not because of the content of the emails, but because of her need to hide it from me. A million thoughts were running through my mind.

Was she hiding things because she was falling in love? I quickly blurted out my thoughts as we lay in the dark. She turned over and kissed me passionately. She reassured me that she was mine forever. That was all I needed to hear. I kissed her back and we made out like we were eighteen. 

As luck would have it, her monthly visitor had arrived, so I was going crazy with lust, unable to have her. Surprising me, Rebecca simply said, "I want to taste you." She pulled me up so my cock was even with her lips, and took me into her mouth. Up until this point, I hadn't officially confessed that I had looked through her emails, so  I told her as she sucked on me. It was amazing. I started pumping back as I told her what I had read. When I got to the point where I told her I knew she had sent him a picture, I went over the edge, cumming in her mouth, down her cheek and onto her hand. We continued to kiss and hold each other tight as we fell asleep. I slept very well that night.

Looking back, I know she needs some privacy for her to enjoy this. From my perspective, though, I need to be informed to enjoy it. I guess we'll find our where the middle ground is. We love each other very much, and I trust her completely, but without any updates from her to me, this would simply be an affair. I'm hoping now that she sees I'm really okay with things and that I love her no matter what, she'll feel more and more comfortable sharing those critical details with me.  I also understand that we all need our own privacy and personal fantasies. We'll see how it unfolds. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fisherman's Intuition

At work yesterday, I was at my desk around a quarter to one, so I thought I would text Rebecca to see how her day was going. 

Me: How's your day?
Me: More specifically, how's lunch?
Her: Good and good. I just saw Rob. (Rob used to work for me, nothing at all interesting here)
Me: How's Rob?
Her: Good
Her: He says hi. I was at some italain 
Me: Some Italian?
Her: Guido's? On 11th. G emailed today asking if I was free for lunch
Her: How is your day going? I'm at the office now.
Me: It's good. I had a feeling...
Her: What feeling? Did you see me? You should have come over
Me: Nothing really, just a hunch. Didn't see you.
Her: Just a hunch? How so? 
Me: Fisherman's intuition.
Her: You're funny. I love you, fisherman.
Me: Love you too 
Her: You make me smile. <3<3 

It turns out G emailed her around 11 to see if she was free for lunch. We had talked some time ago, and I'm fine with her having lunch with him, and had agreed that if I was okay with her seeing him, she would be okay with my meeting him. 

After that text exchange, I had that familiar twinge of jealousy combined with lust that I have to admit I enjoy. What really made this completely enjoyable, was the way she asserted our love at the end. She was out with a man whose company she enjoys, but she let me know afterwards (even though it was just lunch) that she was mine. Very nice.

When we got home, I'm not sure how to describe our dynamic. Rebecca was very affectionate, as was I. Passing each other we would touch, then hug, then have a short, but sultry kiss. She smelled amazing, and I told her so.

In bed later that night, I slowly stroked her back as she lay beside me. I entered her from behind and enjoyed caressing her. I ran my hand from her fingertips, down her arm to her shoulder, lightly tracing my way across her lower back and ass.

We rolled over, and she climbed onto me, and started riding slowly. 

"You're amazing." I told her.

"Why?" she asked. 

"Because you're hot." I replied.

"What makes me hot?" she asked innocently (as she ground herself against me.) I knew she was being coy, sending out this probing question to see if I'll bite.

"You went out for lunch with another man today." I admitted.

"So you enjoyed that?" She asked, knowing the answer.

"Yes." I said. I was doing well up to that point, but I was getting close to erupting.

"Will you do it again?" I asked as I approached the edge.

"Perhaps..." she said, pushing me over it with the simplest of responses..


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend, we're supposed to go camping with some friends of ours. Our kids are the same ages, so they always have a good time together. As for camping, Rebecca makes no bones about no longer enjoying staying in a tent. She has moved on to the "rent a condo" type of camping. I still enjoy it though, as do the kids.

She's made an initial comment or two about possibly staying home while I take the kids. She took this week off from work and she could use the time to catch up. In addition, on Monday, she's flying out of town for an overnight trip, so she could really use the time to stay home and prepare.

Now she'll definitely say I'm strange, but the thought of her alone for the weekend turns me on immensely. I'd like to think she would use the time to indulge herself a little. My mind wanders to her alone for the weekend, and getting convinced to go for drinks with G. At the very least, she might use the time to chat online with him or someone else. If my mind is left to it's own devices, it soon has someone over at our house, sharing a glass of wine and seducing her. I know these thoughts aren't "normal" for a married man to think of, but I can't tell you how exciting I find the whole notion.

Of course, books have been written about wives on out of town business trips, so I won't even begin to tell you what I think of when she's away. I'm sure most of you can fill in the blanks. I'd love for her to call me from her hotel room to tell me she's met someone, and he's joining her in her room for drinks. Even if she was just teasing me, it would be completely arousing.

Edit: I forgot that she has a waxing appointment this afternoon. So I have to add that to the fantasy as well.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Hot Weekend

Friday after work I was extremely tired. The week was exhausting from a work perspective, and I really just wanted to get to bed in good time and start the weekend fresh. On the way home from work, Rebecca informed me she went for coffee that afternoon with "someone". Apparently G was downtown to get his car fixed so he called her up to meet for coffee.

I was too tired to give much of a response, it really didn't bother me nor did it turn me on at the time she told me. We went to bed early that night, and I fell asleep sometime before Rebecca (while she read her book). I was lying on my side, asleep, when I awoke to a hand touching my lower back very gently. The hand started creeping around to the front of my boxers, and before it was there, I was rock hard. She reached under my waist band and gently started stroking me from behind.

She had my undivided attention now, so I turned around and laid on my back. Rebecca undressed and mounted me, sliding down on my shaft until I was as deep as possible. I'm not certain if it was because I was freshly awake, or if I had thoughts of her meeting G in the back of my mind, but I came quite quickly. I softened a little, so I went to roll her over onto her back to allow me to gain my second wind (I get hard quicker when I'm on top.) She surprised me this time however, by moving onto all fours and presenting herself to me again. I didn't waste any time getting back inside her, doggie style.

Our second round became more animalistic and raw. I became extremely hard, in fact a lot harder than normal. She was literally dripping our come onto the bed, as I held her hips and pumped her from behind. It was pretty dark in our room, but I could hear as well as feel my balls swinging and slapping into her clit each time my shaft disappeared into her come filled pussy. I could feel our come coating my balls as it dripped from her, adding to the feeling of pure animalistic attraction.

I came not long after that, and collapsed on top of her. When we woke up the next morning, I couldn't resist taking her from behind one more time as she was still wet from the night before (or possibly wet again).

Today, I dropped our daughter off for a birthday party. When I got home, our son was playing over at the neighbor's. The house was quiet as I stepped in the front door, so I quietly went upstairs to find Rebecca. She was up in our room, and was startled as I walked in the room. She had her phone with her and said she was emailing a girl from her work. I laid down on the bed, enjoying a quiet house. Rebecca quickly straddled my thighs, undid my belt and started stroking my cock. She pulled off her shorts and panties as well as my shorts and underwear. She slid down on my cock, again riding me cowgirl style. This time we both quickly came at the same time. Her orgasm was quick and hard. We held each other for a few minutes, then she jumped off me to go get cleaned up before our boy came home.

I'm not sure what has come over her this weekend, but I'm enjoying it. It could be her recent contact with G, and the fact that I'm cool with it, or it could just be because she's getting close to ovulating. Either way, I'm not going to rock the boat. I half jokingly asked her on Friday when we were going to invite him and his wife over for drinks. I don't remember her exact response, but I seem to recall getting the idea that she isn't ready for that just yet.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Bus

The kids are out of town at my parents for the week, so Rebecca and I have had some quiet time together over the last few days. This past Sunday we spent the day finishing our landscaping. Afterwards, we enjoyed a nice warm evening and some wine.

Without the kids around, we were able to have a really good conversation, although the wine may have helped as well. We were able to find common ground on G, with both of us able to see each other's pov. I suggested she doesn't need to avoid contact, since she's adamant about the "just friends" thing. 

In more general terms  she said that even with a relationship based only on sex, certainly, one of the two people will start to develop feelings for the other. I agreed that this could happen, and it would be up to both the husband and the wife to keep an eye on that. 

I added that having feelings was okay, as long as they didn't overtake the feelings which exist between the couple. I know.. easier said than done, particularly from my perspective, as I tend to worry about that. For now, she's probably going to leave G alone, but it's up to her.

It was a great discussion, in fact it was the best we've had in months. I hope she continues to feel comfortable discussing these things with me, particularly things that make her uncomfortable. I always find I feel better after it's off my chest, and I hope she will too.

Last night, we both worked until around 9, then headed home. While in bed, I told her to imagine she was on a crowded bus wearing a short skirt with nothing underneath. I get on the bus at a separate stop, and then make my way slowly over to her until I was standing directly behind her.

The turns and bumps from the ride of the bus would occasionally cause her to lean back into me. After the second or third time, when her ass moved backwards, she would suddenly realize there was a hard cock pressing into her. Instead of pulling away, she would keep her ass there, slowly grinding against me.  

I told her this story as I slowly worked my cock deep inside her. I described how, surrounded by people, she would slowly reach back behind her and unzip  my fly, freeing my hard cock. 

As the bus moved from stop to stop, I would slowly inch her skirt up to expose her ass. My fingers would reach under her from behind and feel the wetness slowly dripping down her inner thigh.

In the crowd, I would slowly, casually, bend my knees to lower myself until I could get my cock between her legs. Now from this position, it would still be difficult to get inside her, so this first step would have my cock splitting her pussy lips resulting with my cock head tenting the front of her skirt from behind.

She would be able to reach down in front of her and feel my hard cock head  under the fabric of her skirt. I described how I would be so turned on, and that a wet spot from my precum would form on the front of her skirt.

For awhile, the top of my shaft would glide back and forth between her slick pussy lips, rocking with the bus.

Eventually, however, she would want more, so when the tip of my cock moved back, a quickly timed adjustment of her hips would allow my cock to pop inside of her. The people around us would hear her gasp as she was suddenly filled. I told her that once inside her,  I would be less concerned about who was watching us, so my movements would become more pronounced, and my pumping would increase.

In our bed, I kept pumping her as I told her this fantasy, and I could tell she was getting very aroused.  I continued the story by saying that as she was getting fucked from behind, she would notice that several seats away, someone was watching her. 

I guess the thought of being watched pushed her over the edge. She immediately said she was coming and I felt the familiar spasming of her contracting pussy walls. 

As a husband, it's a beautiful feeling to have your wife orgasm while thoroughly impaled. I think every man revels in the knowledge that he's capable of satisfying his wife strictly with his cock. 

Having said that, I'm certain my story had more than a little to do with her getting off. She told me(like she always does) that she just likes the sound of my voice. While that may be mostly true, I'm sure the content had something to do with it as well. I told her that she didn't even let me get to the good part. She asked what that it was, but  I declined to tell her how the story ended. 

Suffice to say, she would have been surprised in this fantasy, to find out it was me watching her from across the bus.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Quiet Summer

Where to pick up? After my last post, we went through a series of ups and downs, which eventually ended up with Rebecca pulling the plug on G.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling a little confused. Their relationship had turned into more of a friendship than anything else, and it made me uncomfortable. They emailed/ texted daily, which she told me about, and they were getting together for coffee or drinks about once a week.

It's hard to explain to anyone how I felt about it, Rebecca still doesn't understand how I could be jealous of a friendship, yet still fantasize about her sexually with another man. I never claimed I was easy to figure out.

Her strong values tell her that sex is something reserved for the one you love. How can I argue with that? Her values will however, allow her to become intimate on a friendly basis with another man.

My values are smoewhat opposite. I see the friendship which develops between a man and woman to be more threatening than anything sexual could be, particularly when husband is excluded.

This all came to a head was when I decided to email G and introduce myself. Without posting the actual content, I basically introduced myself and suggested we meet before things continued with him and Rebecca. I also said to hold off telling her that we've emailed until after we met. I know, Mr. Transparency (me) suddenly went covert. I hoped that once we met, we would be able to both convince her things were cool, and they could keep seeing each other. I know that direct communication like this makes her very uncomfortable, so I thought it was best.

He replied, saying he was surprised to hear from me, and that he would be fine meeting. His take, though was that Rebecca should know. I know, this coming from a man sneaking around on his wife. The irony is palpable.

Against my initial thoughts, I came clean with Rebecca that night and told her I had been in contact with G. Suffice to say, she was extremely pissed. I tried to reassure her things were cool, but to no avail. She took it as a huge betrayal, that I would go behind her back.

In my limited defense, I told her nothing embarrassing about her or us was revealed to him. I just thought he and I should meet if the friendship was going to continue. I told her that she would have introduced me to any other of her friends by now, so why the issue? She didn't see it that way, and we're still in different camps on that issue.

As it stands, she has broken off all communication with him, which I'm okay with. She has told me in no uncertain terms to not bring up the hotwife thing. That's not so easy. I'll do my best to honor that request, although I told her I'll still have the fantasies; there's no way to turn that off, and it'll be a shame that I can't share them with my wife.

This all happened a few weeks ago, and things are back to normal. Our love life is back on track, and she's as amazing as ever. She keeps getting hit on at corporate events, but I do my best not to react much when she tells me.

We went on holidays for a week, and each took books to read. She's onto the second book in the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series, " The Girl who Played with Fire". Ironically, there is a strong HW character in the  books, Erika Berger. When we got home from our vacation, Rebecca had me read a section of the book which describes the relationship between Erika, her husband, and her friend/lover/business partner, Mikael Blomkvist. Stieg Larsson actually did a good job describing what I thought the dynamic should be like. Again, after I read it, I let sleeping dogs lie.

After I read the passage, Rebecca said she now understands something G had said to her one night they were out. When she told him I was aware she was out with him, he referred to her as Erika Berger. Oh well, I can't dwell on missed  opportunities. It's a shame though that she had to give up on something she enjoyed. For now, we may just be too far apart on the issue. It helps to get this written down, and I'm sure Rebecca will have a slightly different take on things when she reads this.

Take care, I hope everyone is having a good summer.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aging Well

Rebecca just walked up behind me turned my head and gave me a long deep kiss. I was sitting at the kitchen island wondering what to blog about. Things have been quiet on the HW front, although we did have some great action last night. We were out at another couple's house for a BBQ. Rebecca was wearing a new summer dress that shows off just how fit and sexy she is. I really do have to take a moment to brag about how well she's aged. She's 39 and she's hotter than when she was 18. Her body is tight and athletic, and her sex drive is ten times what it was when we were younger.

G is on the back burner a bit. She's adamant that she won't have sex with anyone other than me, although she is still seeing him and emailing regularly. She says has no need for sex since I satisfy her completely. As I've said before, I can't complain. On our way home last night, with the kids dozing in the back seat, we ran into some night time construction on the freeway. It added about a half hour to our trip, and all the while she was rubbing my crotch keeping me hard until we got home. Her summer dress had worked its way up so her white lace panties were showing and I was having a difficult time concentrating on the traffic even though we were only inching along. I'm impatient in traffic at the best of times, and I was having visions of her falling asleep/ passing out before we got home.

We finally made it home around 11:00 pm and put the kids to bed. I was ready in bed before her, and I was actually starting to drift off myself. The next thing I knew, Rebecca was on top of me, still in her dress, grinding and kissing me. It didn't take too long for me to get ahead of the situation. I pulled her dress over her head, flipped her onto her back and tore off her panties. I told her something to the effect that there are nights to make love, and nights to fuck. This was the latter. I pumped her hard, coming twice in her. I have to admit, I was so turned on that I only wanted to satisfy myself. I'm certain she never came herself, but she was exhausted after getting fucked hard, so she fell asleep quickly afterwards.

When I woke up this morning, she was still asleep with only her pyjama bottoms on. She had no covers on and she was curled up so her ass looked just perfect. I couldn't resist, so while she was still asleep, I pulled her pyjamas down to her knees and entered her from behind. When she started to wake up, I took off her bottoms completely, then laid on my back, pulling her on top of me. This is one of her favourite positions and this time it was her turn to be selfish. She rocked back and forth, grinding against me until she came. I held off until I felt her go, then I filled her for the third time in eight hours.

After we got up,  we took the kids to a local fair-type event. As we were leaving the playground/ kids area, Rebecca pointed out a middle age man. He was in his early forties, and easily forty pounds overweight. She said, "That's "C"".  I knew the name, but had never met him. He was Rebecca's first and only other sexual conquest. We never stopped to say hi. We just left with Rebecca commenting multiple times on how she definitely made the right choice.

After Rebecca gave me that long, deep, sensual kiss in the kitchen tonight, I asked her, "What was that for?"

Her reply echoed my thoughts about her. She said, "For aging well."

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Comfort Sex

We were camping this past weekend with my parents and the kids, so there wasn't a lot of one on one time for Rebecca and I. The one time we found ourselves alone, we were driving to a nearby store, discussing an article she had shown to me about "comfort sex". The gist of the article was  how monogamous couples learn to please one another over the years, and that although it may get boring, sex with your mate is ultimately more fulfilling. 

I agree with certain points of the article.  I definitely know Rebecca's quirks and what gets her to her big "O" quicker. This is knowledge I've accumulated over the years, and draw on each time we make love.

Having said that, I told her this knowledge is just as much an evolution of me, as much as us. She's not a typical woman, but I like to think I've become a better, more well-rounded lover over the years. 

One phrase in the article that caught my attention was "serial monogamy". This wasn't the first time the phrase was coined, but it was the first time Rebecca and I discussed it. She had kind of glossed over that part of the article, so I explained my interpretation of the term. I told her it's a little weird or even hypocritical in our society how people will date, then marry one person, having monogamous sex with that one person until they get bored, then cheat, get divorced, date and remarry, only to do it all over again. 

My take is that if there weren't any societal pressures, you could fall in love with your soulmate, grow old with that one special person, while at the same time, never get bored, because you would be allowed to have other lovers along the way.

This goes some way towards explaining how I feel  about Rebecca taking a lover, but it doesn't explain why I don't want one. I suppose the thought of her with another man is exciting enough for both of us.

During our conversation, she did give me a bit of a reality check when we discussed my "prowess". She said that although I could get her to orgasm nearly every time, she politely explained that if she did what felt good to her as much and as often as she would like during sex, there's no way I would last long enough for her to get off.

 Of course, in my mind, I had the perfect solution for her.. a threesome. Another man and I could take turns giving her whatever she wanted, however she wanted it and for as long as she liked. 

Currently, everything leads back to her present situation with G, so she wrapped up the discussion by saying that G had mentioned that a threesome was on his "bucket list". I assume that like most men, he was thinking of himself with two women but you never know. As for my conservative wife, I think that if she had two of us focusing on her pleasure, she would find it extremely erotic and fulfilling. At the very least, I find it interesting that she would mention this to me now.

That night, sleeping in the campground,  I tossed and turned as I fantasized (and stressed) in my dreams about the details of a menage a trois. The weirdest part was that I couldn't even put a face to G, since I've never seen what he looks like.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Ten Months"

Last night during a bath, Rebecca and I discussed my golf post and how she was different from her cougar coworker. She said she's not the type to dress slutty to go out and pick up.

The conversation continued into our bed where I gave her a massage. She laid down on her stomach while I straddled her ass/legs in order to rub her back and shoulders. As I massaged her, I told her I would have been okay with him coming over if the kids weren't around. I told her I could take the kids for a weekend to my parents' place, leaving her alone in the house. She commented how it would be weird to have him in our house.  

I said that nothing would have to happen if she wasn't comfortable with it. I said it could be strictly platonic like this massage. She was face down with her top off so all I could see was her back as I worked her muscles. She said she did have a massage like this back in University, where she had her top off. She said all the guy could see was the sides of her breasts as he massaged her. 

I worked my way down her back to the top of her ass. I reminded her that she has had plenty of professional massages where she had the top of her ass worked on, so it would still be considered platonic with G. 

After awhile, I pulled her pajama bottoms down to expose her complete ass and told her I knew how much she likes her ass massaged, and I was certain G wouldn't mind doing it. She replied that it would be cruel, since she had no intention of reciprocating. I told her I'm sure G would still enjoy the experience. 

When I finished her ass, I told her I would do her legs and still keep it platonic. I kept a sheet over her and slipped her bottoms down and off her legs. She was now completely naked under the sheet. I carefully uncovered her right leg, tucking the sheet between  her legs. As I worked my way down to her feet, we kept talking. She told me how G had told her recently how he had stumbled across a colleague of his at the office late at night with a "friend". He had apparently interrupted them. As I worked on her leg, I told her that if  she wasn't comfortable with him in our house, she could always visit his office. She laughed it off. When I massaged her foot, she moaned her approval. I finished her right leg and then covered it while exposing her left. 

I was hard the entire time, still wearing my boxer briefs. I mentioned to her that if she can make her husband this hard during a platonic massage, imagine how hard G would get, since he hasn't had a woman in ten months. She said again it would be cruel. I told her to trust me that he would still enjoy it. 

When I was done her leg, I straddled her back, this time "reverse cowboy" style facing her ass and legs. I slipped the sheet down to completely expose her ass, catching a glimpse of her lovely pussy. 

As I massaged her ass, I worked a finger into her pussy from behind, followed quickly by my tongue.

She said, "that doesn't feel platonic.", but she parted her legs as she said it. I continued and she moaned her approval. At this point, we really hadn't established "who I was" as I sat on her back, leaning between her legs, tasting her smooth pussy. 

From her response I could tell she was getting closer to her orgasm, so I got off her and asked her to turn over. As she did, I stripped off my boxers and climbed between her legs. I hesitated briefly with the head of my cock at her slick opening, then plunged it in. As usual, she felt amazing. She asked me how it felt, and I told her she felt perfect. I also told her, "Go slow with me, it's been a long time."

After a little while of pumping and grinding, she asked me if she could sit on me. I rolled over onto my back and she guided my cock in as she sat down on top of me. Because she was so wet,   I entered her quickly, bumping into her cervix as I did.

She started to grind me as deeply as she could manage, my cock head circling her cervix deep inside her. I told her to go slowly. 

She replied by asking, "Why? How long has it been?"

"Ten months", I replied.

And with those simple words, she shuddered and came.


Monday, June 27, 2011

The Golf Weekend

This past weekend, my dad and I joined a group of eight other men for a guy's golf getaway. We drove approximately seven hours to stay at a mountain golf resort and golf for three days. 

The day before I left, Rebecca informed me that by coincidence, a divorced lady from her office was going to the same resort with a group of ladies. This woman is a cougar and was definitely on the prowl. 

I ran into her on the driving range, and I made a brief introduction to some of the guys from our group. We only had one relatively single guy with us, so I figured this was his chance to get lucky. Actually, I think luck had very little to do with it. 

After our round on Saturday, we stopped in at the nineteenth hole for drinks before dinner and found the cougar sitting with a friend of hers as well as her prey for the night, our single friend "S". it turns out she had her sights set on another of our posse, "F", who happens to be our married neighbor. Let's just say that F was totally into the attention, and by the end of dinner, he was telling us how he was "going to ride her like a rented mule." He's not the most eloquent of the bunch. I was snapping pics of the group with my phone, and he made point of mentioning to me twice that he didn't want anything incriminating to make it back home. I told him he's a big boy and he should take care of that from his end. 

While on the trip, I was in more less constant contact with Rebecca as the situation unfolded. Although it was entertaining, my heart and mind was back at home with her. I hinted a few times to her that I wouldn't mind an email from her at some point, especially if any advancements were made on the G front. 

I've been reflecting on the different situations a bit. In one case, you have a husband "F", who is willing to cheat on his wife when the first opportunity presents itself. My wife, on the other hand, has my expressed permission to do what she desires in the extramarital category, yet because of her commitment to me, she refuses to do anything. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not complaining. 

It turns out that when G found out I was away for the weekend, he asked Rebecca in an email if she wanted any company at home. She declined,  saying she was tired. Truthfully, she told me she there was no way she wanted him coming over. I asked her if it was because the kids were here sleeping, and she replied "no", even if she was alone, she didn't want him coming over. In my mind, I found the idea extremely hot, but only if the kids were somewhere else. To think of her and him in our home alone together definitely appeals to something in me.

If I were an optimist, I would say she was quite pleased that he tried to invite himself over. I might even think she didn't want him over because she wouldn't be able to stop herself once it started. I really don't know where it goes from here. Honestly, I think he'll reach a point where he'll stop trying soon. I would. 

Back on our golf trip, with "F", I had a brief look at the most basic and unrefined part of the extramarital affair. If this is what Rebecca thinks it's like, I can see her reluctance to take the leap. It's really unappealing. On the other hand, I know how classy Rebecca is and I know if she chose to approach this from her own unique direction, she could add so much class as she set her own pace.

 In truth, sex is only part of the overall event, there are so many things that lead up to it. She has enjoyed the flirting and the buildup, but in her mind there's not much else to build up to (no sex) I guess that's why I thought she would enjoy the internet emailing, dating, chatting etc. It would be like what she has with G with no pressure to meet, or have sex. It would also  go a long way to satisfy my desire to have her flirt and chat with another man. She might even be more inclined to share her emails with me than she has been with G.

All in all, I think her time with G is wrapping up. I believe now that she has turned him down when they had an opportunity to be alone together, he'll start to understand she's just not into anything physical. With the sexual potential removed from the equation, I suspect he'll start tapering off his contact with her. Of course time will tell.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I had a good Father's day today. I got up and did 20 (and a half) km as week 17 of my marathon training, then Rebecca,  the kids and myself took a drive to the mountains. We're lucky to be within an hour of some of the best hiking in North America, so it was nice to start exposing the kids to it. Along the way, there was some hotwife talk (of course). The topic of this conversation was Rebecca's  "number", and how she doesn't want to increase it. For the record, she has only had one other guy before me, and as I have mentioned before, he was a little( a lot)  on the small side. So that  makes her number "2".

It's funny with the kids at the age of five and eight. You can talk a lot about adult themed topics without them catching on. We talked on our little hike about her limitations. From her perspective, it really comes down to her not increasing her  "number".  I had a quick snooze on the drive home (she was driving), and when I awoke, I told her that as far as I was concerned , there's no need for her to increase her number. I said the important thing is for her to enjoy herself. I said I am more than happy for her to go out with G, and tease herself. When she comes home, I'm the one who benefits.

We arrived home and carried on the conversation as we made supper and the kids rode their bikes out front. Earlier,  I had forwarded her some comments from an existing website penned by a hotwife on why this particular woman enjoyed the experience.

"The greatest benefit of this lifestyle for us is communication. Free, open, raw many men have you shared THAT with? You've had sex with other many men have you expressed to what it feels like to you to have sex with other men? THAT is special. THAT is unique. THAT is the elusive holy grail that a lot of couples who have never had sex with other people ever can NEVER have with their spouses. When you discussed this with your husband and he could see your point? That's like the greatest orgasm X10!"

That really sums up what I get out of this as Rebecca's husband. To be honest, she doesn't need to sleep around for this to happen. The fact that we  can talk like we do is amazing. Our sex life is amazing. My wife is hot, whether or not she is a hotwife. Having said all that, during our conversation in the kitchen, she said something while purely for my benefit, was extremely hot anyway.

She said, "Three is still a low number."

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Last Minute Invite

I've had a busy week, which is nice since it makes time fly. Yesterday I had a deadline at 4:30, so my head was down most of the day. Around 2:00pm, Rebecca email me this,

"I went for a quick lunch today. Last minute invite."

It's a very simple email, but it still made my stomach flipflop. I had told her some time ago I would like a surprise every now and then and it was okay for her to take the initiative. 

After supper last night, I had to come back to the office to get ready for yet another meeting today, and as I sketched away, I was thinking of how sexy she is. Along with my arousal, there's always the lingering worry in the back of my mind that she'll start to fall for him. She puts those worries to rest when we're alone together. When I got home around 10:00pm, it was no different. She was laying in bed reading, and I was on her in no time.

We made out like teenagers. I took her pajama top off as she felt how hard she made me. I was rock hard. 

I won't go into great detail about how great the sex was, but suffice to say , I came twice as Rebecca ground against me. After the first time, I stayed rock solid. 

After the second time, We collapsed together, with me still inside her. As we lay there breathing heavily, my mind started to wander, I began thinking about her out for lunch with him. I could feel the blood starting to rush back into my cock, but it was late, so I quickly changed my train of thought. I know... I should have gone for a third, but I really did need to get to sleep.

She said lunch was nice, but nothing happened. I told her I would be very interested in getting another surprise email someday, when something has happened...

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Forgive me for the upcoming reference to a kid's movie, but if you can grant me some latitude,  I'll do my best to show the relevance. Last night Rebecca and I had a "date night". We visited a couple lounges in our city while my niece sat with the kids. During our few hours of alone time, we talked, and a lot of the conversation centred on G. If the old saying has any truth to it, his ears would have been severely uncomfortable between the hours of 7pm to 11pm.

It did cross my mind that it could be interpreted as "strange" that on my one date night in a month with my wife, that we spent so much time talking about her relationship with another man. I still enjoyed the conversation.  Rebecca is doing a yearly fundraiser for Cardiopulmonary research, and she said G mentioned that he would like to contribute to it "if your husband wouldn't mind" (or something along those lines). He scored some points with me just by asking so I told Rebecca that I don't mind at all. Of course, he's just out in the ether somewhere, not really knowing what I think about this whole dance of theirs, but at least he's approaching it as a gentleman.

If I had my way, I would have  Rebecca confess the truth of the entire situation, but at the same time, I can understand her reluctance to do so. Right now, her and I understand our relationship, and its strength, but he might get a little freaked that we're getting so much entertainment from him pursuing my wife.

The more interesting part of the evening (from my perspective) came when she mentioned a brief email exchange they had last week. You see, last Thursday evening, she went out to a local pool as part of the training she's doing for an upcoming triathalon. It turns out  G emailed her while she was swimming, suggesting if she was having difficulty finding the pool, he would give her directions. The directions just happened to coincide with his office location, where he was working late that night. Rebecca received the email on her BB as she was getting ready to come home from the pool. She casually told him she found the pool just fine, and that she couldn't come out to see him because she was "dripping wet", and she didn't bring any underwear.

I almost choked on my drink when she told me this. I had several thoughts flash through my mind. First of all, I told her I would have been fine with her going out after her swim. In fact, I told her I had thoughts(hopes) that she was pulling a fast one when she said she was going swimming. I guess in the back of my mind I hoped she would get a little wild without my permission. My second thought was of poor G. here's a guy going through a serious dry spell, and she sends him an email like that.

Finally, I told her that the one thing she needed to work on was her presentation. I told her I would have loved for her to bcc me on her response to him, as it happened in realtime. To receive an email like that while she was out would have driven me crazy. To hear it over drinks was exciting, but it pales in comparison to how I would react if she sent it to me as it happened.  I told her I would have jumped on her the moment she walked through the door. Come to think of it, I seem to recall she came to bed and jumped on me that night, so I guess I can't complain.

Rebecca is still pretty coy about how she thinks things will unfold with G. She insists nothing will happen, but every once in awhile, she mentions a tidbit like that.  I guess I'll leave it up to her to do as she sees fit.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Things have kind of ground to a halt on the HW/ G front. He still emails her daily, but her and I talked and she really has no interest in pursuing anything with him for a couple of reasons.

First, and maybe most importantly, she has said over and over that she only wants me. How can I argue with that? As much as it turns me on to think of her cutting loose, I'm very happy knowing I satisfy my wife (on several levels.)

Secondly, she said the last thing she wants is for him to do something crazy like fall for her. She doesn't want the to be a tipping point in his troubled marriage. I told her  I believe he's already infatuated with her. As long as she keeps meeting for coffee and drinks, he'll have his hopes up. I believe she either has to stop talking to/ seeing him, or she needs to come clean with her "special" situation as it relates to me.

If she were able to do that, he may just loosen up and realize he can have his cake and eat it too.

Speaking of sweets, here's a shot of Rebecca getting ready for work in the morning. I'm a big fan of the "stay-ups". She still has the Mexico tan-lines. Next trip we'll have to leave the kids at home so she can get an even tan.

Edit: The irony of the situation just hit me after I re-read this. It's knowledge that she loves me that gives me comfort in offering her this freedom. If we were missing something as a couple, I'm not sure I would be as open to her interacting with other men. 

The more she tells me I'm her one and only, the more I relax about (and desire) the idea of her enjoying the company of another man. So far, I just don't understand why.