Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tell Me Your Thoughts

Earlier in the holiday, we had been on the road to Rebecca's parents' place for a couple of hours. I was driving, and during a rare moment of silence from the kids, I let my mind wander. I was thinking about this fantasy of mine, and one of many of it's possible scenarios.

Rebecca can always pick up on when I'm thinking, so of course she asked what I had on my mind. I said I would tell her eventually, but for obvious reasons, it couldn't be in front of the kids.

Eventually turned into last night, when we finally had a moment in bed together when we both weren't exhausted. Rebecca currently has her monthly visitor and a cold, so we laid in bed and talked while she stroked me.

I told her that while I was driving, I was thinking about a particular scenario:

We were somewhere, maybe on vacation (just her and I) and she brought another man back to our hotel room. I told her I sat in a chair and enjoyed watching her naked body as she climbed on top of him.

In my mind I saw her straddling his legs, reverse cowgirl, facing me at the foot of the bed. She constantly maintained eye contact with me as she reached down and guided his cock to her pussy.

He was, of course, a bit larger than me in both length and girth, so she had to go slow. As she lowered herself, she looked in my eyes, slightly biting her lip as she felt him stretch her.

She kept working herself down until he was finally fully inside, and the lower portion of her lips rested on his balls. In this fantasy, she rested for a minute then slowly slid up his shaft, leaving her wetness along the way.

I described the details as best as I could as we lay in bed together. She held my cock in her hand and slowly pumped me as I recounted my fantasy.

She gently asked what else happened next in this daydream and I told her. I said that she sat facing me, looking deep in my eyes as she pumped up and down on his cock. As she approached her orgasm, she maintained eye contact with me, even as her eyes fluttered in ecstasy.

The interesting thing about this particular fantasy was that the other man was faceless and nameless. It was as though she was making love to me but with another man's cock.

As I got closer to coming, I tried my best to hold off in order to finish my story. I told her that her orgasm triggered his, and being a fantasy with no repercussions, he came deep inside her. I explained that she immediately dismissed him from our room, then climbed on top of me. I wasn't able to articulate to her how I imagined it felt to slide inside her after him, as I was caught up in my own orgasm.

I really wanted to wait to tell her this fantasy when we were we able to make love, but with her monthly visitor in full attendance, my lust just couldn't wait any longer. I guess I'll just have to wait until my mind wanders again..


  1. And R's response? Your conversation wasn't totally in a nonsexual context (she was stroking you to completion after all...), but she was "indisposed" and presumably not (as) aroused as you. Did she react favorably after? Do you think you're any closer to 'actualizing' this scenario?

  2. Very good description - I thought this bit was fascinating:-
    "The interesting thing about this particular fantasy was that the other man was faceless and nameless. It was as though she was making love to me but with another man's cock."
    And yes it would be good to know what Rebecca's reaction was.