Thursday, September 22, 2011

Home Alone

Rebecca is off on a weekend girls trip to Phoenix (with my Mother), so I'm hanging with the kids. I just put them to bed, and I'm getting ready to go myself. Of course, I miss her already. I also realize I was going to post some pics of her crotchless episode from this week. Unfortunately, I never got around to taking them. I guess I was too busy enjoying the crotchless experience to take the photos. My apologies. In lieu of them, I thought I would post some of my favourite images of her over the last year. Most I've posted before, but one or two may be new.

From the Boudoir Shoot

First Pair of Booty Shorts

I love her ass..


Riding the "Dolphin"


Getting ready to go out.

The Shower (Boudoir)

The Shower (Boudoir)


  1. Rebecca is one very hot and sexy woman! Lucky guy!

  2. She is definitely the complete package. Thanks for sharing!

  3. AAaaawwwww... I want crotchless!

  4. I wish I was that "Dolphin"!