Thursday, November 20, 2014


Rebecca let me take a quick pic while she was getting ready for work at 5 this morning. 

As an aside, I'm thinking we need a quick shopping trip to Vegas in the next month or so. Maybe I'll see if L and J are interested in coming along.

Monday, November 3, 2014


I spent most of the day hanging doors and painting our basement. Rebecca joined me and I couldn't resist asking her to pose for a pic. 

When we went to bed, I was on my phone, playing poker, and she started to touch my cock and balls. She lightly ran her fingernail under my bag, teasing me to grow my erection.

I quickly put the phone down, and pulled off her pyjamas and panties. I could feel how wet she was against the underside of my shaft as it rested between her lips. 

I slid in almost in one stroke, and she moaned and gasped a little when she felt it deep in her belly.

I had to pump slowly because I could already feel my cock twitch a couple times. I knew there was already precum leaking from me into her, and I also knew if I didn't slow down, I'd cum.

To take the pressure off, I decided I should change things up and use my tongue. 

Sometimes when I go down on her, particularly after I've been inside of her, she gets a little uncomfortable. This time, she surprised me by reaching down and using her fingers to pull her pussy completely open for me. It was lewd and sexy, knowing she just wanted to be licked.

Her clit and inner pussy was fully exposed, so I took my time licking each gently at first, then firmly. As I tasted her, I could feel my wet cock twitching, the head and slit wet with her juices, but getting wetter with my own precum.

When she was getting close, I eased off and climbed back up, kissing her so she could taste her cum on my tongue and lips. She pushed her tongue in and swirled it around mine, sharing it with me.

As we kissed I pumped slowly with my wet and leaking cock. As I pumped, I whispered in her ear that it was too bad that I couldn't lick her clit while my cock was inside her. 

I gently told her to imagine how it would feel to have a cock sliding in and out while a tongue teased her pussy.

"I'm going to cum!" She whispered hard.

And with that, she came. I started spasming and shooting deep into her. When she felt it, her hips started to buckle and spasm underneath me, milking my cock even further. 

We're meeting for lunch today, so I might bring up the subject and ask her what pushed her over the edge..

Friday, October 10, 2014

Long Weekend

It's Thanksgiving weekend for us northerners, so this Monday is a holiday for us. We don't have much in the works, just visiting my family an hour or so away. Things have been pretty much status quo for Rebecca and I, we've just been busy with kids and family stuff.

There hasn't been much in the way of extracurricular talk between us. She occasionally mentions an IM she'll receive from V, and some of her other male friends, but I usually move on to another subject pretty quickly. I figure it's best not to dwell too much on my hotwife thoughts.

Because we've been busy, sex has slowed down a bit too, to about once a week or so. It's still good, don't get me wrong, it's just that between work and kids and life, I/ we get pretty tired.

Rebecca did tell me the other day that another guy who used to work in her company make a pass at her. She said she was totally turned off and that he was extremely slimy. She commented something to the effect that she thought it best to tell me about it. My response was that it is easy to tell me about the times she finds a guy slimy. In my mind, the true test will be if she ever found the guy attractive. I know it would be much harder to bring it up in conversation then.

We've talked briefly about a winter vacation for just her and I, and I suggested the idea of going somewhere that has a "clothing optional" section. She didn't shoot it down, so I've been exploring possibilities.  "Temptations" in Cancun sounds interesting. It will be one of those things where I just have to book it to get her over the idea.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Getting Dressed This Morning

Rebecca paused while dressing this morning to let me snap a quick picture. I love watching her get ready...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wife Swap

Nothing much came of Rebecca being home alone last weekend. True to form, she was quite productive around the house, cleaning the garage, and even assembling a desk for my Father's Day gift. 

Her two nights out were pretty early and uneventful. She limited herself to one glass of wine so she could drive herself home. 

Last night, we met L and J out for dinner since our daughter was staying overnight at their house, and we live about half an hour apart.

The kids sat together at the far end of the table while the four of us had dinner and discussed our upcoming vacation we're taking together this summer. 

The house we're renting is near a large lake, so Rebecca thought it would be fun to rent a boat and teach the kids to waterski.

She wanted to run this by L and J, but her lead-in allowed for A LOT of interpretation. 

"We were thinking of trying something new this year with you guys and wanted to run it by you"

" We wanted to see if you would be okay trying it."

"something we haven't done before that could be fun"

All the while, she hadn't mentioned what it was she was thinking of, and I could see J's gears grinding in his head.

Rebecca, in her usual lovely innocence had no idea what she sounded like, so I had to jump in and tell her to tell them what she had in mind, because I could tell that J was getting his hopes up. 

When I said that, she said "we were thinking of renting a boat". About the same time he jokingly said "wife swap". 

I was laughing as I welcomed him to my world, where she can say things to get my mind wandering while all the time meaning something completely innocent. 

J was sitting next to me, and Rebecca didn't know what he said until I told her when we got home. Of course she was "shocked". I just laughed it all off. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Upcoming Fishing Trip

This weekend is my annual fishing trip with the kids, a tradition my dad and I started close to thirty years ago.

I'm taking the kids AND the dog, so Rebecca will have a quiet weekend to herself. She tends to get a lot of things done while we're away; yard work, etc. 

She has one evening where she'll be attending a work colleague's birthday party at a downtown restaurant. Normally, I would go with her, but since I'll be gone with the kids, she'll go solo.

I don't say anything to her, but of course I have my thoughts and fantasies about what she might do. 

It would upset her but I do still think back occasionally to previous years when she was alone in town with G. She had told me, way back when, that she had given him a tour of our house when I was on this same spring trip. She won't admit that anything happened at that time, and  I actually do think it was before their time "together" officially started, but it is still an entertaining place for my mind to go.

Honestly, I'll confess, it did occur to me to contact G somehow to let him know where she would be this Saturday night, but it was really a fleeting thought, and I thought better of it. She would have killed me, and we've moved past him. Like I said, it was a fleeting thought, butterfly inducing as it was.

I do know that she looks great after her recent workout program, so I can at least hope she'll dress in something flatteringly tight when she goes out Saturday. Maybe if she reads this before the weekend, she'll even indulge me and flirt a little. 

I can't think of a better Father's Day present than her telling me a little story of how her Saturday night went.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Holidays

Yesterday, while we were having supper at the kitchen island, Rebecca showed me a short texting exchange she had earlier in the day with J. 

J is the husband of her friend, L. L is her good friend who accompanied her on that Vegas trip I wrote about a few years ago. ( I can't believe it has been that long ago)

Anyway, L's husband, J has always had a bit of a crush on Rebecca. It's funny, because we see him as a bit of an innocent guy. L was his first and only sexual experience,

We're going on a family holiday with them again this summer to our wine country. We rented the same house we did with them a couple of years ago. 

J was texting Rebecca to collect our portion of the rent, which was due to be paid. His flirting is all pretty innocent, but he joked about having to pay for their ( Rebecca and his) romantic week together. 

Rebecca actually flirted a bit back, which surprised me. I don't remember the actually text, but she joked back with him.

Rebecca and I went on to discuss J and L's sex life. As I understand it, he's a bit of a "put it in and go" kind of guy. Apparently, L tries to give him directions, but like most men, he's too proud or stubborn to listen.

I can admit, even though it was pretty innocent,  the conversation got me pretty riled up, so when we went to bed, I was all over Rebecca. 

I was massaging her ass while she was on all fours. She slowly raised up into the doggy position. I'm not sure what possessed me, but seeing her ass in the air like that, made me want to lick her. I gently tongued her ass and she moaned her consent. 

It wasn't long before I was positioned behind her, pumping her doggy style. I looked over and saw a jar of Vaseline on our bedside table so I opened it and spread it over her ass. Then, as I pumped her, I worked my finger into her tight ass.

The doggy position was actually awkward for this, so I rolled over on my back and had her climb on. This is her favourite position and generally cums easily. While Rebecca rode me, I got another glob of Vaseline on my finger and pushed my entire middle finger inside her. 

I thought I needed more lubricant, so I pulled my finger out to get a little more. As I was reaching for it, she started grinding harder against me. I could tell she was going to make herself cum, so I quickly, and pretty forcefully pushed the full length of my finger inside her tight ass.

The timing was great because she started cumming as my finger entered her, and kept cumming all along its length. I could feel her contractions on my cock and my finger at the same time.

She came down from her orgasm and I handed her the Vaseline. She sat up straight me, cock still deep and pushed her Vaseline coated finger into my ass. She rocked back and forth, pushing her finger in as deep as I had been in her.

It wasn't long before I came hard inside her. All in all, it was a great night..

I was writing this account in bed this morning while she got dressed. I wonder what J would think of this view?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rebecca at the Gym

Rebecca texted me that she was going to the gym this morning. She goes in to work around 6:00 each day so she can be home shortly after 3:00 to meet the kids. 

Rebecca: Good morning yummy. I am going to the gym. See how this cough does.

Me: Tell me after how good your ass looked in your lulu's. :)

Rebecca: lol

She went to the gym and we texted on and off about the kids.  Then she sent this:

Rebecca: Forgot to mention that my hankys were a bit wet this morning at the gym... good thing the lulu's are black.

I love the idea of her working out, wet pussy with only a thin layer of fabric between her and the world. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Back In the Saddle

Just a short post to let everyone know we're doing great. Rebecca has booked a holiday for us in Mexico in July. I'm looking forward to seeing her in her bikini.  Until I get the writing juices flowing, here are a couple pics she posed for when she got home from from work today.

Her Bikini body is looking hot, and I can't wait for others to see it.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Checking In

Just checking in. Not a ton happening in the way of excitement, but Rebecca and I have been doing very well. 

I don't bring up the hotwife thing much anymore, but I do think about it daily. Looking back I did enjoy her dating even when I thought it was "just drinks" with G. 

Part of me is optimistic she might even just want to do that for a little excitement. There are still a few guys she stays in touch with through work, and I think she would enjoy going for drinks with a couple. One in particular, M, from an out of town office, seems to check in with her every once in awhile. This is the divorced M, not the married M who grossed her out a couple years ago.

This M seems to enjoy her company, and comes to town occasionally because he has a gf here. When he visits, he seems to find a reason to get ahold of R via text to say hi. I would assume he's fishing a bit for a date. I think it could be exciting for her to go out for a drink, even if it was platonic.

Our sex life is still pretty good though, a couple times a week, which I'm sure many husbands would be envious of. 

On a somewhat related note, I was reading reviews of "What Do Women Want?" By Daniel Bergner and I think I'll pick up a copy. It seems like he asks the right questions, which I believe is important, sometimes even moreso than the answers.

I'll post my thoughts on it once I get into it.