Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Hot Weekend

Friday after work I was extremely tired. The week was exhausting from a work perspective, and I really just wanted to get to bed in good time and start the weekend fresh. On the way home from work, Rebecca informed me she went for coffee that afternoon with "someone". Apparently G was downtown to get his car fixed so he called her up to meet for coffee.

I was too tired to give much of a response, it really didn't bother me nor did it turn me on at the time she told me. We went to bed early that night, and I fell asleep sometime before Rebecca (while she read her book). I was lying on my side, asleep, when I awoke to a hand touching my lower back very gently. The hand started creeping around to the front of my boxers, and before it was there, I was rock hard. She reached under my waist band and gently started stroking me from behind.

She had my undivided attention now, so I turned around and laid on my back. Rebecca undressed and mounted me, sliding down on my shaft until I was as deep as possible. I'm not certain if it was because I was freshly awake, or if I had thoughts of her meeting G in the back of my mind, but I came quite quickly. I softened a little, so I went to roll her over onto her back to allow me to gain my second wind (I get hard quicker when I'm on top.) She surprised me this time however, by moving onto all fours and presenting herself to me again. I didn't waste any time getting back inside her, doggie style.

Our second round became more animalistic and raw. I became extremely hard, in fact a lot harder than normal. She was literally dripping our come onto the bed, as I held her hips and pumped her from behind. It was pretty dark in our room, but I could hear as well as feel my balls swinging and slapping into her clit each time my shaft disappeared into her come filled pussy. I could feel our come coating my balls as it dripped from her, adding to the feeling of pure animalistic attraction.

I came not long after that, and collapsed on top of her. When we woke up the next morning, I couldn't resist taking her from behind one more time as she was still wet from the night before (or possibly wet again).

Today, I dropped our daughter off for a birthday party. When I got home, our son was playing over at the neighbor's. The house was quiet as I stepped in the front door, so I quietly went upstairs to find Rebecca. She was up in our room, and was startled as I walked in the room. She had her phone with her and said she was emailing a girl from her work. I laid down on the bed, enjoying a quiet house. Rebecca quickly straddled my thighs, undid my belt and started stroking my cock. She pulled off her shorts and panties as well as my shorts and underwear. She slid down on my cock, again riding me cowgirl style. This time we both quickly came at the same time. Her orgasm was quick and hard. We held each other for a few minutes, then she jumped off me to go get cleaned up before our boy came home.

I'm not sure what has come over her this weekend, but I'm enjoying it. It could be her recent contact with G, and the fact that I'm cool with it, or it could just be because she's getting close to ovulating. Either way, I'm not going to rock the boat. I half jokingly asked her on Friday when we were going to invite him and his wife over for drinks. I don't remember her exact response, but I seem to recall getting the idea that she isn't ready for that just yet.