Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Root of Insecurity

I have been following a forum post on OHW for the last few weeks. It turned into a real train wreck, so of course it got me thinking about our own situation. The synopsis of the month is something like this:

The poster's wife was to be away for a month long training session. He stayed home and kept the house and kids in order. The couple had played as a couple in the past, but had discussed the potential for her to have some fun on her own someday. Well, it turns out she did meet someone at the training session, and her husband agreed to allow her to have some fun.

Of course this was an intense way of going about things. Over the course of the month, she saw her lover during the week and came home on weekends to her husband and family. By the end of the training however, she requested to stay on the weekend with her lover. She prefaced the request by saying this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and that it would be over when she returned. Her husband acquiesced. She assured him, there were no emotions involved and that it was purely physical.

You can of course see where this is going. She came home at the end of the training with the "bombshell" that she has feelings for the other man, and that she has questions about their marriage. I'm sure when Rebecca reads this, she will ask aloud, "what did he expect"? I tend to agree, although I was optimistic part way through this ordeal thinking they would be fine. In hindsight, I think any woman who spends that length of time with another man will start to grow feelings for him. He could be Quasimodo for all it matters.

Now I'm pretty certain Rebecca's take will be that she never should have slept with the guy, or let any emotions develop. Once that started to happen, the wife in question seemed to feel like she had to lie to her husband and assure him there were no emotions involved, in order to spare his feelings, coincidentally ensuring she could continue the relationship with the other man. There was an expectation or belief that she could control her emotions throughout this affair.

This of course had me thinking of Rebecca and G. She has reassured me of course that she is only having fun flirting with him. My gut instinct tells me more has happened between them than she has let on, be it physical and/or emotional. If I'm wrong, then fine. To be honest I expect her to develop some kind of feeling for him. The key is for her to know that I won't freak out when and if this happens, as long as she is able to put the feelings in perspective when compared to her life with me and the kids.

I was on the OHW chat as well and had the chance to discuss the emotional aspect briefly with a nice woman going by the moniker "M". M has been married for 35 years, and has been a HW for around 25 of them. I asked her about the emotional part of it, and her response was "of course I'm emotionally attached" when it comes to her lover. She wouldn't sleep with him if there wasn't a connection. She compared it to the the love of a good friend, not something she would ever consider leaving her husband for. She was very matter of fact about it. Stating she and her husband love each other very much.

I think the original poster in the beginning of this essay and his wife haven't become at all comfortable with the emotional connection bound to develop between a woman and a man she's spending time with. This has led to all sorts of little white lies, which in turn have snowballed into this mess they're in now. Granted, theirs was a unique and compressed affair, not likely to occur very often in the "natural" world, but it's these intense situations where I believe we can learn the most.

As for Rebecca and I, she is still at a point where she denies any emotional connection to G. So be it, maybe it hasn't occurred. Maybe it won't happen. I only hope she won't deny it past the point of it happening, because then things could get out of control.

Finally, I have to point out that as far as I know, Rebecca hasn't even held hands with G yet. Much like the original poster, I believe her when she says that nothing else either physical or emotional has happened. All I can say is if she ever chooses to move forward, I dearly wish to end up like M and her husband, reflecting back on 35 years of love, and not like the OP.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Home Alone

Rebecca is off on a weekend girls trip to Phoenix (with my Mother), so I'm hanging with the kids. I just put them to bed, and I'm getting ready to go myself. Of course, I miss her already. I also realize I was going to post some pics of her crotchless episode from this week. Unfortunately, I never got around to taking them. I guess I was too busy enjoying the crotchless experience to take the photos. My apologies. In lieu of them, I thought I would post some of my favourite images of her over the last year. Most I've posted before, but one or two may be new.

From the Boudoir Shoot

First Pair of Booty Shorts

I love her ass..


Riding the "Dolphin"


Getting ready to go out.

The Shower (Boudoir)

The Shower (Boudoir)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

She's off to Work

I'm trying this new app for posting from my phone...

Rebecca leaves for work early, while I get up later and get the kids ready for school. She usually dresses while I'm still asleep.

This morning after she left she sent me a text saying she was wearing something for me.

I checked her drawer, and the crotchless are gone. There's also an empty package of "stay up" nylons (black) on the counter in our dressing room. I'm trying to figure out which skirt she's wearing....

Edit: quick cut and paste of the conversation:

Her: I'm wearing something for you today...
Me:I like that...did it feel chilly on the way to the bus?
Her:Bit refreshing yes. :)
Me:I'm going to need proof..
Her:You're funny.
Me:Maybe photographic, or a witness? :)
Her:Don't have a camera. witness?
Me:You'll have to use your imagination...
Her:You're still funny. I am wearing stay ups too.
Me:I saw the empty package. You should have coffee today. :)
Me:I'm going to have to wear baggy pants
Her:You're funny.
Me:You're hot.
Me:Just out if the shower. Feel free to text me during the day. I love you.
Her:Bit drippy
Me:Nice. From me or you?
Her:Both I imagine. Time of month.(ovulating)
Me: Very hot....

Edit again: I'm not sure how, but I forgot to mention, she had her monthly waxing last night. I'm sure the fresh fall air was even cooler than normal because of it.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Red, Crotchless

Rebecca and I had a date night Friday. It was a busy week for both of us workwise, so we were looking forward to it. 

We picked a little spot we had been to close to her office. One of my nieces sat with the kids, so we were able to enjoy three hours of uninterrupted conversation. 

We talked about the usual work stuff, Rebecca had a big meeting Thursday with a difficult client group, which went well. I knew it had been on her mind leading up to it, so I was happy to see some of the immediate pressure come off her. 

I was coming back from a seven hour day of driving (for a one hour meeting), so I was ready to chill for awhile too. 

In the restaurant, we had a nice private table. We we were able to chat relatively undisturbed. Those with young children will understand how rare and important this becomes. As we talked, we held hands across the table, like we alway do when we're together. The waitress even called us "cute". (If she only knew we've been married for close to fifteen years.)

The subject of G came up, and we discussed the emails, and I got her thoughts on things. She said the whole thing is an ego boost, but then she immediately qualified it by stating she didn't "need" the ego boost, but it was fun nonetheless. 

We touched on her boundaries, and she made it clear that she has no "deep" interest in him, that she is only having fun flirting. I told her that as long as she's in control ( of her emotions) she was free to have as much fun as she likes. 

Rebecca mentioned that it was cruel to toy with him like that. I told her that my take was, if I was him,  not getting anything sexually fulfilling at home, I would welcome a break to my day having a beautiful woman like her flirting with me. 

That's when she told me a story from a couple of months ago. She was at work, and he emailed her, casually trying to guess what she had on. He guessed more less right, she was wearing a skirt and blouse, although he got the blouse color wrong. 

When she replied to correct him, she added that she was wearing her crotchless panties. 

Him: you're kidding right?

Her: I don't kid.

Him: Seriously?

Her: Seriously, red.

Him: I need proof.

Her: What kind of proof?

Him: Photographic

She didn't respond to that, and he followed up by asking how her day looked, seeing if they could meet for coffee. He also added he was losing his mind.

They didn't get together that day, as she was quite busy. It turns out she was just messing with him, and in fact, her monthly visitor was there.

She told me this as we ate. Knowing that my reserved wife was flirting with another man in this way really turned me on. I was hard under the table, and I told her so. 

A little while later, we got a call from our sitter, so we headed home to put the kids to bed. Rebecca drove the sitter home, then came home and we went to bed. 

Sex that night was hot. Rebecca came quite quickly, so I was able to enjoy her after she had "hers". I pumped her with the full length of my cock, driving in and out of her dripping pussy. I shared my thought with her that she should go out for drinks sometime with him, but this time she should wear the crotchless. That thought alone pushed me over the edge and I filled her completely.

Still on the theme of the red crotchless last night, I asked her if I could take a couple of pictures for either my private stash or even for the blog. 

It's been awhile since her last waxing, so she promised to let me snap a few this week after her "appointment". She's going to Phoenix on a girls trip this weekend, so she has to be pool ready. This "girls" trip is to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday, so it will be tame.

At the very least, I'll have some pics of her to enjoy while she's gone...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Last Saturday morning I was up early, letting Rebecca sleep in, when I noticed her blackberry sitting on the bathroom vanity. I had her password from a while ago, so I decided to take a look. I went to her gmail account icon, and fortunately it keeps her logged in. On it, I found four messages between her and G from Friday.

It turns out she is getting more comfortable flirting, and she may have not been as reluctant to step it up as she's let on. The first email I read was from her to him and must have been a continuation of a past conversation. She said something to the effect that he makes her mind wander, and she would enjoy a road trip with him. He responded alluding to her on an airplane ( she had told me some time ago that she had mentioned to him that her and I were members of the "mile high club"). Her response to him caught me completely off guard (in a good way). She suggested she could renew her membership, referencing a flight to a city they both travel to separately on business. 

That Saturday, she was taking a photography class, so in her email, she said he could stop by the class if he needed a picture taken. He didn't take her up on the offer, but his response was revealing. He said she should show the class the pic she sent him of her. He said it would win the class over. Initially, I was floored reading this. She has sent him a pic of herself, most likely from the boudoir session,( but there are others as well.)

It took a few hours for all of this to sink in. She hasn't been at all honest about their relationship, but I have to say, I'm not upset about it. Her dishonesty comes from her lack of comfort with this, and her worries about how I would react. The rest of that Saturday, I was totally turned on. She was too, although she never knew that I had read the emails. During that evening, we would touch and kiss whenever we would pass.

In bed that night, Rebecca came hard as she ground on top of me. I assumed she was extra turned on by her recent email exchange, which of course turned me on even more. I was as hard as I've ever been. Sunday, I was hoping for a sequel to the emails, but when I went to her BB, she had changed the password. That concerned me a bit. I commented on that fact when we were in bed Sunday night. My emotions were on edge, not because of the content of the emails, but because of her need to hide it from me. A million thoughts were running through my mind.

Was she hiding things because she was falling in love? I quickly blurted out my thoughts as we lay in the dark. She turned over and kissed me passionately. She reassured me that she was mine forever. That was all I needed to hear. I kissed her back and we made out like we were eighteen. 

As luck would have it, her monthly visitor had arrived, so I was going crazy with lust, unable to have her. Surprising me, Rebecca simply said, "I want to taste you." She pulled me up so my cock was even with her lips, and took me into her mouth. Up until this point, I hadn't officially confessed that I had looked through her emails, so  I told her as she sucked on me. It was amazing. I started pumping back as I told her what I had read. When I got to the point where I told her I knew she had sent him a picture, I went over the edge, cumming in her mouth, down her cheek and onto her hand. We continued to kiss and hold each other tight as we fell asleep. I slept very well that night.

Looking back, I know she needs some privacy for her to enjoy this. From my perspective, though, I need to be informed to enjoy it. I guess we'll find our where the middle ground is. We love each other very much, and I trust her completely, but without any updates from her to me, this would simply be an affair. I'm hoping now that she sees I'm really okay with things and that I love her no matter what, she'll feel more and more comfortable sharing those critical details with me.  I also understand that we all need our own privacy and personal fantasies. We'll see how it unfolds. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fisherman's Intuition

At work yesterday, I was at my desk around a quarter to one, so I thought I would text Rebecca to see how her day was going. 

Me: How's your day?
Me: More specifically, how's lunch?
Her: Good and good. I just saw Rob. (Rob used to work for me, nothing at all interesting here)
Me: How's Rob?
Her: Good
Her: He says hi. I was at some italain 
Me: Some Italian?
Her: Guido's? On 11th. G emailed today asking if I was free for lunch
Her: How is your day going? I'm at the office now.
Me: It's good. I had a feeling...
Her: What feeling? Did you see me? You should have come over
Me: Nothing really, just a hunch. Didn't see you.
Her: Just a hunch? How so? 
Me: Fisherman's intuition.
Her: You're funny. I love you, fisherman.
Me: Love you too 
Her: You make me smile. <3<3 

It turns out G emailed her around 11 to see if she was free for lunch. We had talked some time ago, and I'm fine with her having lunch with him, and had agreed that if I was okay with her seeing him, she would be okay with my meeting him. 

After that text exchange, I had that familiar twinge of jealousy combined with lust that I have to admit I enjoy. What really made this completely enjoyable, was the way she asserted our love at the end. She was out with a man whose company she enjoys, but she let me know afterwards (even though it was just lunch) that she was mine. Very nice.

When we got home, I'm not sure how to describe our dynamic. Rebecca was very affectionate, as was I. Passing each other we would touch, then hug, then have a short, but sultry kiss. She smelled amazing, and I told her so.

In bed later that night, I slowly stroked her back as she lay beside me. I entered her from behind and enjoyed caressing her. I ran my hand from her fingertips, down her arm to her shoulder, lightly tracing my way across her lower back and ass.

We rolled over, and she climbed onto me, and started riding slowly. 

"You're amazing." I told her.

"Why?" she asked. 

"Because you're hot." I replied.

"What makes me hot?" she asked innocently (as she ground herself against me.) I knew she was being coy, sending out this probing question to see if I'll bite.

"You went out for lunch with another man today." I admitted.

"So you enjoyed that?" She asked, knowing the answer.

"Yes." I said. I was doing well up to that point, but I was getting close to erupting.

"Will you do it again?" I asked as I approached the edge.

"Perhaps..." she said, pushing me over it with the simplest of responses..