Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Liked About My Wife's Affair

I think we've turned the corner on Rebecca's "affair". We've made it clear with each other that there's no chance we would ever leave one another. She said she was extremely scared that I would leave her.

Honestly, for me it was the fact that she hid it from me that made me doubt her love. I was worried she would be the one leaving. According to her, that was never the case.

Now that the dust has settled, there are several aspects of her I can confess I enjoyed during that time.

There was a little more of a jump in her step, and while she's always been a gym rat, she seemed to work out even more. Her body has always been great, but the thought that she was working out to look even better is something I find exciting even more now.

She always dresses well, but the matching bra and panties have more meaning now. She still wears her stay-ups and work skirts/dresses but now that I know I'm not losing her, the idea that she was sending pictures to him of her undressing is pretty erotic. Don't even get me started on the rest of it, although Rebecca isn't interested in discussing it. I can tell it still hurts her, so I lay off it.

I think G will always be a sore spot for us, which is too bad. I know she enjoyed seeing him, but neither one of us would ever go back there.

Every once in awhile, she'll tell me that she senses I'm thinking about something; that I'm quiet. It worries her. In reality, I'm quiet because I'm thinking and rethinking how I acted and how much I really did like how sexy she was. She still is sexy, but it's hard to explain how I could miss feeling like that.

Now she's pretty adamant she will never do this again. Once in awhile she will say that she has "been good". I guess I'm hoping someday she'll tell me she has been "a little bad."

Monday, March 18, 2013

Born Again Virgin

We arrived home from our tropical vacation on Saturday morning after a red eye flight home. The good news is the kids are small enough to comfortably sleep on an airplane. Not so with us.

We enjoyed the trip, but we shared a hotel room with the kids, so sex was a no go. When we were packing up on our last day, Rebecca said she felt like she was a born again virgin. I was exhausted Saturday, so I fell asleep on her. Sunday night I made up for it.

Tonight, we're chilling out in front of the TV. Rebecca is laying on my lap as I massage her back. Apparently one of our sprints though the airport carrying our bags did something to her back.

I'm massaging with one hand and blogging with the other. I just ran my hand across her upper hip/lower back and she moaned her appreciation.

As I type this, my hand is on her left ass cheek. It feels cold to my touch. She has spread her legs now and my right hand is massaging the inside of her thigh. It's very smooth.

Her back just twitched. Luckily she has a massage booked for Wednesday..

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Favourite Pair

Rebecca really only wears one type of panty. They're called a "Hanky Panky", and I'm often the one to buy them for her, since a store in my building started carrying them. This pair is my current favorite. I took them off her last night and this is where they ended up. She has been pretty wet and excited the past few days, due to ovulating and her looking forward to our upcoming vacation, so I couldn't resist.

On another note, I took care of a few outstanding household items the other day and when I texted her to tell her they were done, she texted back that she owed me. When I asked what she owed me, she replied with "blank cheque".

It doesn't take much to get my mind wandering.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Moving On

It's strange how easily we've moved on from the whole G thing. At the time I know it felt quite bleak. I'm pretty certain she hasn't been in touch with him. The last time I brought him up, she started to cry from her guilt. She said she doesn't regret many things in life, but that's one thing she regrets.

For obvious reasons, I've laid off the HW thing. In a way, I think that labels can ruin it. She's a truly sexy woman. Her outgoing personality allows her to be comfortable around men, and she still has several men she stays in contact with but G isn't one of them.

I really do still enjoy when she mentions someone IM'ing her at work, because I know they can't help but be attracted to her. This past weekend we were on the couch while she traded texts with an older guy in her company. Nothing sexual in nature was said mind you, but there was nothing work related either. Of course, she'll downplay it.

We're heading somewhere warm on Friday for a week with the kids, so at the very least, I'll have a week of seeing her turning heads in her bikini.