Friday, December 2, 2011

No Expectations

Earlier this evening was amazing. As I mentioned in my previous post, the sexual attraction was intense between us. We had a great family night as we watched a movie with the kids, and shared a bottle of wine. (Us, not the kids.)

When we went to bed, I found Rebecca waiting. This time of year, we keep the heat in our room quite low, and our bed is always cold when we get in.

I told her she needs to warm me up, so she held me on top of her. She slipped off her panties and said she had a good method to give me some of her heat.

I asked what it was, and she guided me inside her. I commented that it was a bit unorthodox, seeing how she was married and all. She played along, working me deeper inside of her.

I said something like, "Well, it won't count as sex if we can both keep from cumming."

I slowly pumped her, whispering in her ear, that her husband probably wouldn't mind anyway. She whispered something back which stuck with me, and even now still has an effect.

Talking to me as her lover, not her husband, she said, "No expectations"

As her lover, I took that as, "don't expect a relationship, it's just sex."

As her fantasy lover, I told her my only expectation was that she enjoy every moment of me inside her, and that she relax and give her body to me for the time she is with me.

It didn't take long before she came, her wonderful pussy quivering on her lover's hard cock.

I pulled out of her for a moment, and told her that now she's home with me. I reentered her, feeling her wetness. I told her I heard she had saved a guy from hypothermia tonight. As I pumped her she gave a few brief details of how.

I don't remember exactly how I teased the words out of her, but eventually she made me cum with a phrase I've never heard her say this easily. She whispered, "Tonight, I came on another man's hard cock."

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  1. It's you and Rebecca who have great chemistry. Incredible post.