Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wife Swap

Nothing much came of Rebecca being home alone last weekend. True to form, she was quite productive around the house, cleaning the garage, and even assembling a desk for my Father's Day gift. 

Her two nights out were pretty early and uneventful. She limited herself to one glass of wine so she could drive herself home. 

Last night, we met L and J out for dinner since our daughter was staying overnight at their house, and we live about half an hour apart.

The kids sat together at the far end of the table while the four of us had dinner and discussed our upcoming vacation we're taking together this summer. 

The house we're renting is near a large lake, so Rebecca thought it would be fun to rent a boat and teach the kids to waterski.

She wanted to run this by L and J, but her lead-in allowed for A LOT of interpretation. 

"We were thinking of trying something new this year with you guys and wanted to run it by you"

" We wanted to see if you would be okay trying it."

"something we haven't done before that could be fun"

All the while, she hadn't mentioned what it was she was thinking of, and I could see J's gears grinding in his head.

Rebecca, in her usual lovely innocence had no idea what she sounded like, so I had to jump in and tell her to tell them what she had in mind, because I could tell that J was getting his hopes up. 

When I said that, she said "we were thinking of renting a boat". About the same time he jokingly said "wife swap". 

I was laughing as I welcomed him to my world, where she can say things to get my mind wandering while all the time meaning something completely innocent. 

J was sitting next to me, and Rebecca didn't know what he said until I told her when we got home. Of course she was "shocked". I just laughed it all off. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Upcoming Fishing Trip

This weekend is my annual fishing trip with the kids, a tradition my dad and I started close to thirty years ago.

I'm taking the kids AND the dog, so Rebecca will have a quiet weekend to herself. She tends to get a lot of things done while we're away; yard work, etc. 

She has one evening where she'll be attending a work colleague's birthday party at a downtown restaurant. Normally, I would go with her, but since I'll be gone with the kids, she'll go solo.

I don't say anything to her, but of course I have my thoughts and fantasies about what she might do. 

It would upset her but I do still think back occasionally to previous years when she was alone in town with G. She had told me, way back when, that she had given him a tour of our house when I was on this same spring trip. She won't admit that anything happened at that time, and  I actually do think it was before their time "together" officially started, but it is still an entertaining place for my mind to go.

Honestly, I'll confess, it did occur to me to contact G somehow to let him know where she would be this Saturday night, but it was really a fleeting thought, and I thought better of it. She would have killed me, and we've moved past him. Like I said, it was a fleeting thought, butterfly inducing as it was.

I do know that she looks great after her recent workout program, so I can at least hope she'll dress in something flatteringly tight when she goes out Saturday. Maybe if she reads this before the weekend, she'll even indulge me and flirt a little. 

I can't think of a better Father's Day present than her telling me a little story of how her Saturday night went.