Saturday, October 1, 2011

Recent Thoughts

Rebecca is out of commission with the flu. She crashed after work yesterday and is still in bed right now. She rarely gets knocked out like this, in fact she often points out how she "never" gets sick. The kids are at a birthday party, so I have my first two hours of quiet time in a week.

I was thinking this morning in bed about a massage I gave Rebecca a few weeks ago. As I massaged her shoulders I fell into our massage therapist fantasy, where I make small talk and slowly become more and more personal with my comments as well as my caresses. Eventually, "reluctantly", she allows me to touch her wetness with my hand, then eventually my hard cock.

Eventually, I was pumping her with long and deep strokes, still making conversation. I've noticed small (good) changes in her over the last year. She used to dial it back when I would make references to her husband. I guess her shy nature wouldn't allow her to think about cheating on me, even "with" me.

This time, as I got closer to cumming, I made reference to her husband waiting at home. She reached under us and felt my balls, commenting that they felt full. I replied by saying they were, since it had been a long time since I had a client as hot as her. As I hovered at the edge of my orgasm, I went out on a limb fantasy-wise, and told her that I'll send her back to her husband filled with cum. She orgasmed immediately. I followed, filling her...


  1. I love that feeling as you are going to say something risky and you have no idea how she is going to react. As you say it your heart jumps into your mouth and when she responds positively.... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh....

  2. uh, Jay nailed it, love that tense moment, ohhhh fuckkkkk!!!!