Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Boudoir Session

I found out what Rebecca has been up to over the last couple of months. One Saturday last month, she told me she needed a couple of hours to herself to do something for me. Then, one day in early December, she said she needed the vehicle for the afternoon to go to an offsite meeting (we carpool). Oblivious me didn't think anything of it, even after she picked me up in full makeup. She explained at the time that some of the women at the offsite meeting insisted in doing her makeup at lunch. It seemed weird but logical to me. Even the kids commented on her dark eyes and lipstick when we arrived home that day.

After her first Saturday meeting in November, I speculated in this post what she might be up to, but I was off the mark by a bit. After she gave me my gift, she told me she had to go for a preliminary consultation that day to discuss what she wanted to accomplish in the Boudoir shoot. The following are some of the images in the book she let me unwrap Christmas Eve. Keep in mind I got to look at these before we went to bed Christmas Eve. We had a houseful of guests, including her parents and my parents, and her and I were sleeping in our son's room, with no real opportunity to "relieve" my arousal. It wasn't until I had her alone in our room the eve of boxing day that I was able to attack her.

The session started in a favorite sports team jersey, then in new lingerie she bought while on her Vegas getaway.

One of my favorite shots.

I have a thing for her in these booty shorts, so she brought them along.

The (male) photographer eventually "convinced" her to take it all off. (You might only do it once.) God I love her nipples. I remember when we were making out when we were eighteen, and I first touched them. Amazing!

Another of my favorite sequences was the shower. The sheer shirt was also bought in Vegas with this shoot in mind. Her ass drives me crazy!

Finally, a beautiful frontal wet t-shirt shot.

Rebecca has a way of surprising me every once in awhile with subtle steps outside of her comfort zone. These shots were taken by a male photographer (with a female assistant), so those who have read this blog from the beginning will know what effect that will have on me. She said he was very professional, slipping occasionally a couple of times with a "that's fucking hot!". She's thirty-eight, the mother of our two children, and my wife. Oh, and she is fucking hot!


  1. Great pictures! You should be very proud of your wife. Did she give you more details on how this progressed with the male photographer? My girl friend did something similar several years ago and it was real turn on for her (and for me). The photographer talked her into doing additional settings for his work.

  2. Thank you. She said she didn't find him that attractive, so she wasn't turned on much by the process (unfortunately). She seemed quite excited that she stepped beyond her normal level of comfort, though. I hope she can remember the feeling and apply it in other, future situations. Personally, I liked the fact that she was naked in front of another man for the first time (other than our doctor).

  3. Wow, very hot photos. She really is meeting your fantasies in many ways, even if she's not really up for the whole way. She's very sexy. She makes me hard, especially the pic of her back to us in the sheer t-shirt, and just holding the towel.

  4. Thank you, JR, the shower pic is one of my favorites. She has been working out quite a bit lately, so she's as taut as ever.

  5. Thanks everyone, I have some ideas for an upcoming photo session. Stay tuned...

  6. Very hot indeed!! Yes, it's a major turnon to know one's wife has been seen naked by another man. The next photo session could be even hotter for you. Good luck. What a beautiful lady!!

  7. she has an amazing body and very sexy pert breasts...I know the exhilaration of my wife doing boudoir shots, being naked in front of a male photographer was for me very, very erotic and I suspect it was for you too!