Sunday, June 19, 2011


I had a good Father's day today. I got up and did 20 (and a half) km as week 17 of my marathon training, then Rebecca,  the kids and myself took a drive to the mountains. We're lucky to be within an hour of some of the best hiking in North America, so it was nice to start exposing the kids to it. Along the way, there was some hotwife talk (of course). The topic of this conversation was Rebecca's  "number", and how she doesn't want to increase it. For the record, she has only had one other guy before me, and as I have mentioned before, he was a little( a lot)  on the small side. So that  makes her number "2".

It's funny with the kids at the age of five and eight. You can talk a lot about adult themed topics without them catching on. We talked on our little hike about her limitations. From her perspective, it really comes down to her not increasing her  "number".  I had a quick snooze on the drive home (she was driving), and when I awoke, I told her that as far as I was concerned , there's no need for her to increase her number. I said the important thing is for her to enjoy herself. I said I am more than happy for her to go out with G, and tease herself. When she comes home, I'm the one who benefits.

We arrived home and carried on the conversation as we made supper and the kids rode their bikes out front. Earlier,  I had forwarded her some comments from an existing website penned by a hotwife on why this particular woman enjoyed the experience.

"The greatest benefit of this lifestyle for us is communication. Free, open, raw many men have you shared THAT with? You've had sex with other many men have you expressed to what it feels like to you to have sex with other men? THAT is special. THAT is unique. THAT is the elusive holy grail that a lot of couples who have never had sex with other people ever can NEVER have with their spouses. When you discussed this with your husband and he could see your point? That's like the greatest orgasm X10!"

That really sums up what I get out of this as Rebecca's husband. To be honest, she doesn't need to sleep around for this to happen. The fact that we  can talk like we do is amazing. Our sex life is amazing. My wife is hot, whether or not she is a hotwife. Having said all that, during our conversation in the kitchen, she said something while purely for my benefit, was extremely hot anyway.

She said, "Three is still a low number."


  1. Mentally, she is already there.

  2. I totally love this blog and your thoughts behind the posts. Having lurked here for some time (without ever commenting) I have to tell you that recently I've shown this to my wife as well - and she seems to enjoy it too. We're older than you guys (kids grown, married over 25 years) but for as much as I've had the hotwife fantasy for decades it has only been recently that she's really started to REALLY play along, with both of us being pleasantly surprised at how mindblowing our sex life has become. Her roleplaying as hotwife (we've never actually done it for real) works like Viagra on me, and without a doubt she loves having that effect on me.
    After a very intense sexual romp on Saturday my wife and I were talking about why our sex now is so much better than when we were younger. I pointed out that part of the reason is that we have both changed and matured since that age, but more importantly we have evolved with each other and evolved the relationship in the process - to the point where it includes sharing and exploring fantasies together. Had she not been open like this I am certain I'd be in some kind of bored vanilla rut in the process.
    Sorry for being wordy, but I wanted to let you know that you do have fans out here who LOVE what you're writing about, and hope you keep posting AND enjoy the journey as well. This blog is as close as anything I've read that expresses exactly what my wife and I are feeling ourselves. Keep it up (in more ways than one!).

  3. Thanks, I'm glad you and your wife enjoy reading it so far. It's great that you two are able to talk. I think that's the key to a great sex life, no matter the age.