Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Surprise Vegas Getaway..

Dear Rebecca,

By now you know that you're going to Vegas with L. A while ago I was thinking you need to be a little more selfish when it comes to your own personal time. You been putting our wonderful little family ahead of yourself for some time now, and while I appreciate everything, I thought a short girls' trip would allow you to get re-acquainted with yourself. In other words, I'm going to be selfish for you.

I thought of L and/or N as appropriate friends to accompany you. N couldn't make it, so you're "stuck" with L. She's very excited about going. (The last time she was in Vegas with J, she was pregnant.)

You and I have talked about my fantasy of you being "with" another man over the last few months without being specific about what that means. I’ll clarify for you now. I get extremely turned on when I think of you talking, flirting, or dancing with another man. The pinnacle of this fantasy, is of course, you having sex with someone other than me, but there are several layers of this idea which arouse me which don’t even remotely approach you having sex. Knowing you are talking, emailing or chatting to another man drives me crazy. (In a good way.) A date with drinks and a dance or two would do the same. I would never want to make you uncomfortable, so I won’t ask you directly to push these boundaries, but keep in mind, everything you do or say fuels our love and my desire for you.

I also want to reassure you that this desire I have is completely centered around you. I have never cheated, nor will I ever want to be with another woman. My desire to be true to you is as strong as my desire for this fantasy. I know that this is a real paradox but I really can't explain it. I also understand that your desire to stay faithful is as strong as mine. My only explanation to you is if we approach this together and everything you do (or feel) is shared with me, then this is how you can truly be faithful to me.

When you're on your trip, I have thought you could use the time to dress up and go out (Yes I’ll be packing your Vegas dress for you). I want you to get comfortable with the realization that you’re a sexy, beautiful woman and that it’s okay for other men to notice it. I love you and I know you love me, so I would never feel threatened by another man taking notice of my lovely wife. While you’re out on the town, you have my explicit permission to scope and flirt with other men. (Tell “L” that you have my permission, if you like.) Get used to the knowledge that you’re hot! With L as your companion, it won’t get out of hand, so accept an offer to buy you a drink, and let your hair down. You can even feel free to slip someone your “picgirl” email address. (It would drive me wild to know you met someone and were staying in touch.)

All I ask in return is when you to come back as my wife, be detailed and descriptive when you tell me about what you did so we can experience this as a couple. My fantasy always is about us first, so I would like you to view it that way as well. I know that you'll feel guilty about anything (or the thought of anything) that happens. I am relieving you in advance of any guilt you may have. You will see from my reaction upon your return how much I love you.

Forever yours,


Saturday, November 20, 2010

This is my guess...

Today, we had our usual Saturday routine of taking the kids to their respective activities (dance and gymnastics). The boy and I headed on a small road trip to get my chainsaw fixed. I know.. half of you are thinking "what a redneck" and the other half are thinking, "can't he just fix it himself?" Anyway, I'll spare you the details and say that I got it taken care of, and I managed to cut/ split a 1/4 cord before our dinner guests arrived tonight.
This afternoon Rebecca told me she needed to duck out for a couple of hours between two and four. I asked her what for, and she wouldn't say, other than that it was a surprise for me, and that I would find out eventually. She added at one point that "C" was going to tell me that she was out with a boyfriend.
In a funny way, that scenario would have filled the criteria of being "for me". Rebecca also volunteered that whatever she was out for, hadn't cost us any money. Of course, my immediate thoughts were of her being out on a date with someone. In fact, as I hung out with the kids for the afternoon, both of them wanting my attention as I did the household chores, I imagined this to be the case, and a smile crossed my lips. Reality of course, will reveal something else. I am excited to find out what it was.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mrs Rebecca Chattin'

Last night, I introduced Rebecca to the Hotwife Chat Room. I have gone on it once or twice, mostly lurking and I have found that we men fall into one of two categories on there. You're either a husband of a hotwife, or a "bull" looking to meet a hotwife. I thought it would be fun for her to let her hair down and chat with both types.

One of the many reasons I love Rebecca is because of how she handles herself. She's intelligent, conservative, sexy and witty. I have always wanted to see how these qualities shone through when she's talking to men other than myself. Before long, she had two private conversations going, with a request from a third. She had to politely decline the last one since she had two men on the line as it stood.

- After establishing she's not a "hotwife", she was asked what she thought of the fantasy. She said something to the effect that she's just recently been introduced to it.

- She directed one of them to this blog where he checked out her ass shots. "Hot" was his response. He immediately started getting more direct.

-He then asked where she likes her guys to cum and she responded "that's my ass". (I'm not sure if that was a continuation of the hot comment, or a response to the cum question.) Either way, it was hot.

-Same gentleman said he wanted to cum inside of her pussy.

-Same guy asked if she ever comes around to Vegas or LA. She said both every once in awhile.

The second conversation she had on the go was with a guy waiting on his wife to come home. His wife was on a date with her lover. It hadn't occurred to Rebecca that there actually were people practicing the "hotwife" lifestyle, and if anything, she would have found it interesting to actually talk to one.

I was massaging her on the bed while she typed and she was wearing only her panties, laying on her stomach while she chatted. I'm not sure she noticed, but I was in varying states of arousal the entire time. I was "only" massaging her since we're at the tail end of her monthly visitor, and I expected she wouldn't be wanting action. I was wrong.

Shortly after the "cum in her pussy" comment, she signed off and turned over. We made out like we hadn't seen each other in weeks. I was rock hard, grinding up against her panty covered crotch as we kissed. Just as I was thinking that was as far as we would go, she reached down and pulled her panties to the side and guided my cock into her wet pussy. She's not usually this forward this fast, so her chat conversations must have tweaked something I was deep inside her as we discussed her findings in the chat room.

I told her she was extremely sexy, and after a little more talk, she asked me what I thought of the "cum in her pussy" comment. I think I told her I liked it (I did) and I thrust deep in her. Our brief discussion of another man saying he wanted to cum inside her pushed her over the edge. She came quite hard, spasming on my cock. I followed her shortly afterwards and shot my cum deep inside her. It was fantastic. I know we both enjoyed it. I have some more ideas with what I can do with her and the chat room, but it'll have to wait for another day. In the meantime, I emailed her a record of her account and password, so she could log on anytime she felt so inclined.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Talking to Women

Rebecca was visiting my parents with the kids last Thursday and Friday. I had to work, so I stayed home. While she was there, she managed to slip away and go to the gym for a workout. Last night while we were bathing, Rebecca told me about a guy who attempted to make conversation with her. She said he definitely wasn't her type. He was stocky, and she likes "skinny". ( her words.)

His first mistake, in my opinion, was to ask her if the exercise she was doing ( a type of squat) worked her back. By asking her this, I think it exposed him as a bit of a buffoon. Rebecca has always reponded to confidence and cockiness, although it is a fine line between that and arrogance. He would have been much better off politely suggesting a slightly better technique to get the most out of the exercise. From my younger days of meeting women, I learned that you have to approach new encounters by accepting that you won't get anywhere at the first introduction. You're much better off flirting discretely, and keeping your self respect, than to push a bad situation.

I told Rebecca that while she was gone, I checked out a chat room online. It's one I would like to get her on to see if there's anyone witty enough to hold a conversation with her. I told her that I observed the same phenomenon of guys attempting to start conversations with women, and promptly being ignored. It was embarrassing to watch. Anyway, one of these nights, I might get her to log in and see if anyone fairs better than the poor guy in the gym. By the way, her working out is paying dividends. The following pics were taken this morning. I have to say, I can't blame the poor guy at the gym for taking a shot.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Waiting in the hotel lounge

As I type this, Rebecca is lying naked on a massage table, with a
man's hands touching her. Her and I met before the massage and had a
drink. I asked I mentioned her wearing the crotchless panties for he
massage, she replied that she was going to leave them off for the

I don't get excited about much, but this does it for me... I hope she
teases him a bit!

Yikes! Crotch-less!

Something (sexy) was in the air this morning... Rebecca put on her crotch-less panties to wear to work! She has her massage booked for this evening, so as far as I can tell, her choice is between the crotch-less panties and commando. We're meeting for a drink after work (before her massage)after which I'l head home while she goes to the spa....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Massage Booked for Friday...

Some time ago, the kids and I gave Rebecca a gift certificate for a massage at her favorite spa. She always prefers having a man massage her, (stronger hands) and I have to say, I get turned on a little thinking about it (See this previous post as well).

She teased me last time that she was going to go "commando", but she chickened out and wore her usual panties and bra. This time, I mentioned she should make the jump and just take everything off. I didn't get an argument, but we'll see. I have also said she should feel free to ask him to rub her ass if she wants, since she loves this. Here's a shot of what he would be touching...

There's been a few hints throughout our marriage that Rebecca's a little bit of an exhibitionist. It may be why she's allowing me to post these images. Make no mistake, this is the first time someone other than me has seen this part of her. I find it very exhilarating. There's more, but I thought I would start with these and see what the reaction is.

I'm sure she would appreciate any comments the readers of this blog might have, so please help me encourage her to post some of our better quality ones by leaving a comment or two. I'll read the comments to her in bed and we'll see where it takes us. With any luck, it will get her to post her thoughts as well...