Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Last Saturday morning I was up early, letting Rebecca sleep in, when I noticed her blackberry sitting on the bathroom vanity. I had her password from a while ago, so I decided to take a look. I went to her gmail account icon, and fortunately it keeps her logged in. On it, I found four messages between her and G from Friday.

It turns out she is getting more comfortable flirting, and she may have not been as reluctant to step it up as she's let on. The first email I read was from her to him and must have been a continuation of a past conversation. She said something to the effect that he makes her mind wander, and she would enjoy a road trip with him. He responded alluding to her on an airplane ( she had told me some time ago that she had mentioned to him that her and I were members of the "mile high club"). Her response to him caught me completely off guard (in a good way). She suggested she could renew her membership, referencing a flight to a city they both travel to separately on business. 

That Saturday, she was taking a photography class, so in her email, she said he could stop by the class if he needed a picture taken. He didn't take her up on the offer, but his response was revealing. He said she should show the class the pic she sent him of her. He said it would win the class over. Initially, I was floored reading this. She has sent him a pic of herself, most likely from the boudoir session,( but there are others as well.)

It took a few hours for all of this to sink in. She hasn't been at all honest about their relationship, but I have to say, I'm not upset about it. Her dishonesty comes from her lack of comfort with this, and her worries about how I would react. The rest of that Saturday, I was totally turned on. She was too, although she never knew that I had read the emails. During that evening, we would touch and kiss whenever we would pass.

In bed that night, Rebecca came hard as she ground on top of me. I assumed she was extra turned on by her recent email exchange, which of course turned me on even more. I was as hard as I've ever been. Sunday, I was hoping for a sequel to the emails, but when I went to her BB, she had changed the password. That concerned me a bit. I commented on that fact when we were in bed Sunday night. My emotions were on edge, not because of the content of the emails, but because of her need to hide it from me. A million thoughts were running through my mind.

Was she hiding things because she was falling in love? I quickly blurted out my thoughts as we lay in the dark. She turned over and kissed me passionately. She reassured me that she was mine forever. That was all I needed to hear. I kissed her back and we made out like we were eighteen. 

As luck would have it, her monthly visitor had arrived, so I was going crazy with lust, unable to have her. Surprising me, Rebecca simply said, "I want to taste you." She pulled me up so my cock was even with her lips, and took me into her mouth. Up until this point, I hadn't officially confessed that I had looked through her emails, so  I told her as she sucked on me. It was amazing. I started pumping back as I told her what I had read. When I got to the point where I told her I knew she had sent him a picture, I went over the edge, cumming in her mouth, down her cheek and onto her hand. We continued to kiss and hold each other tight as we fell asleep. I slept very well that night.

Looking back, I know she needs some privacy for her to enjoy this. From my perspective, though, I need to be informed to enjoy it. I guess we'll find our where the middle ground is. We love each other very much, and I trust her completely, but without any updates from her to me, this would simply be an affair. I'm hoping now that she sees I'm really okay with things and that I love her no matter what, she'll feel more and more comfortable sharing those critical details with me.  I also understand that we all need our own privacy and personal fantasies. We'll see how it unfolds. 


  1. Wow, she took the fact that you snooped quite well. Most wives wouldn't. If you really trust her, you should accept that there are certain details of her flirting that she won't share. They may be completely inconsequential to her, but the fact that it is new information to you makes it seem somehow important. What if she had a week long conversation with him trying to arrange a hook-up but never told you? It could be her plan to arrange it, then fill you in on the details. But if you don't trust her, you could interrupt it before she could carry out the plan.

    Snooping is naughty fun. You know just how turned on you were reading the messages. The key is not to immediately blow it by revealing your knowledge. Believe me, if she is doing something bad, you'll have other clues.

  2. Yes, I'm lucky she didn't get mad. She's an amazing woman...

  3. tim_on_y@yahoo.comNovember 5, 2011 at 5:49 AM

    My wife has been in a relationshionship with someone for almost a year now, and they have become good friends with benefits. I am not expecting to know every single detail of their relationship, first because he shares things with her on a personal level that he does not want to share with me or it is something that my wife is not comfortable talking about (and I am OK giving her that space). Few months ago i heard from her guy friend that he had spanked her, which she had never told me about, she was just not comfortable talking about it.

    This lifestyle is not all about the husband pleasure of hearing about and watching the wife's adventures, the wife is in the middle of this and needs to be comfortable with the situation

  4. Thanks Tim,

    I agree that it's impossible for her to tell me everything even if she wanted to. All I would want is the major developments, if and when they happen. She's a woman who is still uncomfortable talking about things sexual, so she'll tell me all the day to day details like where he went for lunch that day, and work he told her he had to do, etc, but she'll forget to mention he signed off his email by telling her how hot she looked today.

    These are minor things, but if she isn't comfortable sharing that, then I suppose she wouldn't at all be comfortable telling me if they held hands, kissed, etc. At that point, even if her omission was innocent, I wouldn't be able to help but feel betrayed.

    She tells me there's no way they'll ever be physical, so she realizes she's not ready. I'll make a "bold" prediction here and say that something will happen between them and it will take awhile for her to tell me.

  5. tim_on_y@yahoo.comNovember 5, 2011 at 3:18 PM

    just give it time, that's how things started for us as well.