Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Shades of White

Well, here goes. Last Tuesday night, Rebecca reminded me that she had a wine date with J after work. It worked out well because I had a late work meeting Wednesday, so I could swing by and pick her up afterwards.

Wednesday morning she was wearing what I would describe as her shortest, but still professional dress. She actually let me snap a shot of it in the car as I dropped her off at her office.

Later that day, I finished my meeting and texted her around 6 to let her know I was available when she was ready. She responded to say that a large group of people from her office had joined them, so she might be awhile.

I thought it was a little weird, and I got that old spider sense that there was more to this. It was extremely difficult to concentrate on work, so I decided I would head over to the hotel bar where they were. I guess I figured I would stop by the group and introduce myself. (to J as well).

When I arrived, I parked across the street. I walked over to the bar and strolled in. Looking around, I saw a table at the back with several suits but no sign of Rebecca. 

My texts went unanswered so I was getting that familiar knot in my stomach. My brief search of the restaurants was unsuccessful so I decided to have a seat in the hotel lobby and wait for her text.

I guess I intentionally say near the elevator core. It just made sense. I wasn't there more than ten minutes when the doors opened and she came out. She immediately headed out the door. 

I was a bit in shock, processing it quickly, but  assuming that she had just came down from a hotel room. As I got up to catch up to her, J came out of the next elevator. I was ten feet away from him. 

Still reeling/reacting. I felt I had to say something to him. As we came face to face, I said,

"I think it's best if you two take a break for awhile"

He was confused and asked who I was. I told him I was Rebecca's husband. He quickly backed up three or four steps and said something along the lines of "Yes, okay."  He smelled of booze.

In hindsight I was kicking myself for not just introducing myself and telling him we are going to sit down for a drink. Oh well. Live and learn.

Instead, I headed out the lobby doors after Rebecca. she was a good block ahead of me. I could see her as she texted me. 

"Just finishing my wine. Pick me up at the office?"

That grey little lie didn't sit well at all with me. I quickly texted her back, 

"Find your own way home. I saw you leave the elevator."

I took my time driving home. There was a lot of talking when I got there. She still doesn't know why she feels the need to lie about what happens. 
What is explicitly clear is that she loves me. Her need to lie may stem from her younger days and her relationship with her parents. Who knows.

I was hurt that her first reaction was to throw me off the scent, (so to speak) but she opened up and was able to admit that they "had action". That is our code for sex, and it made it easier to tell me using that term.

They weren't in a hotel room, but rather down in  the underground parking at the hotel. I asked if it was in his vehicle, and she said no, it was a dark corner of the parking lot. 

I can't tell you how hot I found this minor detail. Rebecca is a conservative, professional loving wife. Thinking of her with her dress pulled up, possibly bent over in a parkade with him pumping her is a fucking huge turn-on for me.

When she told me this, I took her by the hand and led her up to our room. We had coarse hard sex on our bed. Knowing he had just been inside her made it so hot for me. While I pumped her, I asked if he was bare in her, but she said he wore a condom. We didn't last long and we both came hard and quick. 

Since then, we have talked a lot. One thing I've noticed and love is how she seems to draw closer to me after these events. It may be some regret or catholic shame, but she makes a point to want me more afterwards. It's a welcome side effect.

Moving on, I have a feeling she'll continue to keep seeing him if he can get past getting rattled by me. The words I used,

"I think it's best if you two take a break for awhile" may raise some questions from him about what I know. Time will tell.

edit: Rebecca and I were texting last night. (She was out of town with the kids) Not a lot of direct discussion of J or the hot wife thing, but she has a way of reassuring me at all times. As we were saying our goodnights, she texted:

"I am happy you are with me on our crazy journey. Lol"

That is what it's about.