Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Wedding Hottie

I tweeted on our way to the wedding yesterday that I had asked Rebecca on our way what underwear she was wearing. Her reply was something to the effect of, "Nothing special. My black thong."

Over the thong, she had on a relatively short black skirt accompanied by her black stayups. I say "relatively" because her skirt was still very classy, almost conservative, except for the fact that I only had to slide it up a few inches before I saw the top of her stayups.

We met up with V and his date after the ceremony, and went for drinks until the reception started. V is in his late twenties, and we estimated his date to be pushing forty. He definitely has a thing for older women. Unfortunately, neither Rebecca nor I thought she was a catch. In my biased opinion, she was missing that certain something.

V and his date actually left quite early because she wasn't feeling well, so there's not much to write about in that respect. I'm not sure, but it probably didn't help that Rebecca was getting most of our attention at the table.

Once the music started, we were able to dance. It was quite hot to see Rebecca grinding and grooving to the music. I told her afterwards that I need to see her do that without the skirt on.

When we got home, we did have some pretty good action. I won't get into too many details, but she did seem to work hard to get me in as deep as possible. She usually finds it uncomfortable when I inadvertently bump into her cervix, but last night she actually made a point of angling her hips under me in order to make that happen. I was on top of her while she held my hips,and she literally used her cervix to repeatedly bump around my cock head. It felt amazing.

We're on the road today and were discussing "the fantasy". She maintains that people who go through with it can only "end bad", so in her mind, it would never happen. My opinion is it can end bad when a couple doesn't communicate with each other about how they feel as it unfolds.

She's not at a point where she could fathom having sex with someone she doesn't love. I'm sure at this point, she has had feelings of attraction for G particularly, but is too embarrassed to admit it, much less discuss it with me. That's fair enough, as my reaction in the past wouldn't exactly give her the confidence to do so. I'm just going to keep enjoying the woman she is, as well as the fact that I got to leave with the "wedding hottie".

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Long Weekend and a Short Week

Our long weekend was relatively uneventful as far as M was concerned. We managed to avoid him, while still enjoying the facility's hot tub. Action for us was limited for a couple of reasons. The first night, we were up in the loft of the condo unit, having ninja sex, when we heard my 70 year old dad roaming the kitchen and living room below. It took me back to when Rebecca and I had sex before we were married. There was a time her mom was snoring in the same room as us.

Rebecca's monthly visitor arrived on the second night, so things definitely calmed down. In fact, she wasn't comfortable going into the hot tub anymore, so it was up to me to take the kids. Grandma and Rebecca tagged along to watch. Coincidentally, there was a staggette or two going on at the same resort, so at one point, the women in the tub outnumbered the guys 5 to 1. I just looked at Rebecca and shrugged. Besides, I can honestly say Rebecca had all of them beat in the bikini department.

We arrived home Monday night, and have had a busy week at work, broken up by Tuesday when she gave me an amazing blowjob when we went to bed.

The week has been busy, hers coupled with the fact that M hasn't got the clue that she isn't at all interested. You would think that her ignoring his texts the previous weekend would have been a substantial hint.

Last night was the first night in a few days that we were able to have some time to ourselves. We made mojitos and chatted.

On the G front, she said he's traveling for work, and will be spending the weekend on his own in NYC. We talked about our trip there several years ago. She said she would love to go back someday to shop on 5th, run in Central Park, and go out at night to a martini bar. The mojito gave me a little courage, so I asked her what his schedule would be, and if she was interested in flying out to meet him. Of course she laughed it off, and said the timing doesn't work. Besides, she said, she said she wanted to go there with me. I replied that we could both fly out, and she could surprise him.

Unfortunately, I knew that even if she wanted to, she couldn't. We have too many things on this weekend, including a wedding to attend. Her other admirer, V, will be at our table with his date, so it will be interesting to see how he acts in front of Rebecca and her.

We went to bed and she was feeling effects of the mojito and the lack of satisfaction during the week. She climbed into bed with only her panties on, which I quickly removed for her.

Our conversation about NY continued with me inside her. I told her we would go out to a club, with her wearing a tight skirt. I told her that at the club I would send her to the washroom to remove her panties. I was surprised when she said that it was NYC, and the people there had likely seen it all, so she would take them off at the table. It was very hot to think about her being watched as she pulled her panties off. I slid out, then back in and suggested she would have to give her underwear to an admirer of her choice.

I described to her how we would head to the dance floor and dance while her admirer looked on. I told her that as we danced, I would hold on to her and slowly slide her skirt up her hips. I had to control myself as I visualized her skirt just high enough to see the base of her ass as she danced.

She felt amazing grinding under me and again I felt brave, so I told her that as we danced, I'd watch as her panty recipient came up and danced behind her, replacing my hands with his on her hips. I explained that as she danced, she occasionally would lean forward and kiss me, causing her ass to bump against him.

I was getting close to cumming, but I couldn't stop. I described how she eventually stopped moving away, and instead ground her ass against him, kissing me while she felt his hard cock between her ass cheeks.

Well, that did it for me. I exploded inside her. Fortunately, she wasn't far behind. She came a second or two after I started pulsing...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things Just Got a Little Weirder

I forgot to post an update on what happened a couple of weeks ago when M and his wife came over for supper.

I guess there's not much to report. They came for supper, and stayed until around 2am. Around 1:00am, the subject of Rebecca's boudoir pictures came up, and with her permission, I grabbed the album.

I was sitting beside M's wife, so I went through the shots with her first. When we were done, Rebecca started going through them with M. I wasn't sure how far she would leaf through with him, but I didn't get the chance to find out. Part way through the book, while he was still in the tamer shots, his wife put the kibosh on it and said he shouldn't look at the rest, since it was making Rebecca uncomfortable. My take was that it was making his wife uncomfortable, and she shut him down. Of course, since then M hasn't stopped talking to Rebecca about it, wanting to see the rest...

Fast forward to today. Every year at this time, we take a weekend family trip with my parents (and sometimes my siblings and their families) to a nearby resort town. This year most of my family can't make it, aside from my parents and my brother and his wife.

Well, guess who told Rebecca who was booked into the same hotel? Yup, M and his wife. I guess the boudoir teaser was a bad idea after all. I think he's obsessed. I'm just not sure how he manages to stalk Rebecca with his wife in tow. (Just when you thought it couldn't get more complicated.) For those of you just tuning in, M is a relatively senior guy in her company, who, quite openly has the hots for Rebecca. She doesn't share those feelings.

I told her one day it will be interesting to see how she handles herself when she meets a guy she actually likes who pursues her this hard.

Oh well, the hot tub at the resort will be a happening place Saturday night.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday Date Night (Epilogue)

Well, Rebecca did indeed go commando for our date night although it turns out she had something up her sleeve.

She led me to a bar we haven't been to in years to surprise me with my 40th birthday party. So, I was surrounded by family and friends for the evening, along with my pantiless wife.

Nothing crazy happened, but I did text one of my good friends in attendance that Rebecca was commando as she sat across from him. He's a great friend to both of us, and a bit of a player. He's never been married, so I thought I'd subtly let him know that things can still be exciting after you're married.

His response was "Nice!" We laughed at the fact that Rebecca had felt obligated to follow through with going commando, or risk giving away the surprise.

When we got home, she climbed into bed naked, but we actually didn't have action until this morning. We were both tired. Anyway, I've joined my beautiful wife on the downhill side of forty, and I'm looking forward to the next forty years with her.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Night Date

Tonight the kids are sleeping over at my sisters, so Rebecca booked a date night with me. We haven't decided exactly what we're going to do, but we discussed her wardrobe.

This morning, she was half asleep in our bed, wearing only a pair of panties. Knowing our date night is tonight, I was torn. I wanted her very bad, but at the same time, I wanted to hold off until tonight.

I proposed my solution to her as I entered her. "Don't let me cum until tonight." I said.

"Okay, we can stop." She replied.

I didn't want that.

"No, I want you to get selfish and enjoy yourself, but don't let me finish." She seemed to get a little wetter when I said that.

She reached down and started stroking her clit as I slowly pumped. She doesn't do that often, and I love the feeling of her lips moving around my cock as she touches herself.

Ironically, her fingers on her swollen pussy are there to make her cum quicker, but they have the same effect on me. It's like she's masturbating both of us.

I manage to slow things down, while still allowing her to climb closer to the edge.

"What are you going to wear tonight?", I ask.

"What would you like me to wear?" she countered.

"Black stayups." I didn't skip a beat.

"Which dress?" she asked. I wasn't sure. I wanted something short because I had another request in the back of my mind. My hesitation allowed her to suggest something.

"How about the black and white one?" she said. It was the one she wore last week when she took that quick picture and emailed it. "And maybe the purple top." she added.

"I have one more request." I said. She kept teasing her clit. I stayed on the edge. "I want you to go commando."

"Mmm okay." was her response. I kept pumping slowly. I could tell she was getting close. I could also tell I was leaking into her as well. I never get this close for this long without producing some of the clear liquid.

I had one more request. I whispered it into her ear.

"Let's go out for a drink so I can see you stand at the bar. I want to watch you talk to a man, knowing your pussy is bare under your skirt." she was getting closer.

"When you've had enough conversation, come over to me and whisper in my ear how wet you are."

She came then and I felt that amazing clench of her pussy around my cock. I was teetering on the edge. I pulled out, still very hard.

Eventually, we went and showered and I softened. I feel sexually energized...looking forward to our date. I'm reposting the pic from last week to remind everyone what she will (and won't) be wearing tonight.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Afternoon Delight

Today was pretty stressful, with a lot going on at work. Adding to my stress, I booked off the afternoon to pick up a trailer I will use to transport a hot tub.

As I drove back through downtown, I called Rebecca to see if she wanted a ride home. She hates the bus, so she jumped at the chance. When I picked her up, she was standing on the corner in her new skirt. When she got in, she told me I looked like a farmer in the truck and trailer combo. It must have looked a little incongruous to see a hot woman in a skirt jumping into a pickup.

When we got home we had about twenty minutes before the kids got home from school. I told her I needed a pic of her new skirt for the blog. We went up to our room so I could get a picture before she changed. She did a few quick poses, while I happily took some shots. After I snapped a few, she ran to the bathroom and I made the mistake of taking a work call from on my cell.

She returned to find me on my cell, so she knelt down in her new skirt and stayups, unzipped my fly and took me into her warm mouth. I was hard in an instant and found it difficult to concentrate on my conversation. I'm pretty sure the guy on the other line had no idea of my circumstance, because he droned on and on.. and on...

After several attempts, I was able to break off the conversation and attend to the beautiful woman pleasuring me. She pulled off her underwear and pulled me down on the bed. With her stayups and skirt still on, I started pumping her.

I'm not sure what it is, but I'm sure every man reading this will agree, there's something extremely hot about fucking a woman with her skirt hiked up, and her stayups still on.

After a little while, I rolled over and pointed my glistening cock in the air. She straddled me and lowered herself down. Again the sexiness of the skirt came into play as I looked down. I was deep inside her but couldn't see anything except her thighs and her skirt covering our midsections. I found myself wishing for a picture of that sight, but my phone had dropped to the floor at that point and there was no way I was going to stop to get it ( sorry).

All the while she had been gently teasing me by asking what I really wanted. Of course, in my mind the question had hotwife undertones, but I was too busy with the task at hand to give her an answer. In fact, she was supposed to have lunch with G today, and I think I was more disappointed than she was that they were both busy. This afternoon rendezvous more than made up for it.

We finished up, or more appropriately,I finished up and came deep inside her. We quickly got changed and made our way to the bus stop to get the kids.

I'm attaching the photos I took in our haste. I'm posting this from my phone, so I apologize for any weird formatting that occurs. Enjoy. I certainly did.

Now it's late evening, the kids are in bed, and Rebecca is at the office trying to finish a few things. I'm going to wrap this up, then try to get some work done myself. In the back of my mind, I'm secretly hoping she'll text to say she's been invited out for a drink....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hump day

It has been a long week. I thought would break up the monotony. I think Rebecca would like to wean her admirer, M off of her, but since she has to see him daily, there's no immediate hope of that. She has cast that crazy spell of hers, so it will be difficult to break it.

On another note, it sounds like she is having lunch with G tomorrow. I'm not sure how to explain it. At times I want her to break off contact with him, and other times I'm hoping she'll ask to see him.

She mentioned on the weekend that he invited her to lunch. I asked her via text if she "wanted" to have lunch with him and her answer was " sure I'll have lunch with him." She's very noncommittal about these things. She may have been worried about hurting my feelings, when in fact, I wanted her to say she wants to see him. I can't explain my thought process.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics from the weekend. The first is a shot of her sitting in the kitchen. I love glimpses like this.

The second is one she sent to me of a dress she was trying on. We're going to a wedding along with V. I'm not sure if he's bringing a date, or if he'll simply hang with us. I'm not sure who will feel like more of a third wheel. He or I. She didn't buy the dress yet.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Saturday Night Drinks and Monday Takeout with V

Saturday Night

Saturday night Rebecca and I were over at a neighbor's house for a few drinks. It was one of those rare occasions when we both could have a few since we were within walking distance of home.

Several drinks into our discussion, Rebecca texted me from across the table, "Want to get lucky?" I immediately went to the kitchen and pounded back four glasses of water. I could feel my drunkenness start to overtake me and I needed to slow things down. It kind of worked.

Sex that night was a drunken blur. I do remember at one point she was riding me while I told her quite clearly how I wanted to see another man fuck her. All the filters were off. I vaguely remember her repeating back something about having another man's cock in her, then gasping that she was "very close".

I woke up at 8:00 the next morning with a wicked headache and hangover. It hurt to move my head at all. I painfully went downstairs and looked for relief, but only found some children's Tylenol. Desperate as I was, I had a shooter of the pink liquid and went back to bed. When I woke up around 10:00, I actually felt quite refreshed. I made a mental note about the children's Tylenol.

Monday Takeout with V

Last night I had to work late to meet a deadline. I was getting ready to leave the office at 9:00, when Rebecca texted to say V was bringing takeout over. I have to say that nothing seems to phase me anymore. I just replied "ok", and I'll see her soon.

She had been texting him throughout the day/evening. When he mentioned he was out for dinner with some friends, Rebecca joked that he should bring her/us some takeout. He agreed before she could take it back.

When he arrived, we were finally introduced. I liked him. He was quite genuine, and the food was good. Rebecca gave him a tour of the house while I stayed downstairs and cleaned up. Now I'd like to say I went upstairs and watched them have sex through a partially open bedroom door, but this isn't a porn movie. They came back downstairs after the tour, and we had a cup of tea with V. We talked for awhile, and they made plans to meet in the morning to work out.

When he left we thanked him for the food, and Rebecca gave him a hug at the door. It was then I realized that we just had a guy at our house who has openly lusted after Rebecca. She more or less invited him into our house, showed him around, and then hugged him as he was leaving. I realize this is minor, but I found the simple step of bringing him to our house to meet me very bold of her and quite erotic.

When we went to bed, I immediately kissed her and slid her panties off. She already was topless and her nipples were stiffening as I pushed inside her. I whispered that she was so hot, and she asked me why.

I replied, "You know why." Rebecca seemed to want to hear it.

"Tell me", she said. I pumped her slowly and replied,"You're going to make me tell you?"

"Yes", was her answer. I had to slow down, so I withdrew until only the head of my cock was inside her. I slowly moved my hips back and forth allowing only the tip and head of my cock to penetrate her.

"It was hot that you invited him over to our house." I answered. Every few strokes, I would go deep.

"Can I go on top?" she asked. This is when I know she's getting close. I rolled over and she sat down on my cock. She sat up, straddling me, grinding.

"You know you can invite anyone you want over, even if I'm not here." I told her. "Maybe when I take the kids fishing, when you have the house to yourself." she kept grinding with her eyes closed.

"You could just tell me afterwards that he was here.", I offered. I'm not sure what or who she was thinking about, but it wasn't long before she gasped and started twitching as she came. I followed close behind, shooting deep into my innocent, sexy wife.