Thursday, August 23, 2012


After Rebecca read my last post, she said there was a correction to make. It turns out her friend was the one who was asked by another friend about the threesome. It wasn't an invitation to Rebecca. I guess it still shows how common the thought is though.

To respond to the anonymous comment/questions below, I don't think it changes anything in Rebecca's mind about monogamy. She is a strong woman, and although not necessarily set in her ways, she'll always come to her own conclusions.

As to what my preference would be, threesome or her out on her own, I don't have one, or rather, I go back and forth on what it would be. The important thing for me (and us) is that we experience the erotic nature of it together. That could happen in person, or with her recounting her excitement afterwards. I think the latter may be more difficult for her to do, since even with her limited dating experience, she tends to gloss over details I find exciting, since they make her uncomfortable. A threesome would eliminate the need for her to recount her experience afterwards, but it's a bit of a moot point.

I have found recently she has enjoyed the "implication" that she is enjoying two of us while we have sex. For example, last night she was right on the edge of cumming, and she warned me her orgasm was imminent. I stopped thrusting, and simply offered her two of my fingers to nibble on. She immediately took them into her mouth, sucking. I began to say, "suck my fingers like a cock," but before I could finish she came. It's hard to say whether that is what pushed her over the edge, or whether she was already going over.

She would deny it was the idea that she had another cock in her mouth. She likes to say it is the sound of my voice that does it for her. Maybe next time, I'll try singing to her instead..

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Neighbors and Monogamy

We had our neighbor, M (no, not the stalker) over for drinks and then an impromptu supper last night. She's married, and her husband was at the football game, so she came over, drink in hand and ended up staying for supper.

We were discussing a mainstream article Rebecca had read, written by a woman who had been a mistress to several men over the years.

Our neighbor surprised both of us by saying that monogamy might be over rated. Her exact words were, "it's tough. It's a long haul."

This morning, Rebecca went cycling with a married friend of hers who commented on their ride that her and her husband had briefly discussed a menage a trois. Her friend had jokingly said the only person who came to mind was Rebecca. They both laughed it off and changed the subject.

That's fortunate because her husband isn't exactly the most attractive man in the world. I immediately thought of princess Leia chained to Jabba the Hutt. Great if you're Jabba. Sucks if you're Leia.

We must be at the age where people start thinking about swinging because it seems to be coming up more often in casual conversation. I still believe it would work best if only the wife does it, and shares her experience with the husband either through a threesome (in person), or by recounting the action afterwards for her husbands benefit.

The idea of "full swinging" is a good concept, but I think that in our case anyway, I would be the one who would actually enjoy her "enjoying" someone else. I know she would not be happy to see me having a great time with another woman. Actually, she would be pissed.. That may be one of the reasons why she can't understand why I would be cool with it.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to Reality

The kids have been away at their grandparents this last week, so it has been pretty quiet around the house. It was nice for a few days to come home to a clean house, but I think Rebecca and I are ready to see them again. We miss the chaos.

To celebrate our last night of freedom, we went out for dinner with some friends. Our action in bed has been hampered a little because of the timing of her monthly visitor, but last night he was gone.

Without the kids here, she has been sleeping topless, so she came to bed that way last night. I didn't waste much time taking her underwear off. I found her to be very wet, probably the result of her week off. She had broken my drought partway through last week with a very nice blowjob, but I digress.

It didn't take me long to slip fully inside her, and I pumped her quite slowly, with full, long strokes. I wanted to maintain control over the act, so I would occasionally lift her and turn her to vary our position. At one point, as she often does, she asked if she could get on top of me. I answered by saying "not yet", and kept pumping her.

We started missionary, then I lifted both of her legs up so her knees were up by her chest. After going as deep as I could, I sat up on my knees and straightened her legs, then held her ankles apart as I pumped.

I was trying to give my cock the chance to touch every wall inside her, to see how she reacted to each stroke. While her legs were in the air, I rotated her legs to the side, straddled one of them and kept pumping. Finally, we completed the rotation and ended up "style a la doggie".

Eventually, I pulled her on top of me and she assumed her usual cowgirl finishing position.

I took this moment to mention to her that I had watched a video the other day of a white woman riding a black guy with a really large cock.

I said, "She was sitting on him like you are now, but the only difference was he was as deep as he could get, and he still had 4 or 5 inches outside of her."

I was prepared to keep describing it to her, but she took me by surprise by orgasming hard just as I finished that sentence. When I felt her cum, and I realized what had helped her get off, I came deep inside her.

It's nice to touch on a fantasy every now and then.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Times Like These

I'm sitting on the couch watching a movie. Rebecca is curled up on my lap, still in her work dress. I love that this is my time. Her face is so relaxed as she sleeps. I'm not sure how she does it, but she's more beautiful now than she was 20 years ago. She just twitched in her sleep...

I'd love to take a pic, but on second thought, this is my time.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Shoes and Squat-Thrusts

As an update to her crotchless day, she did trade emails with G, but the opening never came for her to divulge her secret to him. Today she's off to work in another hot skirt and these shoes. She has tiny (size 5) feet, and I love when she wears heels like these.

Rebecca went to the gym at her office after work yesterday. There she ran into both V and M. We have an ongoing joke about her doing "squat-thrusts" at the gym. I'm not even sure what they are, but they sound hot. When I asked her if that was part of her routine, she said they were but she had to be careful when she did them because of V and M being nearby.

She has a lunch date with G for later this week. I said she should go for drinks since we have time in the evenings now. She said he is too busy, maybe in September when his wife has a trip scheduled. We'll see.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Drop Off

Just a quick note to mention I dropped Rebecca off at work this morning. She was wearing a very hot work skirt. She complained a little about wearing the crotchless panties, but wore them anyway. As I dropped her off, I told her that part two of this outfit choice is that she has to somehow tell G she is crotchless. There was surprisingly little pushback with that suggestion.

Real Taboo

I gave Rebecca a little rub down when we went to bed last night. Her shoulder is sore from some equipment she used to work out with on her last work trip. It sounds like a rotator cuff issue, but she likes it massaged.

I assumed my role of her masseur, making small talk while I massaged her. She was naked on the bed, laying partially on her side. I straddled her left leg, resting my hardening cock between her thighs as I oiled her shoulder.

As per our usual fantasy, I asked her if she was comfortable with my cock where it was. She would say yes, and I would slowly inch forward until I was partially inside her.

Eventually, I was fully engulfed by her pussy. I commented on how good her married pussy felt and I asked if she was okay if I pumped her a little.

After a few pumps, I asked if she was okay with me continuing even though I hadn't had "the snip", indicating I was very potent. Her reply was that she was at a safe time of the month.

As I pumped her, I could feel the occasional spasm in my cock. I told her it's too bad she isn't at the dangerous time of the month. I whispered in her ear that she needs to come back to see me when she is ovulating, so I could fill her then.

At this point, we gave up any pretense of a massage. She rolled completely onto her back and I bottomed out inside her. As I pumped her I whispered to her how I wanted to fill her fertile "married" pussy.

I could feel her back off just a little emotionally. I think the fantasy was getting a bit too much. Oddly, I could also feel her getting closer to her climax. I whispered in her ear that if she came on my cock, that would show she wanted my cum in her fertile pussy. She hesitated for a split second, then pulled me in and ground against me. I whispered, "Don't cum, or I'll shoot deep into your married pussy."

It was too late. She went over the edge, pulling me with her.

Monday, August 6, 2012

When the Kids are Away..

We dropped the kids at my parents today to stay for the week. On the drive home, Rebecca and I agreed that she will follow my suggestions this week. I suggested the idea to her after seeing she has started reading the last book in the 50 Shades series.

I think it will be fun. I'm not hard-core, but it will be interesting to see how well she takes direction. I gave her a "safe" word just in case I get into it a little too much. I can tell you she'll be going to work tomorrow in her crotchless panties. She's also going to have to let G know what she's wearing at some point, preferably over drinks.

Her and I can have a recap later this week and talk about what she did and didn't like. I had a thought the other day that everyone likes their boundaries to be pushed a little. This way she can enjoy it and blame me afterwards. Wish us luck.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New Shower

We're on our second little holiday of the summer, and we're staying in an older renovated farmhouse. The shower is in a freestanding tub with a shower curtain which makes it a lot smaller than we're used to. This is a shot of Rebecca showering this morning..