Thursday, April 26, 2012

Her Work Outfit

Rebecca surprised me by emailing me this pic when she got home from work today. I love the stay-ups. And no, her skirt doesn't sit this high normally.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Couple of Firsts

Last night I was feeling evil, and I knew Rebecca had a sour stomach, so while we were in bed, I laid on my back and took care of business myself. I stroked my cock while Rebecca caressed my chest, balls and occasionally squeezing a nipple.

I asked her to talk to me, to tell me something to make me come. She has never been a dirty talker, she's too innocent for that. Even so, I eventually came, shooting up her arm and onto the back of her hand.
I cleaned us up, and we were spooning, starting to fall asleep when she started to tell me about a guy she met yesterday at work. She said he was fit and well tanned because he just came back from a golf trip. She actually said he was very attractive. She went on to say he was divorced. After meeting with him, she said she realized he has no EQ. I replied by saying it didn't matter. She paused for a minute and then agreed.

I wouldn't call it a breakthrough moment, but in that short conversation, two things happened that have never happened before. First of all, she initiated a conversation with me where she told me she found another man attractive. Secondly, she may have realized that she doesn't have to find the perfect man in order to be physically attracted to him. In fact, it's better that he isn't the "whole package", because that's my role.

Next time she'll need to bring it up before I'm finished.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

An Evening with M (And His Wife)

Last night, we went to one of Rebecca's more "creepy" (her words) admirers for dinner with him and his wife. This guy is the one who came on very strong to Rebecca on a recent work trip.

She has zero attraction for him, but she said she feels bad for him because they just recently moved to our city and don't know anyone, so we accepted their invitation for dinner.
I figured they might be swingers, so we had a plan to bail in the event they tried to divide and conquer us.

We arrived and were met at the door by his wife. She looked to be the "better half". She was blond, relatively attractive, and ten years his junior. Rebecca and I weren't sure what to expect, but we actually had a good time.

Rebecca had told them about our current favorite cocktail, the whiskey sour, so they had prepared all the required ingredients. Our introduction to that drink came through G, another of Rebecca's admirers, so there were several layers of complexity in the evening already.

We enjoyed a great meal, and pretty good conversation considering we were dining with a man who made a blatant and somewhat repulsive pass at Rebecca a mere two weeks previous. Add to the mix his wife who seems blissfully unaware of her husband's shortcomings, the fact that I am completely aware of his lust for my wife, while keeping in mind he has no idea that I know as much as I do.

It's all very complicated, like some bad soap opera. Fortunately, I'm fine with situations like this as long as I'm one of the people in the room "in the know".

I did consider saying something to him, but at this point Rebecca seems to be able to handle him quite easily and to be honest, it's quite entertaining. We've been invited out with them again next weekend, so this hasn't finished yet.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Date Night and Porn Discussion

We were out for dinner with some friends of ours. Afterwards, we went over to their place for drinks. Of course, sex made its way into the conversation and we got on to the topic of porn. Her friend, L (yes, the one from the Vegas trip), said matter of fact, that men don't understand that real sex isn't like porn. Moreover that most women aren't like porn stars.

My point to her is that the Internet has changed what we view as a "porn star". The idea that a woman has to be a fake titted bimbo is passé. I said that real women are much sexier and the Internet has allowed men (and women) to appreciate that. 

We left it at that, although Rebecca did bring up Mandingo. L had never heard of him. Thinking now, I guess porn still glorifies the big cock as far as men in porn are concerned. I can fairly say that all sizes and shapes of women are appreciated by men on the Internet, while the fat, bald, small cocked male has yet to find a niche. As a general rule, it might be good advice for men reading this to never let themselves become two out of three of those qualities. 

Back to the "real women in porn" topic, and I have to say, as I've written before, nothing turns me on more than to see Rebecca turned on. Watching her face as she orgasms is so erotic I can't begin to explain it. As for my porn habits, they certainly involve watching real women. I have moved beyond the "professional" when it comes to my tastes.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Interesting Post

I was going to direct Rebecca to this post since it seems to have been written by a married woman who has just started dating. It's another perspective on the "vibe" an attractive married woman can give off.

The woman in this case has realized the excitement of knowing she's attractive to other men.

I thought I'd post it here for Rebecca, but I'm sure others will find it interesting as well.