Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aging Well

Rebecca just walked up behind me turned my head and gave me a long deep kiss. I was sitting at the kitchen island wondering what to blog about. Things have been quiet on the HW front, although we did have some great action last night. We were out at another couple's house for a BBQ. Rebecca was wearing a new summer dress that shows off just how fit and sexy she is. I really do have to take a moment to brag about how well she's aged. She's 39 and she's hotter than when she was 18. Her body is tight and athletic, and her sex drive is ten times what it was when we were younger.

G is on the back burner a bit. She's adamant that she won't have sex with anyone other than me, although she is still seeing him and emailing regularly. She says has no need for sex since I satisfy her completely. As I've said before, I can't complain. On our way home last night, with the kids dozing in the back seat, we ran into some night time construction on the freeway. It added about a half hour to our trip, and all the while she was rubbing my crotch keeping me hard until we got home. Her summer dress had worked its way up so her white lace panties were showing and I was having a difficult time concentrating on the traffic even though we were only inching along. I'm impatient in traffic at the best of times, and I was having visions of her falling asleep/ passing out before we got home.

We finally made it home around 11:00 pm and put the kids to bed. I was ready in bed before her, and I was actually starting to drift off myself. The next thing I knew, Rebecca was on top of me, still in her dress, grinding and kissing me. It didn't take too long for me to get ahead of the situation. I pulled her dress over her head, flipped her onto her back and tore off her panties. I told her something to the effect that there are nights to make love, and nights to fuck. This was the latter. I pumped her hard, coming twice in her. I have to admit, I was so turned on that I only wanted to satisfy myself. I'm certain she never came herself, but she was exhausted after getting fucked hard, so she fell asleep quickly afterwards.

When I woke up this morning, she was still asleep with only her pyjama bottoms on. She had no covers on and she was curled up so her ass looked just perfect. I couldn't resist, so while she was still asleep, I pulled her pyjamas down to her knees and entered her from behind. When she started to wake up, I took off her bottoms completely, then laid on my back, pulling her on top of me. This is one of her favourite positions and this time it was her turn to be selfish. She rocked back and forth, grinding against me until she came. I held off until I felt her go, then I filled her for the third time in eight hours.

After we got up,  we took the kids to a local fair-type event. As we were leaving the playground/ kids area, Rebecca pointed out a middle age man. He was in his early forties, and easily forty pounds overweight. She said, "That's "C"".  I knew the name, but had never met him. He was Rebecca's first and only other sexual conquest. We never stopped to say hi. We just left with Rebecca commenting multiple times on how she definitely made the right choice.

After Rebecca gave me that long, deep, sensual kiss in the kitchen tonight, I asked her, "What was that for?"

Her reply echoed my thoughts about her. She said, "For aging well."


  1. Your relationship and marriage is one to be envied. Great post.