Monday, June 27, 2011

The Golf Weekend

This past weekend, my dad and I joined a group of eight other men for a guy's golf getaway. We drove approximately seven hours to stay at a mountain golf resort and golf for three days. 

The day before I left, Rebecca informed me that by coincidence, a divorced lady from her office was going to the same resort with a group of ladies. This woman is a cougar and was definitely on the prowl. 

I ran into her on the driving range, and I made a brief introduction to some of the guys from our group. We only had one relatively single guy with us, so I figured this was his chance to get lucky. Actually, I think luck had very little to do with it. 

After our round on Saturday, we stopped in at the nineteenth hole for drinks before dinner and found the cougar sitting with a friend of hers as well as her prey for the night, our single friend "S". it turns out she had her sights set on another of our posse, "F", who happens to be our married neighbor. Let's just say that F was totally into the attention, and by the end of dinner, he was telling us how he was "going to ride her like a rented mule." He's not the most eloquent of the bunch. I was snapping pics of the group with my phone, and he made point of mentioning to me twice that he didn't want anything incriminating to make it back home. I told him he's a big boy and he should take care of that from his end. 

While on the trip, I was in more less constant contact with Rebecca as the situation unfolded. Although it was entertaining, my heart and mind was back at home with her. I hinted a few times to her that I wouldn't mind an email from her at some point, especially if any advancements were made on the G front. 

I've been reflecting on the different situations a bit. In one case, you have a husband "F", who is willing to cheat on his wife when the first opportunity presents itself. My wife, on the other hand, has my expressed permission to do what she desires in the extramarital category, yet because of her commitment to me, she refuses to do anything. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not complaining. 

It turns out that when G found out I was away for the weekend, he asked Rebecca in an email if she wanted any company at home. She declined,  saying she was tired. Truthfully, she told me she there was no way she wanted him coming over. I asked her if it was because the kids were here sleeping, and she replied "no", even if she was alone, she didn't want him coming over. In my mind, I found the idea extremely hot, but only if the kids were somewhere else. To think of her and him in our home alone together definitely appeals to something in me.

If I were an optimist, I would say she was quite pleased that he tried to invite himself over. I might even think she didn't want him over because she wouldn't be able to stop herself once it started. I really don't know where it goes from here. Honestly, I think he'll reach a point where he'll stop trying soon. I would. 

Back on our golf trip, with "F", I had a brief look at the most basic and unrefined part of the extramarital affair. If this is what Rebecca thinks it's like, I can see her reluctance to take the leap. It's really unappealing. On the other hand, I know how classy Rebecca is and I know if she chose to approach this from her own unique direction, she could add so much class as she set her own pace.

 In truth, sex is only part of the overall event, there are so many things that lead up to it. She has enjoyed the flirting and the buildup, but in her mind there's not much else to build up to (no sex) I guess that's why I thought she would enjoy the internet emailing, dating, chatting etc. It would be like what she has with G with no pressure to meet, or have sex. It would also  go a long way to satisfy my desire to have her flirt and chat with another man. She might even be more inclined to share her emails with me than she has been with G.

All in all, I think her time with G is wrapping up. I believe now that she has turned him down when they had an opportunity to be alone together, he'll start to understand she's just not into anything physical. With the sexual potential removed from the equation, I suspect he'll start tapering off his contact with her. Of course time will tell.


  1. nah, too many thoughts have been spent/invested by each. They both just want it more then ever. It will grow. Other things may fill in and much more time may click away, but this one is already bubbling. They dont ever cool off, they just stay where they are at on the surface it seems. Underneath it is more then it appears....

  2. G won't give up as long as there is the slightest chance that she could give in - ever. It may cool off at some point but the first chance that there might be an opening, he will be back in full pursuit. What is there for him to lose?

    I had two co-workers, a middle aged-guy, slightly overweight and a much younger, very attractive female. It was obvious to everyone that this guy wanted her. She was happy to be friendly, and she would occasionally flirt back with him, but it was clear that she had plenty of other guys more her type chasing her. The older guy stayed friendly, was always helpful to her at work and simply played it cool. Two years into it, during an office golf tournament (how's that for coincidence) she made some excuse for him to follow her home, a few beers later, he is fucking her as his wife is calling him on the cell phone.

    Being a nice guy at work, being flirtatious but not overbearing and waiting for the moment was all it took. Rebecca may never have her moment of weakness, but that won't stop G from waiting unless there is a no-kidding break made.

  3. I agree with the 2 posts above. While the guy may get frustrated and back off from time to time, he'll never stop thinking about Rebecca and her forbidden fruit. He'll keep hovering like a bee to honey. In his shoes I certainly would...Rebecca's gorgeous!!!