Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Liked About My Wife's Affair

I think we've turned the corner on Rebecca's "affair". We've made it clear with each other that there's no chance we would ever leave one another. She said she was extremely scared that I would leave her.

Honestly, for me it was the fact that she hid it from me that made me doubt her love. I was worried she would be the one leaving. According to her, that was never the case.

Now that the dust has settled, there are several aspects of her I can confess I enjoyed during that time.

There was a little more of a jump in her step, and while she's always been a gym rat, she seemed to work out even more. Her body has always been great, but the thought that she was working out to look even better is something I find exciting even more now.

She always dresses well, but the matching bra and panties have more meaning now. She still wears her stay-ups and work skirts/dresses but now that I know I'm not losing her, the idea that she was sending pictures to him of her undressing is pretty erotic. Don't even get me started on the rest of it, although Rebecca isn't interested in discussing it. I can tell it still hurts her, so I lay off it.

I think G will always be a sore spot for us, which is too bad. I know she enjoyed seeing him, but neither one of us would ever go back there.

Every once in awhile, she'll tell me that she senses I'm thinking about something; that I'm quiet. It worries her. In reality, I'm quiet because I'm thinking and rethinking how I acted and how much I really did like how sexy she was. She still is sexy, but it's hard to explain how I could miss feeling like that.

Now she's pretty adamant she will never do this again. Once in awhile she will say that she has "been good". I guess I'm hoping someday she'll tell me she has been "a little bad."


  1. Guess a dog's crooked tail will always remain crooked no matter what you do to straighten it. In that case good luck to you.

  2. It's true. The mind tends to filter things and you can't help but pull the good from all that has happened in order to fill the need for your fantasies.

    Perhaps someday, now that you are both confident in your marriage, there will be a slight chance for something on the edge of "bad".

  3. Whew! Amazing blog. I enjoyed reading parts of it. How you fantasized her with another man and how she made that fantasy come true (without letting you know!) and how you were hurt.

    Good that you are still together. Have you ever met G?? Do you think that in future at some point you will meet G??

  4. "now that I know I'm not losing her, the idea that she was sending pictures to him of her undressing is pretty erotic."

    Of course, that's because the fear is gone now. It's so much easier to be excited about something that's not scarey.



  5. Slider, will you please update your email address. Thanks.


  6. Wow, this is exactly how my wife and I slipped into a gentle secret slut/cuckold relationship. No abuse, no humiliation, lots of mystery, so many suggestive activities and so much passion filled sex. She has kept my mind spinning for months now.