Monday, October 10, 2011

The Reward

For surviving the run yesterday, Rebecca has let me pick a reward. My idea of a reward is certainly different than most husbands'.

We're going out for an early dinner, then drinks later. I told her that after dinner I want her to head into the bar before me. I'll follow later and watch her from afar.

We did this once in Mexico. When I came to the lounge that time, she was at a tall table with a guy in a ponytail. It turned out he was a gay dancer in the evening show, but it made my stomach flip flop when I didn't know the difference.

We'll see what happens. I would love to watch her from across the room getting hit on by someone, maybe even exchanging email addresses. I don't expect much though, as it'll be a quiet Monday night at the bar.

She has a new dress she bought on a recent shopping trip that she's going to wear. She looks amazing in a dress, so if there is anyone "flirt-worthy",this will definitely get his attention.


  1. Wow.. love your post. This is so down-to-earth yet erotic!

  2. A pic of the dress please... :)