Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"My Husband's..."

Rebecca and I decided to try the lounge at our hotel for its convenience. This was the Monday at the end of a long weekend, so it was very quiet. I stayed in our room for about twenty minutes while Rebecca got comfortable in the lounge.

When I eventually went down to the bar, I found her sitting at a table alone. There were a total of three other people in the bar. One was a couple, and the only other person was definitely not her type.

We had agreed earlier that if it looked hopeless, we would fall back onto plan "B", which was for me to pick her up.

I walked up to her table and asked her if I could join her. She said of course, and I ordered a single malt from the waiter. We discussed how quiet it was, then made small talk getting acquainted with each other. I asked her where her husband was.

"He's resting in our room. He ran yesterday," she replied.

"I ran too," I told her, "But I still made it out."

We chatted for another half an hour or so, before I invited her back to my room to check out my view. As we walked to the room, she asked me what room number I was in.

"309", I told her.

"That's very close to where my husband is," she said.

I opened the door and apologized for the mess. As we stepped to the window to see the view, I turned around and kissed her. She kissed me deeply back, and our hands moved quickly to take off each others' clothes. I was hard as a rock as my imagination had my wife stoking this "other man's" cock.

I took her to the bed and laid her down. She was dripping wet, so I could tell she was into the fantasy as well. I ran my cock head along her wet lips. As I entered her, I asked her what her husband would think if he saw her like this.

"I think he would like it," was her answer.

"Really? Would it make him hard to see his wife take a hard cock?" I asked, pushing deeper inside.

"Hmmm, it would." she answered.

"Maybe we should invite him over and he could sit on the other bed and watch you get fucked," I suggested. "I bet he would like that."

She grabbed my hips, and pulled them back and forth, using them like handles to pump herself with my cock.

"Imagine your husband is sitting there watching as you take control of this stranger. Show him how much you want my cock." I instructed her.

Her hips were moving rapidly beneath me. She was grinding her mound against my pubic bone, keeping me deep inside her.

Every once in a while, I could feel a spasm run through my cock. Usually, this is just a precursor to my full orgasm. This time however, I could feel a single, relatively thick squirt as I shot a single warm blast of cum into her pussy.

"I felt that," she said.

"There's plenty more where that came from," I said.

"You know that the more I cum inside you, the more this pussy becomes mine," I explained to her.

I decided to keep the fantasy going, and follow it through to it's ultimate conclusion.

"Whose pussy is this?" I asked as she kept grinding against me.

"Yours," she whispered.

"Tell him whose pussy this is." I said pretending her husband was watching from the other bed.

"It's his." she moaned, talking to her pretend husband. This pushed me even closer to the edge. As I started to fill her with even more cum, I asked again, "Whose pussy is this?"

Rebecca's own orgasm started as she whispered her answer...

"My husband's."

God, I love this woman...


  1. very very nice. You are well ahead of us in understanding how engaging the mind is everything. Between this story and the images you recently uploaded to the blog, you have wonderfully recharged me. Reminding me how much fun and exciting this can be. Roleplaying is not something we have done yet past just simple things, but I think its missing and we need to go much deeper. With the mind engaged, it changes everything. We have been enjoying this on the surface and it has been fun, very fun. But we have experienced that, we need to experience something deeper. I think with roleplaying and creating scenarios, we are the only ones holding ourselves back from the fun and pleasure we can have. Thank you for the hot reminder.

  2. I think it was great that you guys had a back up plan and easily played it. Yes, just the excitement of observing your wife from across the room, had a suitable man been there, would have been an incredible adventure, but the fact that you both knew each other well enough to play the cards dealt you was great.

    Rebecca gets it!