Monday, December 5, 2011

A Bizarre World

I just got off the phone with Rebecca. We were both taking our lunch breaks, so we were just confirming the details for after work, when she'll be joining V for drinks and dinner.

This is a bit different than G in the sense that I know V is interested in her, and he's single. It's a bit more exciting because of this, and the fact that things haven't reached an equilibrium with V like they have with G.

Knowing Rebecca, she'll keep the conversation very legit, possibly allowing for some interpretation on his part.

I have to say, I feel like we've grown as a couple. I have matured in my trust of her. Most married couples' trust is based on the belief that a partner wouldn't "cheat". My comfort comes from knowing she will always love me. I have given her as much freedom as she wants, and she's using it in a very frugal way. I've discovered by giving her her freedom, we've become even closer. I really can't begin to understand the paradox.

She'll probably tell him I'm fine with her meeting him, which I'm sure will confuse the hell out of him. I'm also sure she has no intention of fully exercising her freedom tonight, or ever for that matter.

Instead, I hope she'll enjoy herself, maybe laugh inside at this young buck clambering for her attention, and get some well deserved affirmation of how attractive a woman she is.

I'm can't explain how or why I'm happy to wait at home while she does this, but I am. What a bizarre world...


  1. Can my hubby call you??? LOL. I'd love it if he shared your view AND enthusiasm on giving your spouse freedom.

  2. Just leave your computer open to this blog for him to stumble across. I'm sure that will get the dialog

  3. I can't wait for the update....