Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fisherman's Intuition

At work yesterday, I was at my desk around a quarter to one, so I thought I would text Rebecca to see how her day was going. 

Me: How's your day?
Me: More specifically, how's lunch?
Her: Good and good. I just saw Rob. (Rob used to work for me, nothing at all interesting here)
Me: How's Rob?
Her: Good
Her: He says hi. I was at some italain 
Me: Some Italian?
Her: Guido's? On 11th. G emailed today asking if I was free for lunch
Her: How is your day going? I'm at the office now.
Me: It's good. I had a feeling...
Her: What feeling? Did you see me? You should have come over
Me: Nothing really, just a hunch. Didn't see you.
Her: Just a hunch? How so? 
Me: Fisherman's intuition.
Her: You're funny. I love you, fisherman.
Me: Love you too 
Her: You make me smile. <3<3 

It turns out G emailed her around 11 to see if she was free for lunch. We had talked some time ago, and I'm fine with her having lunch with him, and had agreed that if I was okay with her seeing him, she would be okay with my meeting him. 

After that text exchange, I had that familiar twinge of jealousy combined with lust that I have to admit I enjoy. What really made this completely enjoyable, was the way she asserted our love at the end. She was out with a man whose company she enjoys, but she let me know afterwards (even though it was just lunch) that she was mine. Very nice.

When we got home, I'm not sure how to describe our dynamic. Rebecca was very affectionate, as was I. Passing each other we would touch, then hug, then have a short, but sultry kiss. She smelled amazing, and I told her so.

In bed later that night, I slowly stroked her back as she lay beside me. I entered her from behind and enjoyed caressing her. I ran my hand from her fingertips, down her arm to her shoulder, lightly tracing my way across her lower back and ass.

We rolled over, and she climbed onto me, and started riding slowly. 

"You're amazing." I told her.

"Why?" she asked. 

"Because you're hot." I replied.

"What makes me hot?" she asked innocently (as she ground herself against me.) I knew she was being coy, sending out this probing question to see if I'll bite.

"You went out for lunch with another man today." I admitted.

"So you enjoyed that?" She asked, knowing the answer.

"Yes." I said. I was doing well up to that point, but I was getting close to erupting.

"Will you do it again?" I asked as I approached the edge.

"Perhaps..." she said, pushing me over it with the simplest of responses..