Saturday, December 17, 2011

You're my Alpha

I was feeling a little insecure lately, for lack of a better word. The last thing I want is for her to lose respect for me because of the freedom I've given her. She seems to be quite comfortable seeing G, and I'm really enjoying her getting comfortable in that respect.

Having said all that, I decided I wanted wanted to reassure her I don't want to lose her. So tonight, out of the bedroom, I told her a few of my thoughts.

First of all, I told her she should never, ever think I am pushing her away when I tell her she can go with him. Second, I said that if he ever started speaking poorly of me, or encouraged her to leave me, she needs to set him straight, or stop seeing him. Finally, I told her that if she ever started to have stronger feelings for him, that I wouldn't want her to make the common assumption that those feelings for him had to come at the expense of her feelings for me. I told her I will always be there for her, and I'm comfortable in the strength of our relationship, enough so that she could explore her feelings if she chose to.

Her response was quite simple,

"Don't worry, you're my Alpha."


  1. That is a good response. My husband is my Alpha in the sense that our marriage comes first no matter what. However, my lover is my Dominant. :) It can be confusing, but it works. My husband likes being cuckold, but he knows that, and likes that, no matter what at the end of the day I am his wife and I am going home with him.

  2. Be careful because she is about to head in with her head first. We just started hotwifing this year and it is obvious to both of us that she is almost there. We both love your blog and can't wait to read your new posts.

  3. I am challenged. I am trying to figure out if your blog and your thoughts are legitimate or some means by which you lure likeminded men to other blogs and porn sites.

    Whatever the case, I like what I am reading and find myself having similar thoughts and exhibiting similar behaviors. The only difference I can see is that Rebecca works in an office and my wife works from home.

    I love my wife more than life itself – she is my best friend and the mother of my child. However, there is this inexplicable need (perhaps fantasy) in me that remains unfulfilled. For years I have been encouraging my wife to be a “hotwife” – I can’t explain in words the feelings I get in the pit of my stomach when I have thoughts of my wife with another man. I don’t want my wife dating and/or having sex with complete strangers. I want her to find one man that she finds attractive and stable (married or single) who is capable of treating her with dignity and respect – but most importantly, have an ability to challenge her mind and body. He must also understand that there are rules and boundaries and they are never to be crossed.

    Although she is a full time housewife, she has her own “G” – someone she met at the gym. He is a number of years older than my wife – she likes much older men. I think he is in his early fifties but you wouldn’t know it by sight. He is technically single with a long time girlfriend. I won’t bore you with the sorted details of their friendship and banter but for two years now, they have flirted with the idea of having sex but he always has last minute excuses for not going all of the way or other circumstances get in the way. I know he wants her but I think he is scared and unsure as to why and why I am okay with it. Let’s be honest, while there are lots of people like us out there – this behavior is a little unothorodox– and opportunities like this don’t happen all of the time – despite what you might find on the Internet.

    Anyway, like Rebecca, my wife has shared lengthy emails and texts with her “G” with my full support and encouragement – she has even shared boudoir shots (I am a part time professional photographer). They have kissed and fooled around numerous times – at his home, our home (while our child is at school) and at his office – but they never have had sex.

    I remember one morning when she invited him over for coffee – I was at the office. I encouraged her wear something loose and revealing – I told her to have fun and enjoy his time. I told her to text me the moment he left and I would race home. Well, she did exactly what I asked – he eventually came to the house and they fooled around – but he left before they could have sex. Frankly, I am not sure why – she did mention that he appeared scared – constantly asking where I was and what I would do if I came home and found him there. Anyway, I still raced home after he left and while I couldn’t experience the true benefits of a “hotwife” experience – it was one of the best sexual experiences with my wife that I can remember.

    Things have since cooled off with my wife and her “G” – it didn’t end badly – it just really never started. She is no longer receptive to being my “hotwife” despite my many innuendos that this remains top of mind.

    Anyway, I wish you and Rebecca the best on your sexual journey and I hope I can read your exciting tales along the way – perhaps I can live vicariously through you.

  4. Thanks for all the comments,
    IW: I like your way of thinking... I'm probably similar in a lot of ways to your husband. I love the idea of Rebecca taking charge of her sex life, but I would never want to risk losing her in the process. Is there a category out there for an alpha-cuckold? Maybe it's just a strong willed husband of a howife.

    Jim: I hope you see something I don't... In my mind, she's a long way off.

    Anon: Wow! Thank you for that great comment! I am real, and so is Rebecca. It sounds as if your wife was close. She might get there again with the right guy. While I still like the idea of Rebecca picking up a complete stranger, she needs a connection of some sort before anything might happen. He's married, which probably contributes to his slow pace, but I prefer that to him being single.

    If you haven't already, check out

    Not that I'm trying to lure you to another site, but it is nonprofit, and the people there have a wealth of experience to draw on. Thanks for reading.