Sunday, June 12, 2011


Forgive me for the upcoming reference to a kid's movie, but if you can grant me some latitude,  I'll do my best to show the relevance. Last night Rebecca and I had a "date night". We visited a couple lounges in our city while my niece sat with the kids. During our few hours of alone time, we talked, and a lot of the conversation centred on G. If the old saying has any truth to it, his ears would have been severely uncomfortable between the hours of 7pm to 11pm.

It did cross my mind that it could be interpreted as "strange" that on my one date night in a month with my wife, that we spent so much time talking about her relationship with another man. I still enjoyed the conversation.  Rebecca is doing a yearly fundraiser for Cardiopulmonary research, and she said G mentioned that he would like to contribute to it "if your husband wouldn't mind" (or something along those lines). He scored some points with me just by asking so I told Rebecca that I don't mind at all. Of course, he's just out in the ether somewhere, not really knowing what I think about this whole dance of theirs, but at least he's approaching it as a gentleman.

If I had my way, I would have  Rebecca confess the truth of the entire situation, but at the same time, I can understand her reluctance to do so. Right now, her and I understand our relationship, and its strength, but he might get a little freaked that we're getting so much entertainment from him pursuing my wife.

The more interesting part of the evening (from my perspective) came when she mentioned a brief email exchange they had last week. You see, last Thursday evening, she went out to a local pool as part of the training she's doing for an upcoming triathalon. It turns out  G emailed her while she was swimming, suggesting if she was having difficulty finding the pool, he would give her directions. The directions just happened to coincide with his office location, where he was working late that night. Rebecca received the email on her BB as she was getting ready to come home from the pool. She casually told him she found the pool just fine, and that she couldn't come out to see him because she was "dripping wet", and she didn't bring any underwear.

I almost choked on my drink when she told me this. I had several thoughts flash through my mind. First of all, I told her I would have been fine with her going out after her swim. In fact, I told her I had thoughts(hopes) that she was pulling a fast one when she said she was going swimming. I guess in the back of my mind I hoped she would get a little wild without my permission. My second thought was of poor G. here's a guy going through a serious dry spell, and she sends him an email like that.

Finally, I told her that the one thing she needed to work on was her presentation. I told her I would have loved for her to bcc me on her response to him, as it happened in realtime. To receive an email like that while she was out would have driven me crazy. To hear it over drinks was exciting, but it pales in comparison to how I would react if she sent it to me as it happened.  I told her I would have jumped on her the moment she walked through the door. Come to think of it, I seem to recall she came to bed and jumped on me that night, so I guess I can't complain.

Rebecca is still pretty coy about how she thinks things will unfold with G. She insists nothing will happen, but every once in awhile, she mentions a tidbit like that.  I guess I'll leave it up to her to do as she sees fit.


  1. There would be nothing wrong with Rebecca giving a response to G about you not minding her meeting with him etc. She could say, "Oh, he trusts me completely, and frankly is a little turned on that other men enjoy my company..." or something along those lines. It doesn't scream "My husband has sent me here on a mission to have sex!" but it does give him a tiny hint.

    Honestly, one of the major turn ons I've had beyond the act (we haven't "played" with another guy in years) is the few times when my wife has confided in another person that I was okay with her having sex with other men.

  2. Welcome to the jungle! I am sure that Rebecca has no problem with presentation...

  3. I think she could have closed the deal on the donation. There's no more powerful fundraiser than a dripping wet, pantiless woman.

  4. G should have responded that he had a solution for Rebecca, being "dripping wet" and that she wouldn't need her panties!