Monday, December 12, 2011

The Whiskey Sour Continued..

It's funny how your mind starts to forget the little details about an event so soon after it occurs. I guess that's why I started this blog. I realized how many great nights we've had, each one better than the last. This is really a blog of my memories, made before they start to fade. Saturday night is another great one, one I hope to experience again.

The Whiskey Sour

When I got home from dropping the sitter off, Rebecca met me at the door and we went upstairs together. We undressed each other at the foot of the bed all except for her crotchless panties, which I intentionally left on her.

I have to say, she was very wet as we made out heavily under our covers. I was hard, and my head was brushing against her amazing slit. After a short time, I slipped inside her and started immediately pumping her with long strokes.

It must have been the Whiskey Sour talking, but she whispered, "Tell me what i can do to make you feel good." That kind of caught me off guard, not really sure what she meant. Being quick on my feet, I whispered that I've always wanted to have her ass. She replied something positive, so I went to our bathroom and brought out some lube. She went to turn over on her belly, but I asked her to stay on her back.

I continued to pump her sopping wet pussy, and at the same time managed to apply a large amount of the lube to my right fingers. I tried let it warm up in my hand, then I reach around and under her to her lovely, tight ass. I slowly worked my index finger in, all the while still pumping her with my cock. I eventually was able to work two of my fingers in her ass, while my cock filled her pussy.

I had to slow down since the idea of her taking me in both holes had me on the verge of coming. I got up and gently rolled her over onto her belly, so I could have complete access to her.

I tried to take it as slow and as gentle as possible, but the fact that I was as hard and as large as I've ever been made it difficult. I could feel when I was positioned "correctly", and slowly she relaxed enough to let me in. I was three or four inches in, and she was definitely in some discomfort. I laid still to see if she could get used to it, but even the whiskey sour wasn't enough to get her past the pain, so I slowly withdrew.

I went to our washroom and washed myself up, then got a steaming wet cloth for Rebecca. As she lay on her stomach, I gently cleaned her up.

In my/our younger days, a minor failure like this would spell the end of the night, but now when things like this happen, we're able to laugh and move on.

When I got back to her, we took off where we left off and I once again entered her very willing pussy. While I pumped her, I whispered to her to tell me why she thought it hurt too much for her. I was obviously fishing for the answer, and she didn't disappoint. She replied by saying, "your cock is too big." What man doesn't like to hear that?

I told her how much I enjoy the nights where she sucks my finger as I fuck her. I asked her if she knew why I liked it and she said no, she didn't. I replied by explaining it was because I always fantasizes about her sucking another man's cock while I pump her. I've noticed that she really gets into it as well, so she must harbor some thoughts deep down.

I stopped pumping her and told her how part of my fantasy had us changing places so he could have the opportunity to feel her. Then I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her wet pussy and told Rebecca he would do the same. In a smooth motion, I slid inside her, bottoming out. She gasped as I started to slowly slide deliciously in and out.

I whispered in her ear her that earlier, when I had my finger inside her tight ass, I could feel my cock through the thin wall between her ass and pussy. As I came, I whispered that I could imagine this would be how it would feel to be inside her ass when another man had her pussy.

She rolled me over onto my back and climbed back on to my (still) hard cock. She hadn't cum herself yet, and I noticed she was getting a little more direct in her approach, which in itself is rare.

As she road me, I could quite literally feel our combined juices leaking out of her, and coating not only me, but her as well. She had just had her waxing earlier in the week, so she was as slippery as ever, and she used it fully.

I reached up and gently stroked her breasts and she surprised me with another request. When my hands were near her nipples, she told me to squeeze them. Her nipples are very sensitive, so she NEVER wants them squeezed. I was only happy to oblige. I slowly increased my pressure on them as she kept rocking on me.

I released one nipple, reached down and slid my thumb in between us. She moaned when I made contact with her clit, which until now had been grinding against my pubic bone. I started to stroke her and she rocked harder on my cock and hand. Eventually, I couldn't hold back any longer, and came inside her for the second time.

I started to soften, but she kept going. When I started to take my hand away, she grabbed it and held it fast. I told her to show me how she liked it, and she held my hand, using it like a vibrator on her clit. I took my hand away, and she continued with her own hand, another rarity for her to do.

Laying on my back, I looked up at my wife, bearing down with a determined look on her face as she finally came and collapsed on my chest.

Thank you G, (for the whiskey sour.)


  1. I should definitely not read this while at work! I just hope I don't have to stand up anytime soon!

  2. Way to go Rebecca! That was incredibly hot!!! Plus you were doing my two favorite positions... Woman on top (because I love having my nipples licked and sucked) and anal. Sounds like you both had a fun night!