Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Late Night

Rebecca met V for a drink around 6:30 last night. They met at a bar near her office, so she could go to work for a bit afterwards. As I had mentioned before, V is bit younger than her (he's 29).

Apparently, he treated this a little like an interview, where he asked her questions about her sex life. Questions included "how many men have you been with?"(1.5- she doesn't could her first due to his smallness.)"how often do you have sex?"(about 3 times a week) and "Have you ever been with someone from a different culture?" (no, but not by design)

She answered them all quite honestly, but was wondering why both he and G asked almost all the same questions.

After an hour and a bit came the funny part. It seems he had to meet another girl across town on some sort of first date. I guess we'll chalk it up to him being young. Rebecca was okay with it, and he didn't really want to leave, but she encouraged him to go. I guess it's good that he'll honor his commitments, not to mention his complete honesty.

So off he went, and off she went to the office. She texted me when she arrived at her building and said she would stay awhile and get a few things done before coming home.

About forty-five minutes later, she texted me to tell me G had emailed her to ask if she could join him for a drink. He was downtown for some function which had wrapped up. She asked me if it was okay, and I told her to have fun.

She rolled in around 12:30am, and came to bed, where I had been waiting. I asked her how it went, and she said it was fun. They had met for drinks and eventually she had given him a ride home. I asked her if anything had happened, hoping that it had.

It was disappointing to hear they just chatted about work, etc. She finally gave him a ride home, then came home to me, where I was quite wide awake with anticipation. she mentioned that V had texted her later in the evening to say her had ditched his other date and wanted to continue his questioning. She took a rain check on that conversation.

When she got home and came to bed, she was dripping wet, so I can tell she enjoyed herself, even if "nothing" happened. I slipped inside her quite easily, very easily in fact, where that thought alone pushed me over the edge.

Waiting for her return, I had been aroused and hard, on and off for about four hours. When I finally came inside her, I'm sure I must have felt like a warm fire hose. She moaned her approval when she felt it.

It was late, and our day starts around 5:00 am, so we went to sleep. We're planning on having a bath tonight, where she can fill me in on any details she missed, and I can make up for my quick draw last night.

I don't suspect a lot more will come out of our conversation, but I like the fact that she is willing to go out like this. She seems to enjoy it. She's at a bikini waxing appointment as I type this, so I'll get to enjoy that after our bath.


  1. Is it possible that your Mistress Rebecca came home soaking wet just from talking and no digital stimulation? If she did she must me one highly sexed woman and I hope you get cuckolded soon.

  2. Two "dates" in one night. Rebecca is quite popular amongst the office staff. Yes, we know it is all platonic, but what a turn on it must be for you.

  3. In all due respect to you and Rebecca, is it possible there is more to this than she's saying?

  4. Panty: She has always been a "wet" one, especially at this time of the month.

    JF: She is quite popular, but to clarify, neither one of the guys works with her. V us at another location, 500 miles away and G now works for a different company.

    Anon: it is possible she's holding something back, but I suspect it's more about what was said, rather than what she did. She tends to gradually fill me in as she remembers the conversations.

  5. OMG - She is the perfect wife!!!!

  6. Is this the night she started cheating on you?