Friday, March 24, 2017

Everything Old is New Again

I haven't felt the need to write much about R and I lately. We've been in a pretty standard holding pattern. I mean, she has a new "friend", but that it's following the same boring pattern of how it was with G at first. Many coffee dates becoming a developing friendship, which it, at some point I assume will become sexual. 

The trick here will be how she manages this transition. She is still in denial about it moving forward with this new guy (see "Post to OHW") below. The situation has so many parallels. He's a successful exec, married, albeit somewhat unhappily. He's keeps his meetings with Rebecca to himself, and is quite cautious about where they meet. That fact alone tells me he is after more, but I'm not sure what it is.

When I've come up in their conversations, Rebecca has told him that I'm aware that they meet regularly. I'm not sure if this has thrown him off his game, but he hasn't made the crucial move like G did years ago when he invited her to his hotel room. Rebecca thinks he is inexperienced in these things. The fact that I'm aware may have confused him a little.

Saying that make it sound like she's already down that path in her mind, but what I get from her is quite the opposite. Like G, she seems content to keep meeting for coffee and sometimes wine. She understands the context of it all and she certainly knows where I stand on it. 

At this point, I'm like a marathon runner who can't quite recall the last few miles; not quite tired of the race, but hoping for something interesting around the next bend. R will come home and tell me about their get-togethers and everything (I mean every mundane thing) they discuss. This consists of travel, family, work and a lot of very mundane things. They meet during the workday, so I'm sure that this contributes to the lack of sexual innuendo.

It's Friday today and R is trying something new. She typically has her pussy waxed once a month or so. There was a stretch of a couple years where she was only doing general maintenance. I like to think she's doing this to be ready should the time come when this guy makes a move. This month she's trying a "sugaring" which is supposed to be slightly less painful than waxing, but with all the benefits. We'll see.

I'm including a few new pics of R. It's been awhile since I posted any. Rebecca has kept in great shape for.. well honestly for any woman. I won't say "for a forty-five year-old" because really, she has a body of someone in her 20's. Hell, I would say that even grouped with 100 women twenty years younger, she'd still be in the top 20th percentile. I'm extremely lucky in this respect, and it would make any sane man wonder why I would want to share her. I can't answer that. Maybe it's my way of bragging how good I have it.