Sunday, September 18, 2011

Red, Crotchless

Rebecca and I had a date night Friday. It was a busy week for both of us workwise, so we were looking forward to it. 

We picked a little spot we had been to close to her office. One of my nieces sat with the kids, so we were able to enjoy three hours of uninterrupted conversation. 

We talked about the usual work stuff, Rebecca had a big meeting Thursday with a difficult client group, which went well. I knew it had been on her mind leading up to it, so I was happy to see some of the immediate pressure come off her. 

I was coming back from a seven hour day of driving (for a one hour meeting), so I was ready to chill for awhile too. 

In the restaurant, we had a nice private table. We we were able to chat relatively undisturbed. Those with young children will understand how rare and important this becomes. As we talked, we held hands across the table, like we alway do when we're together. The waitress even called us "cute". (If she only knew we've been married for close to fifteen years.)

The subject of G came up, and we discussed the emails, and I got her thoughts on things. She said the whole thing is an ego boost, but then she immediately qualified it by stating she didn't "need" the ego boost, but it was fun nonetheless. 

We touched on her boundaries, and she made it clear that she has no "deep" interest in him, that she is only having fun flirting. I told her that as long as she's in control ( of her emotions) she was free to have as much fun as she likes. 

Rebecca mentioned that it was cruel to toy with him like that. I told her that my take was, if I was him,  not getting anything sexually fulfilling at home, I would welcome a break to my day having a beautiful woman like her flirting with me. 

That's when she told me a story from a couple of months ago. She was at work, and he emailed her, casually trying to guess what she had on. He guessed more less right, she was wearing a skirt and blouse, although he got the blouse color wrong. 

When she replied to correct him, she added that she was wearing her crotchless panties. 

Him: you're kidding right?

Her: I don't kid.

Him: Seriously?

Her: Seriously, red.

Him: I need proof.

Her: What kind of proof?

Him: Photographic

She didn't respond to that, and he followed up by asking how her day looked, seeing if they could meet for coffee. He also added he was losing his mind.

They didn't get together that day, as she was quite busy. It turns out she was just messing with him, and in fact, her monthly visitor was there.

She told me this as we ate. Knowing that my reserved wife was flirting with another man in this way really turned me on. I was hard under the table, and I told her so. 

A little while later, we got a call from our sitter, so we headed home to put the kids to bed. Rebecca drove the sitter home, then came home and we went to bed. 

Sex that night was hot. Rebecca came quite quickly, so I was able to enjoy her after she had "hers". I pumped her with the full length of my cock, driving in and out of her dripping pussy. I shared my thought with her that she should go out for drinks sometime with him, but this time she should wear the crotchless. That thought alone pushed me over the edge and I filled her completely.

Still on the theme of the red crotchless last night, I asked her if I could take a couple of pictures for either my private stash or even for the blog. 

It's been awhile since her last waxing, so she promised to let me snap a few this week after her "appointment". She's going to Phoenix on a girls trip this weekend, so she has to be pool ready. This "girls" trip is to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday, so it will be tame.

At the very least, I'll have some pics of her to enjoy while she's gone...


  1. She is perfect in every way. It has been years since my wife and I have done threesomes, but my wife continues with flirtatious e-mails, phone calls and occasional pictures to a few select friends. I genuinely believe that, like the guys my wife flirts with for her own enjoyment, G is appreciative of anything he can get from your wife. It is a little excitement in an otherwise normal day. G likes it, your wife likes it, and when you learn the details, you like it.

    And when you post those pictures... We'll all love it!