Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Ten Months"

Last night during a bath, Rebecca and I discussed my golf post and how she was different from her cougar coworker. She said she's not the type to dress slutty to go out and pick up.

The conversation continued into our bed where I gave her a massage. She laid down on her stomach while I straddled her ass/legs in order to rub her back and shoulders. As I massaged her, I told her I would have been okay with him coming over if the kids weren't around. I told her I could take the kids for a weekend to my parents' place, leaving her alone in the house. She commented how it would be weird to have him in our house.  

I said that nothing would have to happen if she wasn't comfortable with it. I said it could be strictly platonic like this massage. She was face down with her top off so all I could see was her back as I worked her muscles. She said she did have a massage like this back in University, where she had her top off. She said all the guy could see was the sides of her breasts as he massaged her. 

I worked my way down her back to the top of her ass. I reminded her that she has had plenty of professional massages where she had the top of her ass worked on, so it would still be considered platonic with G. 

After awhile, I pulled her pajama bottoms down to expose her complete ass and told her I knew how much she likes her ass massaged, and I was certain G wouldn't mind doing it. She replied that it would be cruel, since she had no intention of reciprocating. I told her I'm sure G would still enjoy the experience. 

When I finished her ass, I told her I would do her legs and still keep it platonic. I kept a sheet over her and slipped her bottoms down and off her legs. She was now completely naked under the sheet. I carefully uncovered her right leg, tucking the sheet between  her legs. As I worked my way down to her feet, we kept talking. She told me how G had told her recently how he had stumbled across a colleague of his at the office late at night with a "friend". He had apparently interrupted them. As I worked on her leg, I told her that if  she wasn't comfortable with him in our house, she could always visit his office. She laughed it off. When I massaged her foot, she moaned her approval. I finished her right leg and then covered it while exposing her left. 

I was hard the entire time, still wearing my boxer briefs. I mentioned to her that if she can make her husband this hard during a platonic massage, imagine how hard G would get, since he hasn't had a woman in ten months. She said again it would be cruel. I told her to trust me that he would still enjoy it. 

When I was done her leg, I straddled her back, this time "reverse cowboy" style facing her ass and legs. I slipped the sheet down to completely expose her ass, catching a glimpse of her lovely pussy. 

As I massaged her ass, I worked a finger into her pussy from behind, followed quickly by my tongue.

She said, "that doesn't feel platonic.", but she parted her legs as she said it. I continued and she moaned her approval. At this point, we really hadn't established "who I was" as I sat on her back, leaning between her legs, tasting her smooth pussy. 

From her response I could tell she was getting closer to her orgasm, so I got off her and asked her to turn over. As she did, I stripped off my boxers and climbed between her legs. I hesitated briefly with the head of my cock at her slick opening, then plunged it in. As usual, she felt amazing. She asked me how it felt, and I told her she felt perfect. I also told her, "Go slow with me, it's been a long time."

After a little while of pumping and grinding, she asked me if she could sit on me. I rolled over onto my back and she guided my cock in as she sat down on top of me. Because she was so wet,   I entered her quickly, bumping into her cervix as I did.

She started to grind me as deeply as she could manage, my cock head circling her cervix deep inside her. I told her to go slowly. 

She replied by asking, "Why? How long has it been?"

"Ten months", I replied.

And with those simple words, she shuddered and came.



  1. I think the MR. Slider has figured a couple of things out. This is going to be fucking amazing to watch, going to go get me some more popcorn...

    I know that he knows exactly why I call it 'The Hotwife Has You.." since he considers her an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. All this is going to blow both of their minds.....

  2. That was an incredible massage. I could feel it all the way over here, if you get what I mean...

  3. Thanks for the detailed account. That was a hot telling of the story. I think her reluctance is almost as sexy as her flashes of willingness. You've got a good one, as you have noted many times. I wonder if it isn't G that is part of the issue. I wonder how attracted to him she really is.

  4. Rebecca and G may already be further along than she's saying.

  5. I dont think that "G" is the one. I don't like him. It is too messy. Too many emotions. Go to Mexico - get drunk - do a hot stranger - come home and analyse...