Friday, August 27, 2010

The Power of Words

While we were on vacation, and thwarted from any "action" by the combination of kids, grandparents and Rebecca's monthly visitor, we managed to go for a couple of nice walks. During one of these walks, we were discussing other men and touching on my Hotwife fantasy. While we have no grand ambitions to make any of it a reality, we somehow got on the topic of Rebecca's relatively innocent past. I was pressing her for a little more detail. She said she has kissed somewhere between twenty and thirty guys, generally all in her early days of university.

One time in particular occurred when she was back in her hometown (city) and was out at the bar. A guy she had dated was in town and she met up with him in a bar which was conveniently located in the hotel he was staying. She's not quite comfortable yet with giving me much detail (I'll have to work on that), but they somehow ended up in his room, making out on the bed. It's not clear to me if it was during a party, or whether the two of them went up together. (Again, the detail thing). The thought of the two of them on the bed in a hotel room was extremely arousing. Keep in mind we were walking around on a public path as she was telling me this. Suffice to say, it got the blood flowing in my areas. We had to stop walking for awhile and change the subject to let my erection subside. I have hopes that in the near future, she will tell me the story in great detail while we she strokes me, or while we make love. This would be a safe way for us to explore a little, without any guilt attached.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Massage Fantasy (Redux)

We've been back from our holidays for a few days now. I'm back at work, and Rebecca has had the rest of this week off to hang with the kids. I'm going through the typical post-vacation stress/ lack of motivation period. It usually lasts week or so after getting back to work. After that I generally get my shit together and focus on my work priorities.

Oddly enough, our sex life usually takes a bit of a dive while on vacation with the kids and grandparents. We had the double whammy of Rebecca being visited by George the week we were gone, although we did manage to have some fun. When we got home, we were back to our private sanctuary, and things have been back to "normal".

On Tuesday of this week, I asked Rebecca if she wanted a massage when we went to bed, she of course agreed, as she loves being massaged. I assumed the role of the masseur making small talk as I applied oil to her back, while she assumed the role of married client. This massage progressed in a similar fashion to ones in the past, with me slowly seducing her as I massaged her naked body. As I would get bolder and bolder, I would ask her, " What would your husband say if he saw my hands on your (ass, breasts, etc.)"? Her response would be something like, "Oh, I don't think he would mind.", or "He would like it." This time, I switched it up a little and once I was pushed deep inside, slowly making love, I whispered, "I have a confession to make. Your husband hired me to massage you. Actually, he's watching from the other room right now, probably stroking his cock as I pump you."

Rebecca got into this portion of the fantasy, as I got her to think of her husband (me) watching and stroking myself as her masseur gently fucked her. I said he could hear what she was saying as well, so she should ask him not to come and to wait for her meet him at home afterwards. Again, I could tell when she's getting into it. This time she came on her on my cock before I was even near my climax. I fully intended to assume the role of "husband" and use that portion of the fantasy to fill her with my cum. That was when she surprised me and whispered, "Where would he want you to cum?" I immediately replied, "Inside you." That short, unexpected piece of dialogue pulled me over the edge and I came long and deep inside my wife.

Epilogue: Her subtle participation in this fantasy and her request to have her lover cum inside of her drove me wild. Our steps into this fantasy world are small, but every one of them makes me hotter for my wife. Last night, I had a simple request to make love to my wife "just as the two of us". It was as hotter and more emotional for me than our fantasy world, but I honestly believe it is like this because of our fantasy play. My emotions are more exposed, or raw if you will. This sensitivity to my love for her is highlighted by this other part of our wonderful sex life.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vacation 2010

We're vacationing with the kids and my parents in wine country. The weather's been beautiful, and we're all having a great time. We "Sea-Dooed" yesterday, and today the kids and my wife went para-sailing. Things have been great on the action front as well. Rebecca went for the "hawaiian" wax before we left, but unfortunately "George" arrived on our first day. One thing I have found is the abstinence forced upon us monthly actually leads to my most erotic thoughts about her.

The other morning, when I had taken the kids shopping, I left this post from a forum I have been frequenting lately for her to read while we were gone. When I got back, she said "you're bad", which generally means exactly the opposite. We went for a walk later that evening and discussed what she had read. She said "see, she was just like I am now... hesitant." We talked a little about how I get turned on thinking about other men hitting on her, and I came up with the baby step/safe middle ground of asking her to flirt with a guy while I was around. (Possibly in a bar type situation) She didn't say no, but I know she's still quite shy to step out on her own. I'm sure it'll take some time for her to be comfortable letting her hair down, but I hope with some gentle reinforcement, she'll see how exciting it will be for her. As for me, just discussing this fantasy as we walked around, made me extremely aroused. We had to stop a couple of times to let my hard cock soften.

When we went to bed that night, we kissed passionately as she became reacquainted with my hardness. I slipped her pajama top off as she stroked my throbbing penis. She felt the occasional spasm as I got closer and closer to cumming. One thing I'll say for certain, is she is a great kisser. Her lips are plump, but not too much so, just right for me. As we kissed harder, I got closer and closer. Finally, I began to shoot. It had been a few days since I had had some release, so she was quite pleased to have my semen shoot 8 or 9 inches up in between her breasts. She is a beautiful woman, but there is no prettier sight than to see her hand wrapped around my shaft, and my come shooting between her heaving breasts.

The next time, I would like to have her tell me a "story" while she does this. I'm sure I wouldn't last very long hearing her voice describing her flirtations, real or imagined.

I went golfing with Grandpa (my dad) the next morning, and while we were gone, my wife and my mom took the kids down to the pool. My wife said she was wearing her bikini, and when she got to the pool, she noticed that she was still "stained" from the night before, and that she had to quickly submerge in the pool to hide the evidence. That is a thought I like to picture in my mind; my wife with my dried come all over her flat belly and breasts. It's too bad no flirt-worthy" guys were around to see her...

Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm tired. I don't know what to think. I've put myself out there and there isn't a lot of interest or discussion being generated. I opened this collection to my most intimate thoughts to the only reader who matters to me and it has provoked a grand total of 5 minutes of heart to heart discussion. I don't even know if she has read the whole thing. (although she says she has). Writing this here feels a little too indirect or passive aggressive, but since she's sleeping right now, and I have this journal going, I guess I'll write.

All I know is if I had an opportunity to read my love's deepest desires, I would stay up all night reading like it was one of those novels you can't put down. When do you ever get an opportunity to look into someone's soul like that (this)? There is another possibility, one which weighs heavily on my mind; she has read it all, and is too freaked out to talk about any of it. Either way, right now, I'm regretting putting myself out there.

I always like to think there are options. I could go back to this blog just being for me by taking my wife off the reader list. In that sense, I could write all I wanted, with absolutely no expectations from her. I guess that might work, except I still think that it's a lot like bottling things up. At least right now she could see what's on my mind if she chose to. There are other arguments for keeping this private as well. Perhaps, if we know someone too well, even a spouse we love, they become tarnished. The argument against this, and the one I'm trying to believe in, is that the truly connected couples, you know, the ones with the kind of love that carries on forever, have seen all sides of their partner, and have become stronger as a couple because of it.

I guess I'm fortunate she hasn't taken the Jeri Ryan approach. I'm sure her ex-husband is regretting opening the lines of communication with her when it came to his sexual desires. I'm sure he believed his wife was the one person he could be open with.

Finally, the last option would be to take this thing live and open it up to any and all readers. I kind of hoped that I would be able to do this with her. If/when this blog become open to everyone, I would want her to read it (and possibly contribute.) Opening it up to all readers with no interest from her would be like this poor soul.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Forgot...

We were at the park with the kids last night, and I saw another one of these...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Crack in the Armour-Part Deux

I experienced another strange coincidence tonight very similar to my original "crack in the armour post". We were in the kitchen making supper, and I was checking out my wife and her relatively low cut top, which allowed the occasional glimpse of her cleavage. When I mentioned that I liked her top, she immediately (without skipping a beat) mentioned talking to the same director referenced in the above post. Either, she has read my previous post and she's messing with me, or there is something subliminal about me saying how sexy she looks and her remembering that fellow from work. Either way, it was enough to get my heart to skip a beat and give me a near instant erection... I know I've commented on this before, but it's a strange(amazing) feeling to feel my attraction intensify with her mere mention of another man.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Time Traveller

Last night after the kids went to bed, we sat in the living room and surfed the web for a bit. My wife like to read the "missed connections" on Craiglist, so we browsed those together. Once we had gone through them all, I showed her the "Casual Encounters" section of the personals. We scrolled through, marveling at how many ads were posted by either gay men or married men, or by men who are both gay and married. We had a good laugh at all the "cock" shots, and decided to head upstairs for a bath.

During our bath, we talked about my previous post and whether I was at all accurate in my analysis. She agreed with my take that there's something very strong in her moral code that keeps her from being able appreciate the fantasy of being with another man. Although it's a strong fantasy of mine, I'm extremely grateful that she is at this end of the scale when it comes to extra-marital fantasies. I can imagine that if she embraced it, and even pushed for the fantasy herself, I would probably question her commitment to me. She told me in the tub that she only wants me. On that note, I mentioned that there might be a way for her to embrace the fantasy of being with another man without betraying her morals. A couple of weeks ago, we purchased some crotch-less underwear for a friend of ours. (I have referred to her as "C" in previous posts) While we were in the store, I hatched a plan to provide my wife with a second "cock", one that was a near duplicate of mine. When I say "near", I mean this dildo was a little thicker and longer, but very close to me at my hardest state of arousal.

We have used the time traveller fantasy before as a way for her to have sex with a version of me from the future (older) or one from the past (younger). Last night, it was a version of me from the future who stole into bed with us. I used the dildo as me from the future to pump her with while the me from the present enjoyed having her suck on my cock. This was a convenient way for us to experience the MMF threesome without the attached guilt of another man. Eventually, I think she tired of the future me and she requested that I enter her. I pumped her wet pussy until we both came. It's amazing how she prefers my cock to anything, even something a little larger. I'm a lucky man.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fantasies and Moral Obstacles

The other night, as we made love, I described in detail how the massage fantasy might unfold if I was just watching and not participating. She got quite wet and excited as I described his hands running over her body. I slowly made love to her while I described what would be happening. It was quite interesting to see/feel how she reacted the entire time. When I described him massaging her ass and teasing her, making her wet as I watched, I could feel her getting dangerously close to cumming. I thought I would push her over the edge and describe how he would tease her with his cock, running it over her wet lips, then eventually push inside her. (I tried to time the "act" with my thrusts). I may have been imagining things, but I think I felt her back off a little from the edge when I described him inside her. It wasn't until I came inside the warm walls of her pussy that the feeling of my pulsing cock pushed her to her own orgasm.

Post coital analysis:
Looking back, I think my sexy wife is still having a difficult time letting this particular bedroom fantasy take hold. I suppose it may be her strong moral base, "good wife code", etc. She may also be concerned that if she gets into this fantasy with me and enjoys it, there would be some obligation to follow through with it in real life. I think I need to reassure her that's not the case. Like many things in life, the anticipation would most certainly be better than the real thing. In our case, pushing the fantasy as close as possible towards the reality without going over the line would be excruciatingly erotic for both of us. We have the rest of our lives to explore each other and even if we never get to the "destination", the trip has been and will continue to be amazing...