Friday, May 19, 2017

Birthday Stuff and the Hot Savant

It was my birthday this week so the last month or so Rebecca had been bugging me to tell her what I wanted for my birthday. I don't need a lot in terms of gifts or material items. Aside from the full-on hotwife fantasy, a threesome and various things I know she wouldn't want to give me, there was one thing I had the courage to bring up.

Back in the days of G, one of the most intense and erotic times I've experienced were those nights when she went out for drinks and stayed out late. The feeling is impossible to describe to those who haven't experienced it, but I was on fire when she was out with him.

My birthday wish was to try to experience that again, so I suggested to her that my birthday present could be for her to go out on a "late date". She and her current friend "J" meet regularly during the week for tea, and sometimes wine, but it's always in the mornings or afternoons, and it's always in a "safe" environment. By safe, I mean in  a public setting, often with other coworkers around.

When I told Rebecca what I'd like for my birthday, she didn't react negatively. She simply said she may have to go out alone, alluding to the fact that J can't do an evening day since he's married.

Fast forward to yesterday, when R reminded me that she has a sugaring appointment today. For those of you not familiar with it, it's similar to waxing, but they use sugar instead. Rebecca prefers it because it's less painful. I'm not fussy either way, I just like the result.

The other thing she mentioned is she has a massage appointment this evening as well. She goes to a legit therapeutic massage clinic near our house. She also sees the same masseur each time. She likes his hand strength. She can take a lot pressure on her muscles and prefers strong male hands.  Now I've forgotten the name of her masseur, but there was a point this winter when she hadn't been to see him for a long period of time, so he actually emailed her to see how she was doing. She mentioned that she thought that was strange, but I told her she's probably a highlight of his clientele.

To sum it up, I asked her to go out on a late date as my birthday present. That didn't materialize, but instead she happened to put together an appointment to having her pussy "sugared" and soon afterward will be laying (hopefully nude) on a massage table getting massaged by a guy who may or may not have a crush on her.

I honestly don't know if she does this on purpose or if she's just some sort of savant when it comes to accidentally pushing my buttons.