Monday, October 31, 2011

The French Maid

Happy Halloween...

Today, I came home from work and Rebecca gave me her update from her emails with G. Pretty minor stuff, but she continues to flirt. He asked her what she had planned and if she had a costume picked out.

She told him she was going as a french maid, "complete with feather duster". He quickly replied by asking her for some pics. Funny thing, from my perspective, I would love for her to send him some french maid pics. It's strangely exciting to have another man want to see your wife in costume...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

More thoughts on things..

"A" is asking some good questions, and it has provoked me to take stock of what my thoughts are now. Judging from my earlier insecure posts (which I cringe when I read now), I think I have come a long way.

I can imagine that our dynamic might look strange and a little one sided to someone viewing it from the outside.

Early on, I was pretty freaked out about the loss of control/ etc, but there are a few things that I have grown to realize and be comfortable with.

First of all, Rebecca loves me beyond anything or anyone else. It took me some time to really understand that. This gives me the confidence in her making decisions about who she sees and when, etc. She tells me when they have lunch, email etc, I just don't get every little detail like I want immediately after the fact.

She rations the tidbits, and she's becoming quite good at knowing what turns me on. It's all still on a flirting level, so it takes some reading into.

My personal feelings swing back and forth between feeling cuckolded to feeling like I'm the one doing the cuckolding. She meets him for lunch and he gets her for an hour to chat, and when she comes home, I take her and show her she's mine.

Of course, the balance could shift if she ever fell in love, but I would rather go into that situation having given her my unconditional love all along. I'm even certain that I could handle that with the same unconditional love for her.

There's a point I believe that there is really no choice, or maybe no need for either of us to choose. Like any other couple, she could leave me anytime if she chose to. There's just simply no need to do so. She has a husband and family who loves her more than anything in the world. She also has the freedom to explore her sexuality and feelings for others. How many other women can say that?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recent Comments

The following is a comment I think deserved to become its own post. The comment is in quotes below, and my response is below it. The questions asked are good because they get to the heart of the matter.

"I just finished reading this blog from start to finish. I decided to post my comment here because it seemed to me the most relevant post."

"First off, Slider I think it's great that you are putting everything out there and I think it is even better that Rebecca reads it (a definite plus if you give her space and time to read it). With that being said, a lot of what your emotional experiences in HW are similar to what my husband and I have gone through as swingers."

"I don't mean what I say next to be judgmental but merely an observation. I find it a contradiction of what Rebecca perceives as "cheating" versus her actions where she is not willing to give you full access to her emails and texts. The only reason I say this is because when my husband and I first started swinging every chat and every text message was read by both of us. There came a point where my husband doesn't read my texts anymore but trusts that I will tell him about anything important. As we both know what one person finds vitally important is another person's no big deal. I know hubby trusts me."

"I have been wondering how you could convey to Rebecca that the content of her communication with G is a huge part of the turn on for you. From what I gathered from my reading is that you have told her, but was it communicated in a manner that she could receive it? Just stating the obvious that men and women can communicate very differently."

"Just my two cents... for what it is worth."


Hello A,

You have identified something I'm trying to understand myself. One of the things that appealed to me (other than the sex) about this HW thing is the level of communication and openness that successful HW (and in your case, swinger) couples seem to have.

I mean, if a woman can openly discuss her attraction and feelings for another man with her husband, then she should be able to talk to him about anything. That's real intimacy.

In our case, I think that this level of communication/intimacy is the ultimate goal, but it may be a long journey to get there. I know we have a great marriage, so good, in fact that we talk about how abnormal we are compared to people we know. We're just not 100% comfortable discussing everything.

I also know that Rebecca is struggling with traditional ideas of sex, marriage and what a "proper" wife says and does. Even during sex, in her dirtiest moment, she'll hesitate when she says the words "cock" or "pussy". Having said that, we have definitely come a long way from our early days of talking about sex.

I think her shyness or desire for privacy with her emails comes from what she thinks "proper" is, but it's also a good indication to me that she has said or done more with G than what she has told me. Honestly, I'm not that freaked by it if that's the case. I can understand her need for privacy until she's comfortable sharing her feelings about him with me. I would just hope our discussion comes sooner rather than later.

Hearing about it is the one big thing I get out of this, but it's hard to explain how my biggest turn on is the idea of her getting hot with another man, then coming home and giving herself back to me.

What she needs to figure out on her own is that her interest in another man doesn't have to run contrary to our love. I freaked out early in their "relationship", when I saw her showing interest, so I could see why she's hesitant to be completely open.

Finally, I can't blame Rebecca for keeping some things to herself, we all do it to some extent. I certainly haven't told her everything about my fantasies yet either...

Please feel free to comment more and thank you for reading. No offense to the guys on here, but it's nice to read a woman's opinion..


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Male Brazillian???

We checked out prices for Rebecca to get laser treatments to replace her waxing sessions. On the price list is a "male brazillian". She laughed and dared me to go for it, but she had a crucial question.... Where do they stop?

It's a good point. I'm not that hairy, but even I would have a "line" where the wax stopped. It would look like I was wearing skin colored underwear. I suppose this is how they upsale you on the chest and stomach wax.

Anyone with experience with this? Jay? Judging from your avatar, you've dealt with this age old question.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fire and Wine

After we put the kids to bed, we watched the hockey game in front of the fire, sipping wine. Rebecca loves to have her bum rubbed, so of course I was happy to oblige.

Raining Men

Thursday, Rebecca told me that V has im'd her to tell her he's in town. Last night she was out with a girlfriend of hers for dinner and drinks. When she got home, and climbed into bed naked with me, she said he was texting her asking her to go out tonight (Saturday).

She doesn't have a lot of interest in going out with him it seems. (He's a bit young) I would find it more amusing than her, just because I know he would be trying hard to impress her.

As I slid in and out of her wet (and recently waxed) pussy, I asked her to tell me something. She hesitated for a second, then said that G had also sent her an email asking to meet for drinks tonight.

There you have it, she has two possible dates tonight, and it looks like she wants to stay home with me. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy she chose me out of the three of us. I just hope she knows I'm comfortable enough with us to let her choose a night with someone else once in awhile.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"My Husband's..."

Rebecca and I decided to try the lounge at our hotel for its convenience. This was the Monday at the end of a long weekend, so it was very quiet. I stayed in our room for about twenty minutes while Rebecca got comfortable in the lounge.

When I eventually went down to the bar, I found her sitting at a table alone. There were a total of three other people in the bar. One was a couple, and the only other person was definitely not her type.

We had agreed earlier that if it looked hopeless, we would fall back onto plan "B", which was for me to pick her up.

I walked up to her table and asked her if I could join her. She said of course, and I ordered a single malt from the waiter. We discussed how quiet it was, then made small talk getting acquainted with each other. I asked her where her husband was.

"He's resting in our room. He ran yesterday," she replied.

"I ran too," I told her, "But I still made it out."

We chatted for another half an hour or so, before I invited her back to my room to check out my view. As we walked to the room, she asked me what room number I was in.

"309", I told her.

"That's very close to where my husband is," she said.

I opened the door and apologized for the mess. As we stepped to the window to see the view, I turned around and kissed her. She kissed me deeply back, and our hands moved quickly to take off each others' clothes. I was hard as a rock as my imagination had my wife stoking this "other man's" cock.

I took her to the bed and laid her down. She was dripping wet, so I could tell she was into the fantasy as well. I ran my cock head along her wet lips. As I entered her, I asked her what her husband would think if he saw her like this.

"I think he would like it," was her answer.

"Really? Would it make him hard to see his wife take a hard cock?" I asked, pushing deeper inside.

"Hmmm, it would." she answered.

"Maybe we should invite him over and he could sit on the other bed and watch you get fucked," I suggested. "I bet he would like that."

She grabbed my hips, and pulled them back and forth, using them like handles to pump herself with my cock.

"Imagine your husband is sitting there watching as you take control of this stranger. Show him how much you want my cock." I instructed her.

Her hips were moving rapidly beneath me. She was grinding her mound against my pubic bone, keeping me deep inside her.

Every once in a while, I could feel a spasm run through my cock. Usually, this is just a precursor to my full orgasm. This time however, I could feel a single, relatively thick squirt as I shot a single warm blast of cum into her pussy.

"I felt that," she said.

"There's plenty more where that came from," I said.

"You know that the more I cum inside you, the more this pussy becomes mine," I explained to her.

I decided to keep the fantasy going, and follow it through to it's ultimate conclusion.

"Whose pussy is this?" I asked as she kept grinding against me.

"Yours," she whispered.

"Tell him whose pussy this is." I said pretending her husband was watching from the other bed.

"It's his." she moaned, talking to her pretend husband. This pushed me even closer to the edge. As I started to fill her with even more cum, I asked again, "Whose pussy is this?"

Rebecca's own orgasm started as she whispered her answer...

"My husband's."

God, I love this woman...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dressed for Dinner

Heading out for pre dinner drinks.

The Reward

For surviving the run yesterday, Rebecca has let me pick a reward. My idea of a reward is certainly different than most husbands'.

We're going out for an early dinner, then drinks later. I told her that after dinner I want her to head into the bar before me. I'll follow later and watch her from afar.

We did this once in Mexico. When I came to the lounge that time, she was at a tall table with a guy in a ponytail. It turned out he was a gay dancer in the evening show, but it made my stomach flip flop when I didn't know the difference.

We'll see what happens. I would love to watch her from across the room getting hit on by someone, maybe even exchanging email addresses. I don't expect much though, as it'll be a quiet Monday night at the bar.

She has a new dress she bought on a recent shopping trip that she's going to wear. She looks amazing in a dress, so if there is anyone "flirt-worthy",this will definitely get his attention.

Marathon Weekend

Rebecca and I are on a short out of town getaway. We had booked off this weekend so I could run my first marathon. I know you were all were thinking "sex marathon" when you saw the title.

The running marathon went well, and I was happy with my time, especially considering it was done on what was essentially a two day a week training schedule.

I was a bit stiff and tired last night, so we went out for dinner at the hotel lounge and called it a night.

Not to worry, I wasn't out of action long. Rebecca climbed on top of me this morning, and we made up for some lost time.

We don't fly out until tomorrow, so we're going to drive up the coast and go for a (slow) walk along a beach. She just showed me the outfit she plans to wear tonight, so I'm looking forward to that as well.

The other image here is of her getting out of her pajama bottoms. I love that ass.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Recent Thoughts

Rebecca is out of commission with the flu. She crashed after work yesterday and is still in bed right now. She rarely gets knocked out like this, in fact she often points out how she "never" gets sick. The kids are at a birthday party, so I have my first two hours of quiet time in a week.

I was thinking this morning in bed about a massage I gave Rebecca a few weeks ago. As I massaged her shoulders I fell into our massage therapist fantasy, where I make small talk and slowly become more and more personal with my comments as well as my caresses. Eventually, "reluctantly", she allows me to touch her wetness with my hand, then eventually my hard cock.

Eventually, I was pumping her with long and deep strokes, still making conversation. I've noticed small (good) changes in her over the last year. She used to dial it back when I would make references to her husband. I guess her shy nature wouldn't allow her to think about cheating on me, even "with" me.

This time, as I got closer to cumming, I made reference to her husband waiting at home. She reached under us and felt my balls, commenting that they felt full. I replied by saying they were, since it had been a long time since I had a client as hot as her. As I hovered at the edge of my orgasm, I went out on a limb fantasy-wise, and told her that I'll send her back to her husband filled with cum. She orgasmed immediately. I followed, filling her...