Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Commando Massage

My beautiful wife has booked a massage this Friday using the gift certificate the kids gave her to our favorite spa. We both enjoy having a massage when we get the chance. Now call me sexually repressed, homophobic or whatever, but I'll only get a massage by a female. I guess I'm just uncomfortable with a man touching me... My wife on the other hand prefers men as she says they have stronger hands, and she doesn't like a weak massage.

Another bit of relevant trivia is that I have always gone "commando" under the sheet, while she prefers to keep her underwear on. I have bugged her about her shyness over the years, but she has always wore her panties. I was going to try to convince her to try the "buck" approach prior to her massage this week, I even entertained asking her to give me her undies just before she left for her massage, but I thought I wouldn't want to force her to do something she was uncomfortable with. Well, the other night, just before we went to sleep, she said she was thinking of going commando this Friday. I'm not sure where her change of heart came from, but I'm sure she'll enjoy the feeling of being naked under the sheet.

I have to ask myself why I'm not concerned with my wife in a room naked with another man touching her body. I guess it's not like she's alone in the middle of nowhere. This is a reputable spa in a major hotel chain. I also have no worries about her cheating on me as she is the most loyal and loving wife a man could hope to have.

What do I find appealing about another man touching my naked wife? I think because she's loyal and loving to her core, she could use a stray sexy thought or two to get her juices flowing. A part of me hopes she'll use the controlled nature of the situation to allow her masseur a fleeting glimpse of her beautiful pussy, or allow him a light caress along the side of her breast.

How far would I want it to go? Probably not very far, although the reasons for this are different than one might expect. I wouldn't want her to be burdened with guilt of something that had happened. If the guilty action was only a fleeting glimpse, or even the perception that he could view her body, it remains only simply a thought that she can use however and whenever she wishes. (Hopefully as story to share with her husband.)

Now if I were to be present for this massage, "chaperoning" if you will, then I would probably allow it to go a bit further. My theory behind this is if I'm near her, she wouldn't have the burden of feeling like she was cheating. Having said that, I don't think I would want too much interaction between them physically. Perhaps where I would draw the line is for him to keep it in his pants. After all, a professional massage should be about pleasing the recipient, not the giver.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Last night we experimented a bit and watched a couple of porn clips. Normally, she's usually quite conservative, and I wasn't sure how she would react, so I picked out something she would appreciate more than me. (No girl on girl) I had found a site,, that had a wide variety of short movies and picked a clip featuring a star by the name of Mandingo. This fellow was huge! I'm guessing he was at least 11" long and quite thick.

Now she's quite good at masking her emotions, even when she's turned on, so while she watched this massive black cock pumping this woman, I massaged her back and shoulders. I'm not sure if she had ever seen something this large; he always seemed to have a few inches sticking out of this woman, never quite fully getting inside her.

As I massaged her, I let my hand drift down to her buttocks and finally between her thighs. I lightly brushed her lips with my finger, trying to get a sense of whether the movie was arousing her or not. When my finger penetrated just past her outer lips, I felt an immense buildup of her juices. It was as though she had been on the verge of overflowing and my finger had breached the last fragile barrier.

I worked my fingers in and out of her pool of juices, keeping time with the large cock on the screen. Finally, when I couldn't take it any longer I climbed between her legs and replaced my fingers with my cock. I slid in quite quickly and lay on top of her, pumping her from behind to the rhythm of Mandingo. Now I was getting very close to coming, so I fell back on my strategy of using my tongue instead of my cock. She always enjoys this, and she tasted wonderful, so it was a win-win. Finally, she closed the laptop and turned over, so I could enter her missionary style.

One thing to note about my wife is her preference of positions. She will almost always come when she's straddling me, but it's rare that I finish her off when I'm on top. I could feel my cock bottom out in her, gently bumping into her cervix. When I whispered to her that I had "bottomed out", she warned me she was very close to coming. She tried to hold herself on the edge, but somehow the images of Mandingo's massive black cock coupled with the feeling of mine buried to the hilt in her pussy pushed her over the edge. She came hard. I can always gauge the intensity of her orgasm with how hard the walls of her pussy spasm around my cock. This was one of the bigger ones, and after the second gripping spasm, I came hard myself, shooting deep into her belly...