Sunday, October 23, 2011

Male Brazillian???

We checked out prices for Rebecca to get laser treatments to replace her waxing sessions. On the price list is a "male brazillian". She laughed and dared me to go for it, but she had a crucial question.... Where do they stop?

It's a good point. I'm not that hairy, but even I would have a "line" where the wax stopped. It would look like I was wearing skin colored underwear. I suppose this is how they upsale you on the chest and stomach wax.

Anyone with experience with this? Jay? Judging from your avatar, you've dealt with this age old question.


  1. Hello, I am Brazilian and I like this blog very much.
    Here in Brazil, many men shave their private parts (always in the bath)
    and trim the armpits with hair clipper is also quite common.

    Shaving the chest and the back is mostly used for coastal cities.

  2. The avatar is a picture of the ideal man for my wife (to me). I wish I looked like that! I do shave down there but I am not sure about getting the old fella's plucked like a chicken - it's gotta hurt!

  3. Although.... I am always up for a dare. How about we both do it and come back with our respective experiences? All in the name of science!

  4. I've done the male Brazilian a few times now and I gotta say... I love it!! Wife actually likes it a lot too! If she didn't like it the 1st time I would not have kept it up but she likes it so I do it once in a while. I really do love the feeling. Initially, I left a little patch but the Russian waxer lady insists it looks better to take it all off. She's right. Basiacally, you lie there totally bare...kinda weird at first but it is what it is. Does it hurt? It sure does. But it's quick and for the 15 minutes of pain, it's totally worth it. Let me know if you have more questions.

    Love this blog & I'm still working my way through the old posts!

  5. Well, it's an interesting thought. I'll have to see. Part of me thinks I at least owe it to Rebecca to see how painful it actually is.