Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Bus

The kids are out of town at my parents for the week, so Rebecca and I have had some quiet time together over the last few days. This past Sunday we spent the day finishing our landscaping. Afterwards, we enjoyed a nice warm evening and some wine.

Without the kids around, we were able to have a really good conversation, although the wine may have helped as well. We were able to find common ground on G, with both of us able to see each other's pov. I suggested she doesn't need to avoid contact, since she's adamant about the "just friends" thing. 

In more general terms  she said that even with a relationship based only on sex, certainly, one of the two people will start to develop feelings for the other. I agreed that this could happen, and it would be up to both the husband and the wife to keep an eye on that. 

I added that having feelings was okay, as long as they didn't overtake the feelings which exist between the couple. I know.. easier said than done, particularly from my perspective, as I tend to worry about that. For now, she's probably going to leave G alone, but it's up to her.

It was a great discussion, in fact it was the best we've had in months. I hope she continues to feel comfortable discussing these things with me, particularly things that make her uncomfortable. I always find I feel better after it's off my chest, and I hope she will too.

Last night, we both worked until around 9, then headed home. While in bed, I told her to imagine she was on a crowded bus wearing a short skirt with nothing underneath. I get on the bus at a separate stop, and then make my way slowly over to her until I was standing directly behind her.

The turns and bumps from the ride of the bus would occasionally cause her to lean back into me. After the second or third time, when her ass moved backwards, she would suddenly realize there was a hard cock pressing into her. Instead of pulling away, she would keep her ass there, slowly grinding against me.  

I told her this story as I slowly worked my cock deep inside her. I described how, surrounded by people, she would slowly reach back behind her and unzip  my fly, freeing my hard cock. 

As the bus moved from stop to stop, I would slowly inch her skirt up to expose her ass. My fingers would reach under her from behind and feel the wetness slowly dripping down her inner thigh.

In the crowd, I would slowly, casually, bend my knees to lower myself until I could get my cock between her legs. Now from this position, it would still be difficult to get inside her, so this first step would have my cock splitting her pussy lips resulting with my cock head tenting the front of her skirt from behind.

She would be able to reach down in front of her and feel my hard cock head  under the fabric of her skirt. I described how I would be so turned on, and that a wet spot from my precum would form on the front of her skirt.

For awhile, the top of my shaft would glide back and forth between her slick pussy lips, rocking with the bus.

Eventually, however, she would want more, so when the tip of my cock moved back, a quickly timed adjustment of her hips would allow my cock to pop inside of her. The people around us would hear her gasp as she was suddenly filled. I told her that once inside her,  I would be less concerned about who was watching us, so my movements would become more pronounced, and my pumping would increase.

In our bed, I kept pumping her as I told her this fantasy, and I could tell she was getting very aroused.  I continued the story by saying that as she was getting fucked from behind, she would notice that several seats away, someone was watching her. 

I guess the thought of being watched pushed her over the edge. She immediately said she was coming and I felt the familiar spasming of her contracting pussy walls. 

As a husband, it's a beautiful feeling to have your wife orgasm while thoroughly impaled. I think every man revels in the knowledge that he's capable of satisfying his wife strictly with his cock. 

Having said that, I'm certain my story had more than a little to do with her getting off. She told me(like she always does) that she just likes the sound of my voice. While that may be mostly true, I'm sure the content had something to do with it as well. I told her that she didn't even let me get to the good part. She asked what that it was, but  I declined to tell her how the story ended. 

Suffice to say, she would have been surprised in this fantasy, to find out it was me watching her from across the bus.


  1. LOVE IT!!! love the story telling, love to do it, love to hear it, like a boss, keep it up!