Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Drive Home

I picked Rebecca up from work yesterday like I always do. We were driving away making our usual "how was your day" small talk when she said "V" had been IM'ing her today. Apparently, he's back from his trip.

Of course, she downplayed it. He was asking to get together for drinks on Friday night. He brought up the massage and was asking her if she has ever done anything she regretted (he's not very subtle). As we were stopped at a light downtown, I reached over and placed my hand between her legs. She was wearing dress pants, but even then I could tell she was wet; it was almost through the crotch of her pants.

Now before anyone (including me) gets too excited, I have to say that she's currently ovulating. When she's at this point in her cycle, she gets extremely wet for no reason (other than reproduction, I guess). Before I could comment on her state, she confirmed as much, and that it had nothing to do with V.

Regardless, the combination of her texting V, and her (unrelated) soaked panties had me wanting her even more as we drove home. We stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things, and I discretely disclosed to her while we were in the cheese section that I was still hard. She found it quite amusing. Luckily, I still had a long coat on due to the late spring.

We arrived home and I was looking forward to going bed where we could discuss the matter in more detail. Unfortunately, our boy decided to have a meltdown (again) at bedtime. This always puts her out of the mood, so I guess I'll just have to wait. We have a date night without our little munchkins this Saturday, so at least we'll be able to chat.

 Oh, and she's still planning on having lunch with "G" this Friday, but insists that it's completely innocent. She's exciting even if she doesn't know it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Date Ideas?

It looks like this Saturday I'll have Rebecca to myself for the night. The kids are heading to a sleep over, so we're finally going to have some extended time alone together. We were talking on the drive to work this morning (we carpool) and I told Rebecca I would leave it up to her to decide. We were thinking dinner and drinks, but no movie this time at my request. I want to be able to enjoy her company for the night, and a movie just doesn't cut it.

Regular readers will know my preferences for the evening, but Rebecca is a little harder to decipher. Any suggestions I can pass along to her?


Monday, March 21, 2011

A Crack in the Armour, Part Trois

I know, I know..... I said I would give the hotwife thing a rest, but I need to get this down....You might have to read this, and this to get some context of what I'm about to write about next.

Today, when I picked Rebecca up from work, she mentioned that she has a lunch "date" planned a week from this Friday with  a former director with her company. "G" has since moved on to greener pastures, so any sane husband would question why his wife would have lunch with a co-worker who has since moved on. If it were any other person (except possibly "V"), I wouldn't be writing about it. "G" is married with kids, so I know Rebecca will keep it all on the up and up. She would never do anything to hurt a marriage, but a part of me knows she has to be a little attracted to him, since he keeps popping up.

What I find weird about my mindset is I'm completely feeling and acting the opposite of what a "normal" husband should be like. I find these coincidences to be exhilarating. Other husbands would be hiring a private investigator and/or lawyer. I'm actually hoping she would let her hair down a little, instead of fearing it like most other husbands might. How many wives can say that about their husbands?

To top it all off, I was (literally) just in the process of setting up the links above for this post and Rebecca was tapping away on her Blackberry. I asked her who she was texting and she smiled, then laughed and said "G". I asked her why she had laughed and she replied, "Because I know how you are about this." (She knows it turns me on.) She's really going to laugh when she reads this post. Her timing couldn't have been more appropriate.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

She's Back

Rebecca arrived home  from her work trip Thursday night around 9:30. I made a deal with the kids that they could sleep in our bed until she got home but they stayed awake anyway. We finally got the kids into their own beds and asleep around 10:30. 
When we went to our room, Rebecca came to bed only wearing a pair of black panties, which is her subtle signal  as to what she wants. Of course I was more than happy to oblige, and we started making out like teenagers. She made the next move by reaching down and removing her panties as she lay under me  I have to stress how much a subtle thing like my wife pulling her own panties down turns me on. This was one time where she was in more of a hurry than I was. Up until that moment, I was quite content kissing and touching her.
After she pulled her underwear down, it was like a switch was turned on for me. I was instantly hard. She pulled my boxers off, and I felt that familiar feeling  of my cock against her tight opening.
It's interesting how you get to know your wife's body and her cycle over twenty years. At this point, she was just finishing her monthly visitor, so she was less wet than she is when she's ovulating. 
Having said that, I actually enjoy it almost as much when she's not dripping wet. I love the feeling of her becoming wet while I'm inside her. It's like I can feel her body turning on, responding to my hardness. That's how it was Thursday night. She climbed on top of me and rode me until I came deep inside her. She collapsed on top of me and I held her. As I started to soften, I could feel our juices trickling down my cock. This was enough to make me want more, so I rolled Rebecca onto her back and slipped inside of her. 
Earlier I mentioned how I love the feeling of her getting wet while I'm inside her. Well the one thing I love more is slipping inside her when she's full of my cum. Oddly enough, I find on my second "go round", I have to be careful not to cum too fast. Quite often she has already came as well, so the pressure is off so to speak. That night I tried to make the silky feeling last as long as I could. Unfortunately, the feeling of my semen leaking out of my wife's pussy combined with the extra long strokes my cock was making pushed me over the edge. I collapsed onto her warm chest as I filled her a second time. 
As for her trip, I asked her if she had any stories to share from her trip, but she said it was pretty uneventful, other than "V" sending her a message on Facebook. I definitely can't complain. In fact, I think I'd like to spend some time with my wife as "just us" and possibly put the HW fantasy on the back burner for awhile. She is really an amazing lady.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

She's Heading Out of Town

Rebecca has an out of town conference from Tuesday to Thursday this week, so I'll be a single parent for a couple of days and nights. The last time she went out of town on her own turned out to be a very erotic experience (for me more than her). I'm not sure why, but thinking of her in another city, free to be herself unfettered by kids and husband really strikes a lustful chord in my mind. It might be be my attraction to  her independent side. While this trip can't compare to Vegas on any level, there's always the hope that she'll  let her hair down and enjoy a little flirting. Maybe she'll even text me about it. At the very least, she can spend a couple of evenings in her hotel room, and maybe enjoy a hot bath and some quiet time.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Essential Oils

Over the last couple of weeks, I decided to back off of my fantasy of Rebecca as a hotwife. I don't want her to feel pressured, and to be honest, I thought I needed a break from it too. Before I let it rest, though, I had made my point clear that I am comfortable with her exploring her sexuality as long as it's done openly and it's shared with me.

Without me bringing it up, there were several times when Rebecca would allude to something that happened at work which could have been construed as having "hotwife" undertones. Then last Friday, Rebecca told me she was invited out for drinks after work with a younger man from her company who she has been in touch with over the last few months. Of course, she sees his contacting her repeatedly as completely innocent, and she has always kept her flirting to a very subdued, almost non-existent level  I say almost, because whatever she has said has kept him interested in her. 

When she initially told me about it, she said she wanted me to come as well. Of course I knew this wasn't what he had in mind, but for her comfort, I said I would be happy to come and meet him. Unfortunately, she got busy later Friday afternoon and had to cancel our "date". 

Fast forward to Saturday evening when Rebecca and I were preparing dinner and enjoying a new martini recipe. Rebecca was sitting at the island checking her facebook account as I mixed drinks, when she said "V" is online. I suggested she say hi, and they had a short but interesting conversation. She apologized for canceling their plans, and suggested she'll have to make it up to him. He replied by inquiring as to how, and she told him since he was the one who was put out, he should have some say. His suggestion was for a neck massage, saying he said he slept on it funny. The conversation went on to other topics, without her acknowledging the suggestion. Partway through, she surprised me by asking if he wanted it with or without essential oils. He was in the midst of talking about something else when he interrupted himself in all caps, requesting excitedly "WITH ESSENTIAL OILS!". It seems she got his attention. 

They finished the conversation with him saying she had better practice her technique, and her replying to not worry, as she always "impresses". She then signed off telling him we had to feed the kids etc.

That night, as I slipped inside my wife, she asked me to "tell her something". I told her that at this exact moment, she had two men thinking of fucking her. I was the lucky one inside her at the moment, and V was stroking himself somewhere across town. We both seemed okay with that thought. In my case, the thought of him wanting my wife kept me hard after my first orgasm. I slowed down for my second one, savouring how she feels when she's has my cum once inside her already. She came with me when I had my second orgasm, and I collapsed on top of her as she held me.

V is heading out of the country for a couple of weeks, so he'll have to stew on their last conversation for awhile. As for my feelings on the recent developments, I would have to say that I'm still not expecting anything to happen, but I'm good with that. But I'm also fine if something else does happen. I'm very happy, and quite comfortable with how Rebecca has opened up. She has flirted openly with another man, and we've grown as a couple because of it. I can't even begin to try to understand this paradox, but I'll say I'm not worried about having another man lusting after my wife because I know how strong our love is. I'm confident that our love will always come first, and she can be confident knowing that I'll stand by her no matter what.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Rebecca has been spending a lot of time at the gym lately, and tonight at home, she had her bike on the trainer. The sight of her riding took be back to my university days when I used to spend my summers working as a roofer for an older Native Indian gentleman. He was a very entertaining person to spend the day/week/month on a roof with. He used to say that when he died, he wanted to come back as a lady's bicycle seat. Watching Rebecca, I realized that Cliff was a wise man indeed...

Now he also told me that when he took ginseng pills, he could stand on a chair and have his wife do chin-ups off his cock, but that's another story...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Signal

After our experience with the breath freshening strips, it took a few days for Rebecca to "recover". Her recovery happened to coincide perfectly with my falling ill with the flu. I've had "colds" before, but I guess I have never really had the flu because it really knocked me on my ass. I was touring a construction site last Friday when my back started to ache. I went to get in our SUV afterwards, and I could barely lift my legs. I initially thought my back had gone out from sleeping in the kids' beds, but I'm guessing now that this was the start of the flu. It's been working its way through me, and almost a week later I still feel in a daze.. almost like I'm stoned.

As for sex, two nights ago I was feeling like we should have action. We had only been intimate once since I got back from my trip. I guess I felt obligated to try to not end up being one of those couples who slowly stops having sex. When we were in bed Monday night, I tried to initiate things with Rebecca. I guess having a snotty, feverish, somewhat incoherent husband (who couldn't move due to back pain) putting the moves on her just didn't do it for her. She shut me down, and I rolled over believing (between bouts of the cold sweats) that we were doomed to drift apart (Remember... I was fevered). I had a hard time sleeping due to a very uncomfortable back and fever as well as worrying about our lack of intimacy. That's when I remembered something we used to do in the earlier years of our marriage. When we sleep, we like to spoon, and sometimes when one of us would roll over wanting to become the "spoonee" instead of the "spooner", we would give a signal by bumping our ass to the other's ass. This would remind the other person to roll over and assume the spooning position. We did this for years, but since the kids, haven't really used the signal.

I decided that night to give it a try, and I "bumped" Rebecca's ass with mine. The first signal made her move away to give me more room. The second attempt had the same result. Finally, on my third signal, she must have remembered its significance. She rolled over and slipped her arm under mine to cuddle my back. She gave me a quick spoon-hug and I was finally able to get some sleep.