Wednesday, September 21, 2011

She's off to Work

I'm trying this new app for posting from my phone...

Rebecca leaves for work early, while I get up later and get the kids ready for school. She usually dresses while I'm still asleep.

This morning after she left she sent me a text saying she was wearing something for me.

I checked her drawer, and the crotchless are gone. There's also an empty package of "stay up" nylons (black) on the counter in our dressing room. I'm trying to figure out which skirt she's wearing....

Edit: quick cut and paste of the conversation:

Her: I'm wearing something for you today...
Me:I like that...did it feel chilly on the way to the bus?
Her:Bit refreshing yes. :)
Me:I'm going to need proof..
Her:You're funny.
Me:Maybe photographic, or a witness? :)
Her:Don't have a camera. witness?
Me:You'll have to use your imagination...
Her:You're still funny. I am wearing stay ups too.
Me:I saw the empty package. You should have coffee today. :)
Me:I'm going to have to wear baggy pants
Her:You're funny.
Me:You're hot.
Me:Just out if the shower. Feel free to text me during the day. I love you.
Her:Bit drippy
Me:Nice. From me or you?
Her:Both I imagine. Time of month.(ovulating)
Me: Very hot....

Edit again: I'm not sure how, but I forgot to mention, she had her monthly waxing last night. I'm sure the fresh fall air was even cooler than normal because of it.

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