Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top Six Fantasies

I read an article on married couples and their bedroom fantasies the other day. The trouble always with fantasies is how to best communicate them to each other without freaking your spouse out. An idea the author discussed was to go our for dinner in a secluded place. During the meal, the couple would list to each other on individual pieces of paper their top five sexual fantasies. They would then place them into three piles; "Sure thing", "Maybe", and "Not on Your Life".

My mind has been wandering since then on what my fantasies would be. Here's what I have thus far, in no particular order.

1. A couples massage where we're massaged while we're making love: This would require a male and female massage couple to carry on our professional massage as if it was business as usual. We would make love while they massaged our bodies. Afterward, they would massage us until we fell asleep in each other's arms.

2. A four handed massage for my wife: We hire a male masseuse to be my third and fourth hands. I would blindfold my wife so she could relax, and so she could forget about whose hands were whose. This fantasy I have sometimes progresses into my making love to my wife while she's being massaged by our "friend". In an ideal world, she would allow him to massage her breasts and ass while I slowly pump her. It would be easy for this fantasy to progress into her having sex with him too, but I think it's much sexier if she only gets turned on by him as I do the "fun part".

3. The Soft Swing: I have often thought about us having sex in public or while in the presence of other couples. There wouldn't be any contact between individual couples. While in Mexico, she said that she would like to go to an adults only resort next time. We talked about walking around nude, and having sex in public as a group of people watched.

4. Threesome MMF: As I've mentioned before, I am all about pleasuring her. I have no deep interest in a FFM threesome. I like to see her satisfied, and I love to see her facial expressions as she goes through her orgasm. In fact, I would love to have video of her face only as she comes hard. I could probably be persuaded to move this fantasy closer to reality if she felt comfortable with someone else as our third.

5. The Hotwife Fantasy: This one has several variations. (Number two being one of them.) The basic hotwife situation is a wife fooling around with other men with her husbands consent and approval. Now this is something that drives me crazy when I think about it, I'm relatively certain that I'm not ready for her to follow through with acting out the fantasy (yet). What I would really like to have happen, is for her to pretend that it's happened and for her to "tell" me about it. Other variations would have us actually going out and me watching her from across a crowded room as she is hit on by other men. She could even steal a dance or two. The night would end with us at home making love, recounting her evening of being hit on.

6. Sexy Photo Shoot/Porn Shoot: We would hire a boudoir photographer, man or woman, to take sex shots of us and possibly video us as we make love. It may even take a couple of camera people to get all the right shots.

I may have to share this with her to get a reacton and see what pile she puts each one into.


  1. wow im glad im not the only one

  2. Wonderful read. Amazing fantasy. I can attest that my wife and me had a pretty shitty marriage until we started sharing our fantasies and then each other. Something about her finally opening up brought us closer, as if she was afraid to be herself. Once we started sharing our lives turned around completely and not just sex but our family too. It's like the tension is gone and we are free to love each other where before we were just protecting our secrets. Any real man who loves his wife won't be offended by his wifes true feelings but he will accept and love her more.