Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some Pics of My Lovely WIfe

On our way home from work yesterday, I noticed Rebecca's skirt riding up a little as she road next to me. One of my favorite articles of her clothes are her "stay-ups". She did me a favor by hiking her skirt up a little more when we pulled into the garage at home. If our kids weren't waiting for us, I would have taken her right there in the garage! We went upstairs to change and I snapped a few more of her on our bed.

As I've mentioned before, she's quite shy about flaunting her body. I'm not sure why, since I find her to be extremely sexy. After our little photo-shoot, I had to wait for my erection to subside before I went downstairs to see the kids.

Some time ago, I had purchased a "boudoir" photo shoot gift certificate from a charity auction. She has yet to use it, but it sounds like she will at some point. She said she wants to go through an upcoming workout program before the photos. I don't think she needs to, but if it will make her feel comfortable, then I can wait.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rebecca Goes Out

Last Monday, my wife had a night out as part of a work related conference. She's always hesitant to go out, as she's not at all interested in the bar scene. She needs to be gently prodded to take some time for herself, so I encouraged her to go. She was hesitant right up to the last minute, but out of her sense of corporate duty, she let me know she would be going out.

It was fine with me, as it allowed me to spend some quality time with the kids. They had swimming lessons, and afterward, I took them to A&W in their pajamas. They were in bed shortly after 8:30, and then I had some quiet time to myself while I waited for my wife to arrive home. As it often happens when I'm left to my own devices, I started to think about her and how she might be getting hit on while she was out. Now I know she would never, but when I can let my mind wander, I sometimes imagine that she would push the envelope a little. She would start by subtly flirting with one of the men she was out with, toying with his mind a little. She might even let his leg brush against hers, nothing too obvious mind you, just enough to make him think, "Did she just allow that to happen?"

As I laid in bed contemplating this, I browsed the "loving wives" section of Literotica, and brought myself to the edge several times. It was 11:30 when she arrived home. I could smell that sweet smell of liquor on her. As I took her to bed, she asked me what I had been doing while she was gone. I told her that I was thinking of her. When she asked me what specifically, I told her I didn't want to say, as it might upset her. She prodded, and I relented. I kept my explanation short as we made love. Unfortunately, even with my limited explanation, my mind was in overdrive. I came inside her in several long, hot bursts.

For those of you women (and men I guess) who haven't heard of "edging", I can offer this brief explanation: Bringing yourself to the edge of orgasm several times, an hour or two before intercourse results in an intense orgasm, and a large amount of ejaculate when you eventually do come. There have been times in the past, when alone, that I have "shot" over my head during the eventual release. That is what she would have felt inside her. The other night, I showed her the spot, just below the head on my penis where, if rubbed sporadically could keep me on the edge all night.

As for my fantasy, I'm hoping some day, after she gets home from a night out, or even if she was away from me on trip of some sort, that she'll play a mind game with me, describing how she flirted, touched or even kissed another man. She would quickly see how this fantasy talk would have me firing multiple shots into her. Having said all that, (and knowing she's going to be reading this), I can say that I love her as she is, and I know she isn't very comfortable with this kind of "talk". I would have to say for her to find her own way of sharing our fantasies. Sweetness, explore your own thoughts and share with me what turns you on. I love you.

I'm going on a fishing trip this weekend, so Beautiful, I'll leave you with this link. Have some fun exploring it, and maybe you can share it with me sometime. I love you.

Love, Me

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Good Night

I haven't posted much lately, but last night was one to make note of. We had a bath after the kids were in bed. I needed to soak my legs and hips to aid my recovery from my "long run" the other day. It was a half- marathon distance ran at a slow training pace. Although I felt remarkably good afterwards, I was still a little sore. After a longer run like that, I try to force myself into a cold bath to ease the swelling and pain in my legs and hips. This however, was the day after and I like a taking hot bath to soothe any soreness I have.

Rebecca joined me, and afterwards in bed, she gave my legs a little rubdown. It was nice to have her sit between my legs with me on my back as she worked my front quads and groin. I started getting hard and she asked me to turn over so she could do the back of my legs. I thought at the time that we were maybe doing this backwards, as I would like her to have access to the front as she finished the massage.

It felt good as she massaged the back of my legs and ass. She reached around to feel my penis hardening beneath me. I pushed back at her, lifting my buttocks up. I could feel her pubic mound pushing against my tailbone as she stroked me. She removed her pajama top and I could feel her warm breasts against my back. I was in heaven. As I lay on my stomach, I reached back and started to pull her bottoms down. She quickly got the hint and slipped her bottoms and panties off until I felt her bare mound against me. It was a different (and nice) feeling to have her behind me, grinding herself against my tailbone as she stroked me.

I had all I could take and turned over, intending to make love to her. She immediately engulfed my cock with her mouth instead. I laid back and enjoyed the sensation of her mouth on me. One thing I'll say, is she is very good at this particular bit of foreplay. She doesn't deep-throat me, but she does take most of my shaft inside her mouth while she sucks very hard. I'm not sure how to describe it to someone who hasn't felt it, but I feel like her suction reaches all the way down to the base of my balls. It's an amazing feeling.

After a few minutes of that, I pulled her on top of me and buried myself inside of her. Now her pubic mound was grinding against mine as the tip of my cock brushed against her cervix. I held onto her perfect ass cheeks as she rode me, occasionally reaching upwards to her heaving breasts. I started talking to her, telling her my "evil" thoughts of the day. As she rode me closer and closer to orgasm, I finished off my tale by reminding her of when we were younger and having unprotected sex. I reminded her of how my cock was leaking in her as she rode me, allowing my sperm complete access to her unprotected womb. As I spoke the word "pregnant", she came quite hard, her pussy spasming on my shaft, and her body convulsing on top of mine. I was only milliseconds behind her, shooting deep inside her convulsing walls. Yes, it was a good night.