Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Recirculation Pumps and Chemical Burns

Sometimes you can try too hard. I was away on a golf getaway with my brother, my nephew and my Dad for a few days, so last night I had big plans to make up my absence to Rebecca when we went to bed. 

I had done the grocery shopping earlier that afternoon, and at the store I saw some of those fresh breath strips that dissolve on your tongue. I recalled an article somewhere either in Cosmo, or on the web where the writer described how her boyfriend used these when he performed oral sex on her. 

I thought it would be an interesting thing to try, so I threw them in with the other groceries. 

We put the kids to bed  and then had a bath together. After we got out, we moved to the bedroom. Our boy likes to fall asleep in his older sister's bed, so I decided to check and see if he was asleep yet so I could move him back to his bed. He was, and I did, but while I was down there, I remembered the breath strips. I grabbed them, and brought them up to our room where Rebecca was waiting in bed.

I told her to close her eyes, and I removed her pajama top and shorts. I reached over to the night table and placed one of the strips on my tongue. It immediately stuck to the roof of my mouth, which in hindsight was probably fortunate. 

I started with her breasts and she immediately knew something was up. I didn't spend enough time on her chest as I was concerned the effect might wear off my tongue. Was I ever wrong. Within seconds of touching my tongue her clit, she let me know it was too much. She said it felt like it was burning. I stopped immediately and went to our bathroom to get her a wet cloth. I made my second ( or is it third) crucial mistake in assuming that a cold, wet cloth would feel better. Wrong. Rebecca requested politely but firmly(she's sweet) to have a warm cloth instead of the cold one  and I raced back to the bathroom sink. 

Our room is a fair distance from our hot water tank, so it takes some time for the water to warm up as it travels through the pipes. Granted, things always seem to take longer when you're standing there waiting, (with your wife's clitoris on fire) but even taking that into account, it took forever. As I stood there cursing myself for not installing a recirculation pump on the hot water line, the water finally turned warm. I took the warm cloth to Rebecca and she placed it on the affected region. To say the mood was spoiled could possibly be the biggest understatement of the year. In fact I think her comment was something to the effect of I should be thankful this wasn't a first date. 

Today, she's still recovering. She says she still can feel it when she pees. We'll have to watch to make sure it doesn't turn into a bladder infection. We have a date this Saturday with the kids at a sleep over, so I'll get a chance to redeem myself.

I always try to take something positive from every experience. In this case, by comparison, anal sex may seem like a walk in the park....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day

I wanted this time around to be different. I wanted to focus on her pleasure. This year, we decided to book a restaurant we've been wanting to try for quite awhile. Because Valentines fell on a Monday this year, it was quite easy to get a reservation, that is a good thing, especially when you leave it to the last minute like I tend to do. We booked the sitter, and had a nice dinner with nice grownup conversation.

When we arrived home, Rebecca drove the sitter home, and I prepared our room for when she got back. First of all, I heated some water on the stove, and took it up to our room. Once there, I placed a bottle of massage oil and a bottle of lube in it to warm up. I also dug out Rebecca's rabbit vibe and replaced the batteries. When she arrived home, I led her upstairs and undressed her on our bed. I had a bit of a challenge ahead of me since she had her monthly visitor, as well as a sore leg from her recent surgery. One thing she does love, however is being massaged. She just can't get enough.

I started with the heated oil on her neck and shoulders, and worked my way down her back. We often play a little game where I make small talk like I was just a masseur. I explained how I like to work my way down a woman's back, down to her ass. I asked her if she was okay with me massaging her ass, and she granted me permission (she really loves her ass being massaged). I worked her buttocks and pulled her panties down to expose her ass completely. As I was letting some fresh oil slowly run down her smoooth crack, I couldn't help but notice the white outline of her tampon string in the darkness.

At this point, I told her it was unfortunate that certain portions of her would have to be off limits. I skipped down to her feet and spent some quality time massaging each of her toes on her left foot. I applied deep pressure to the sole of her foot, lubricated by the hot oil, and worked my way up, massaging her ankle, calf, and finally the back of her thigh. Once I arrived where her beautiful, smooth ass cheek and the back of her thigh meet, I showed her how at this point of the massage I like to let my hand massage the inner thigh, and slowly work upwards until I can feel the heat of the woman's pussy. Once there, I slowly massaged the spot about an inch away from the left side of her warm opening. I explained that I liked to have the lady's lips slowly rub against one another, letting the juices build up.

Not wanting to press my luck in this position, I shifted down to do her right foot and calf in the same manner. This time, due to her sore leg, I skipped back up to her backside and with the help of the oil, I massaged the outside of her pussy again. I worked this area for another little while, and then asked her to roll over onto her back.

Once she was comfortably on her back, I began massaging her head and face. As I did this, I positioned my lips above hers so we were almost kissing. I explained that as a professional, I couldn't kiss her, but I always liked to get as close as possible. I continued our phantom kiss and massaged her forehead, cheekbones, and chin.

When I finished her face, and I straddled her stomach and slowly poured the warm oil over her breasts. I explained that I'm not allowed to touch her nipples during the massage, but I would pay extra special attention to her areoli. I ran my fingers through the oil and circled her right nipple. Even though it was quite dark, I was able to see her nipple harden with the stimulation. As I watched her react to my touch, I couldn't help but fantasize that she was allowing another man do this while I watched. I repeated the process with her other breast, then continued down to her stomach.

Rebecca's stomach is extremely flat and toned, and a pleasure to touch. I ran my hands from between her breasts all the way down her stomach to her pubic bone. There I applied more oil, and firmly but gently massaged her pubic mound. This was when the next part of my plan fell into place. As I massaged her mound, I reached into the warm water and extracted the warm bottle of lube instead of the oil. As she lay on her back, I poured a generous amount into my right hand. I resumed massaging her the soft area on the front of her mound which backs onto her g-spot. While continuously massaging her, I reached down between her legs past her pussy, to her tight ass. I gently massaged her anus , then allowed my middle finger to penetrate her. We have only had anal sex once or twice in our thirteen year marriage, so her ass is extremely tight. I didn't intend to try it tonight, but instead, I allowed my finger to slowly work itself deeper and deeper into her hole. The initial intrusion made her tense up, and I could feel her sphincter contract around my finger, but eventually I was in past the second knuckle. The inside of her ass was tight, warm, and with the lube,wet. My aching cock was jealous of my finger.

I held my finger motionless inside her tight ass, and reached for the strategically placed rabbit. I turned the rabbit on and began to slowly work the vibrating ears around the folds of her outer lips. She moaned her approval and almost immediately I felt her sphincter relax around my finger. I worked the rabbit down each side of her lips and back up to her clit, feeling her ass respond by milking my finger to the rhythm of the passing vibe. It was amazingly hot.

After a few minutes of this, I could tell she was getting closer to cumming. It was dark, so I couldn't tell exactly what I was doing right, but whatever I did seemed to be working. She reached down and took the Rabbit out of my hand. She worked it over her pussy while I pumped her ass with my finger. When she came, she grunted, and I felt the spasms ripple down through her pussy into her anal passage. Her ass gripped my finger in an amazing rhythm.

Unable to hold back, on the verge of cumming myself, I turned her over and placed the head of my swollen cock at entrance to her ass. It was all I could do not to lean onto her and drive my cock deep inside her. Instead , I stroked my cock as it dripped pre-cum, and shot as much of my hot cum as I could over her puckered anus. Then I collapsed on top of her, panting.

Usually, she'll get up and go to the washroom after something like this. This time, however, she simply pulled up her panties, leaving me to fall asleep dreaming about her cum soaked ass and pussy.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Younger Man

Friday , Rebecca mentioned while she had been at work, a guy she knows with the company had IM'd her. I casually teased her about being hit on, and she said there was no way he was interested because of how old he was. I immediately assumed he was too old to be interested, thinking he was an older (60+) man in her company. She went on to say that he couldn't be interested since she's almost forty (she's 38) and and he's in his twenties. What??? She had my attention.

Apparently, they IM'd about his upcoming trip to Vegas, where he'll be staying at the same hotel as she did. He asked her if she had ever been there, and she told him about her recent trip. He asked her if she got hit on, and she asked him if having drinks bought for her counted, she then told him she was directly propositioned as well.

I told her he was definitely flirting with her. She doesn't believe me. She's a little oblivious about this sort of thing, but later on she reminded me that he had taken her for lunch awhile back as a thank you for helping him get a position with the company. She also mentioned that he has asked her to play squash sometime with him.

I had some time to think about this and I wasn't sure how to finish the conversation with her. In the past, I have openly encouraged her to enjoy herself, but she has always shut herself down, saying she isn't interested in anyone but me. This time, I knew I wanted to leave it with her, but I wanted to emphasize that I'm okay with her going with the flow.

We talked Friday night in bed, and I told her that if talking to him her makes her feel good, she should keep doing it.(I'll always be the one to reap the benefits) He's located at a branch of the company literally a thousand miles away, so it's not like there's anything imminent. In my mind, this takes a lot of pressure off her, she can be free to talk to him as much or as little as she wants. I made it clear that I'm okay with her having a little fun boosting her ego. In fact as always, I'm more than okay with it. We'll see where it leads.

I hadn't had chance to post this, and Saturday night, while we were getting the kids ready for bed, she saw that he was "online" on Facebook. I told her to go ahead, and she chatted with him some more. The content had to do with his ideal woman, etc. I noticed that many of Rebecca's qualities were on the list. Subtle.

What made an impression on me is that typically, when we put the kids to bed, we both go up and help them brush teeth, etc. This time however, after brushing, I put the girl to bed, and went to the boy's room to make sure he was getting ready, expecting to find Rebecca having her usual battle with him. She wasn't there. Instead, I found she had gone back downstairs to wrap up her chat with him. This could get interesting.

Many readers, (including my wife) may wonder why I would encourage this. I've thought about it a lot, and I think I have the answer. It's pretty comprehensive, so it will have to wait for another post. For now, I'll just say I love her more than anything, and I trust her implicitly.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Bucket List

Rebecca has been out of commission since Monday, due to some minor surgery. Not to worry, it was nothing life threatening, nor was it for any physical "enhancements". It was just something she wanted taken care of. She's able to get around alright, but sex is low on her list of priorities. I find times like these to be good times to recharge. On that note, I had started a list some time ago consisting of the things I have thought would be exciting for us to do together. They haven't been vetted by Rebecca, so she'll be reading this for the first time as well.

Here they are, in no particular order:

- Threesome, MFM. No M/M contact, just all about her pleasure.
- Rebecca flirting with another man.
- Rebecca dancing with another man.
- Rebecca making out with another man.
- Rebecca w/another man.
- Erotic Massage while I watched.
- Erotic Massage while I helped.
- Massage for both of us while making love. (By another couple)
- Massage for her while making love. (By another man)
- Tantric Massage Lessons.
- A "normal" massage for her while I watched.
- Sex/oral sex in public.
- Public flashing (her).
- Nude beach, skinny-dipping.
- Anal sex.
- Strap-on sex (Turnabout is fair play).
- Fantasy play- (Her making up a sexual encounter with another man to tell me about while we have make love).
- Role Play- Me as the other man, and me as the doting husband after her encounter.
- BDSM (tying up, spanking, her as the master).
- Her chatting or sexting with another man/couple while I massage/pleasure her.
- Her chatting online/sexting/emailing with another man, period.
- Her "edging" me w/possible denial.
- CFNM as a group setting (Clothed females, naked male): Me masturbating in front of her and some of her friends.
- Boudoir photo-shoot.
- Sexy photo-shoot: Her and I in action.
- Strip poker with another couple(s).
- Soft swing with another couple (same room sex).
- Her and I putting on a show (being watched).
- Mutual masturbation.
- Her masturbating for someone else. (and telling me about it later).
- Rebecca pretending to have an affair and then telling me about it.
- Rebecca having an affair then telling me about it afterward.
- Rebecca and I going to a strip club together.

Have I missed anything? You've probably noticed a common theme running through this list. What can I say, other than I get extremely turned on when I see her enjoying herself.

When Rebecca reads this list, she'll probably experience a certain level of discomfort, and it won't be from her recent "procedure". I have to include the caveat that this is as kinky as I get. I have laid it all on the line. I definitely don't expect to cross everything off this list over the course of our life together, but I can certainly enjoy the journey towards each one of these, even if we never arrive at the destination.

It's been a blast so far.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Dreams about Night Things

I came home early from work yesterday because I was feeling a little under the weather. Rebecca stayed home since the kids had a day off school, so I was able to go up to our room and have a nap. I slept for about an hour. When I woke up, it was a gradual transition. It was one of those instances where  I was able to start dreaming because I woke up with the vision of Rebecca's face in my mind. In my dream, she was looking up at me, with her lips around my cock. It got interesting when she let me out of her mouth and she continued moaning and grimacing. When I looked down, I saw why. She was riding another cock. Like many dreams, this one had parts that didn't make sense. For instance, I was laying in our bed while she sucked and licked me, but at the same time the other participant was laying on his back with her riding cowgirl( her favorite). I remember seeing her face as she came, and as usual, it was amazing. It was the look she has when I'm able to time myself to finish just as she just starts to come, with my spasms riding out the wave with her as I fill her with my come. This is what happened in my dream, only she wasn't riding me. Long ago, in this type of dream, the moment of realization used to bring on feelings of jealousy or regret, but it wasn't the case in this instance. I woke up more turned on than ever.

After my nap, I went down to the kitchen and hung out with Rebecca while the kids were playing in their room. I wasn't keen on mentioning the recurrence of this fantasy, since I'm pretty sure she's heard it enough. While I was sitting there, she could tell I was thinking about something. She pried, and I gave her a hint that I was feeling "evil" after waking up, and that it related to a dream I just had. She immediately asked if it had to do with a third person (she knows me too well). I confessed it did and I left it at that until later that night and  the kids went to bed. We were in the living room in the dark, and started making out like we were back in high school. I was rock hard, and she was dripping wet. The kids were still awake, so we snuck to our room, and we stripped each other quickly.

As we started having sex in a rough, animalistic fashion, I told her more details of my dream. I told her how she rode another cock, while sucking greedily on mine at the same time. I didn't get too far into my details, as the recollection pushed us over the edge. I came as deep as I could inside of her, then collapsed on her.

Shortly afterwards, we made our way to the bathroom to get ready for bed. That's when one of the kids decided to come upstairs and ask us something, in an effort to delay going to sleep. I took him back down and got him to turn the lights out.

When I arrived upstairs, Rebecca was back in bed. I climbed in and told her I wasn't done yet. She said she was worried the kids would come back up, so of course I said we would just have to be quiet. I massaged her back as we spooned and slowly reached under the covers to her pajama bottoms. I pulled them down as she faced away, massaging her all the while. When my hand slipped between her legs, I could feel my come leaking out of her wet pussy. There's nothing I like more than slipping inside of her when she's had me once already, so I placed the head of my semi-erect cock against the messy folds of her lips. I thrust into her and started sawing in and out of her come filled pussy. Usually after coming once, I can control myself a little better. This time however, she did something that still makes me hard when I think of it now. As we were spooning, I reached around under her pajama top to caress her chest. I worked my hand up her neck to touch her face. That's when she quickly took my middle finger in her mouth and started sucking hard. She alternated between sucking and tonguing my finger as I pumped her. Of course, my mind was racing, and I went from semi-erect to ejaculating in what seemed like a blink of an eye. My only regret is I didn't make it last longer. Well, that and I never told her who the third person in my dream was....