Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Old Hat

Rebecca mentioned the other day that she and G had been emailing a bit, and she was teasing him. That day she was wearing a skirt and "stayups", and he happened to ask what she was wearing.

She described her outfit, and he replied by telling her she was cruel. Her response to me was, "What? I just told him what I had on..."

Anyway, it sounds like they're meeting for lunch on Friday. At one point, the idea that she actually wanted to go for lunch with him had me tossing my cookies. Now this has become old hat.

Maybe I'm losing the edge a little. I know she's totally in love with me, so I'm completely fine with her seeing him. I guess her lack of anything sexual happening with him at all has me in cruise control. I suppose it won't take much for her to push my buttons though.


  1. Yea, you'd be surprise how quickly the butterflies depart once you surpass a specific level so to speak. Lunch, is old hat. Soon, a kiss will be. A flash and in time, sex. What an incredible trip it is.

  2. It wouldn't be if she went to lunch in stay-ups with no panties.....

  3. I agree with JFBreak, but I'm guessing you may have meant that you don't get the uneasy feeling anymore. I would bet you still get the tingle of excitement because you never know when their situation may change in an exciting way. If I am reading into your post incorrectly please feel free to let me know.

    BTW- what is Rebecca's feeling about her lunch tomorrow? Is she picking out a special outfit and making sure to prepare herself with whatever beauty treatments make her feel extra pretty? If she would deny she has any excitement about tomorrow her actions may betray her. I hope everyone has fun!

  4. prepare yourself for the inevitable. a pandora's box has been opened, and it's inevitable that your wife will have sex with this man. it's too late for you to put a stop - that will just frustrate her and possibly make her go ahead anyway. the best you can do is stomach the angst, and enjoy the ride and accept the truth: your wife IS going to have intercourse with this guy. a lot.