Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend, we're supposed to go camping with some friends of ours. Our kids are the same ages, so they always have a good time together. As for camping, Rebecca makes no bones about no longer enjoying staying in a tent. She has moved on to the "rent a condo" type of camping. I still enjoy it though, as do the kids.

She's made an initial comment or two about possibly staying home while I take the kids. She took this week off from work and she could use the time to catch up. In addition, on Monday, she's flying out of town for an overnight trip, so she could really use the time to stay home and prepare.

Now she'll definitely say I'm strange, but the thought of her alone for the weekend turns me on immensely. I'd like to think she would use the time to indulge herself a little. My mind wanders to her alone for the weekend, and getting convinced to go for drinks with G. At the very least, she might use the time to chat online with him or someone else. If my mind is left to it's own devices, it soon has someone over at our house, sharing a glass of wine and seducing her. I know these thoughts aren't "normal" for a married man to think of, but I can't tell you how exciting I find the whole notion.

Of course, books have been written about wives on out of town business trips, so I won't even begin to tell you what I think of when she's away. I'm sure most of you can fill in the blanks. I'd love for her to call me from her hotel room to tell me she's met someone, and he's joining her in her room for drinks. Even if she was just teasing me, it would be completely arousing.

Edit: I forgot that she has a waxing appointment this afternoon. So I have to add that to the fantasy as well.


  1. I always imagine that my wife calls me to check if everything is OK, but when she ends the call she "forgets" to switch it off, suddenly I hear a man's voice saying "Shall I carry on"? and then the soft sounds of bed springs and a faint slapping sound....

  2. Hopefully you can enjoy camping without having to explain your constant erection to fellow campers!