Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Ten Months"

Last night during a bath, Rebecca and I discussed my golf post and how she was different from her cougar coworker. She said she's not the type to dress slutty to go out and pick up.

The conversation continued into our bed where I gave her a massage. She laid down on her stomach while I straddled her ass/legs in order to rub her back and shoulders. As I massaged her, I told her I would have been okay with him coming over if the kids weren't around. I told her I could take the kids for a weekend to my parents' place, leaving her alone in the house. She commented how it would be weird to have him in our house.  

I said that nothing would have to happen if she wasn't comfortable with it. I said it could be strictly platonic like this massage. She was face down with her top off so all I could see was her back as I worked her muscles. She said she did have a massage like this back in University, where she had her top off. She said all the guy could see was the sides of her breasts as he massaged her. 

I worked my way down her back to the top of her ass. I reminded her that she has had plenty of professional massages where she had the top of her ass worked on, so it would still be considered platonic with G. 

After awhile, I pulled her pajama bottoms down to expose her complete ass and told her I knew how much she likes her ass massaged, and I was certain G wouldn't mind doing it. She replied that it would be cruel, since she had no intention of reciprocating. I told her I'm sure G would still enjoy the experience. 

When I finished her ass, I told her I would do her legs and still keep it platonic. I kept a sheet over her and slipped her bottoms down and off her legs. She was now completely naked under the sheet. I carefully uncovered her right leg, tucking the sheet between  her legs. As I worked my way down to her feet, we kept talking. She told me how G had told her recently how he had stumbled across a colleague of his at the office late at night with a "friend". He had apparently interrupted them. As I worked on her leg, I told her that if  she wasn't comfortable with him in our house, she could always visit his office. She laughed it off. When I massaged her foot, she moaned her approval. I finished her right leg and then covered it while exposing her left. 

I was hard the entire time, still wearing my boxer briefs. I mentioned to her that if she can make her husband this hard during a platonic massage, imagine how hard G would get, since he hasn't had a woman in ten months. She said again it would be cruel. I told her to trust me that he would still enjoy it. 

When I was done her leg, I straddled her back, this time "reverse cowboy" style facing her ass and legs. I slipped the sheet down to completely expose her ass, catching a glimpse of her lovely pussy. 

As I massaged her ass, I worked a finger into her pussy from behind, followed quickly by my tongue.

She said, "that doesn't feel platonic.", but she parted her legs as she said it. I continued and she moaned her approval. At this point, we really hadn't established "who I was" as I sat on her back, leaning between her legs, tasting her smooth pussy. 

From her response I could tell she was getting closer to her orgasm, so I got off her and asked her to turn over. As she did, I stripped off my boxers and climbed between her legs. I hesitated briefly with the head of my cock at her slick opening, then plunged it in. As usual, she felt amazing. She asked me how it felt, and I told her she felt perfect. I also told her, "Go slow with me, it's been a long time."

After a little while of pumping and grinding, she asked me if she could sit on me. I rolled over onto my back and she guided my cock in as she sat down on top of me. Because she was so wet,   I entered her quickly, bumping into her cervix as I did.

She started to grind me as deeply as she could manage, my cock head circling her cervix deep inside her. I told her to go slowly. 

She replied by asking, "Why? How long has it been?"

"Ten months", I replied.

And with those simple words, she shuddered and came.


Monday, June 27, 2011

The Golf Weekend

This past weekend, my dad and I joined a group of eight other men for a guy's golf getaway. We drove approximately seven hours to stay at a mountain golf resort and golf for three days. 

The day before I left, Rebecca informed me that by coincidence, a divorced lady from her office was going to the same resort with a group of ladies. This woman is a cougar and was definitely on the prowl. 

I ran into her on the driving range, and I made a brief introduction to some of the guys from our group. We only had one relatively single guy with us, so I figured this was his chance to get lucky. Actually, I think luck had very little to do with it. 

After our round on Saturday, we stopped in at the nineteenth hole for drinks before dinner and found the cougar sitting with a friend of hers as well as her prey for the night, our single friend "S". it turns out she had her sights set on another of our posse, "F", who happens to be our married neighbor. Let's just say that F was totally into the attention, and by the end of dinner, he was telling us how he was "going to ride her like a rented mule." He's not the most eloquent of the bunch. I was snapping pics of the group with my phone, and he made point of mentioning to me twice that he didn't want anything incriminating to make it back home. I told him he's a big boy and he should take care of that from his end. 

While on the trip, I was in more less constant contact with Rebecca as the situation unfolded. Although it was entertaining, my heart and mind was back at home with her. I hinted a few times to her that I wouldn't mind an email from her at some point, especially if any advancements were made on the G front. 

I've been reflecting on the different situations a bit. In one case, you have a husband "F", who is willing to cheat on his wife when the first opportunity presents itself. My wife, on the other hand, has my expressed permission to do what she desires in the extramarital category, yet because of her commitment to me, she refuses to do anything. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not complaining. 

It turns out that when G found out I was away for the weekend, he asked Rebecca in an email if she wanted any company at home. She declined,  saying she was tired. Truthfully, she told me she there was no way she wanted him coming over. I asked her if it was because the kids were here sleeping, and she replied "no", even if she was alone, she didn't want him coming over. In my mind, I found the idea extremely hot, but only if the kids were somewhere else. To think of her and him in our home alone together definitely appeals to something in me.

If I were an optimist, I would say she was quite pleased that he tried to invite himself over. I might even think she didn't want him over because she wouldn't be able to stop herself once it started. I really don't know where it goes from here. Honestly, I think he'll reach a point where he'll stop trying soon. I would. 

Back on our golf trip, with "F", I had a brief look at the most basic and unrefined part of the extramarital affair. If this is what Rebecca thinks it's like, I can see her reluctance to take the leap. It's really unappealing. On the other hand, I know how classy Rebecca is and I know if she chose to approach this from her own unique direction, she could add so much class as she set her own pace.

 In truth, sex is only part of the overall event, there are so many things that lead up to it. She has enjoyed the flirting and the buildup, but in her mind there's not much else to build up to (no sex) I guess that's why I thought she would enjoy the internet emailing, dating, chatting etc. It would be like what she has with G with no pressure to meet, or have sex. It would also  go a long way to satisfy my desire to have her flirt and chat with another man. She might even be more inclined to share her emails with me than she has been with G.

All in all, I think her time with G is wrapping up. I believe now that she has turned him down when they had an opportunity to be alone together, he'll start to understand she's just not into anything physical. With the sexual potential removed from the equation, I suspect he'll start tapering off his contact with her. Of course time will tell.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I had a good Father's day today. I got up and did 20 (and a half) km as week 17 of my marathon training, then Rebecca,  the kids and myself took a drive to the mountains. We're lucky to be within an hour of some of the best hiking in North America, so it was nice to start exposing the kids to it. Along the way, there was some hotwife talk (of course). The topic of this conversation was Rebecca's  "number", and how she doesn't want to increase it. For the record, she has only had one other guy before me, and as I have mentioned before, he was a little( a lot)  on the small side. So that  makes her number "2".

It's funny with the kids at the age of five and eight. You can talk a lot about adult themed topics without them catching on. We talked on our little hike about her limitations. From her perspective, it really comes down to her not increasing her  "number".  I had a quick snooze on the drive home (she was driving), and when I awoke, I told her that as far as I was concerned , there's no need for her to increase her number. I said the important thing is for her to enjoy herself. I said I am more than happy for her to go out with G, and tease herself. When she comes home, I'm the one who benefits.

We arrived home and carried on the conversation as we made supper and the kids rode their bikes out front. Earlier,  I had forwarded her some comments from an existing website penned by a hotwife on why this particular woman enjoyed the experience.

"The greatest benefit of this lifestyle for us is communication. Free, open, raw communication....how many men have you shared THAT with? You've had sex with other men....how many men have you expressed to what it feels like to you to have sex with other men? THAT is special. THAT is unique. THAT is the elusive holy grail that a lot of couples who have never had sex with other people ever can NEVER have with their spouses. When you discussed this with your husband and he could see your point? That's like the greatest orgasm X10!"

That really sums up what I get out of this as Rebecca's husband. To be honest, she doesn't need to sleep around for this to happen. The fact that we  can talk like we do is amazing. Our sex life is amazing. My wife is hot, whether or not she is a hotwife. Having said all that, during our conversation in the kitchen, she said something while purely for my benefit, was extremely hot anyway.

She said, "Three is still a low number."

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Last Minute Invite

I've had a busy week, which is nice since it makes time fly. Yesterday I had a deadline at 4:30, so my head was down most of the day. Around 2:00pm, Rebecca email me this,

"I went for a quick lunch today. Last minute invite."

It's a very simple email, but it still made my stomach flipflop. I had told her some time ago I would like a surprise every now and then and it was okay for her to take the initiative. 

After supper last night, I had to come back to the office to get ready for yet another meeting today, and as I sketched away, I was thinking of how sexy she is. Along with my arousal, there's always the lingering worry in the back of my mind that she'll start to fall for him. She puts those worries to rest when we're alone together. When I got home around 10:00pm, it was no different. She was laying in bed reading, and I was on her in no time.

We made out like teenagers. I took her pajama top off as she felt how hard she made me. I was rock hard. 

I won't go into great detail about how great the sex was, but suffice to say , I came twice as Rebecca ground against me. After the first time, I stayed rock solid. 

After the second time, We collapsed together, with me still inside her. As we lay there breathing heavily, my mind started to wander, I began thinking about her out for lunch with him. I could feel the blood starting to rush back into my cock, but it was late, so I quickly changed my train of thought. I know... I should have gone for a third, but I really did need to get to sleep.

She said lunch was nice, but nothing happened. I told her I would be very interested in getting another surprise email someday, when something has happened...

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Forgive me for the upcoming reference to a kid's movie, but if you can grant me some latitude,  I'll do my best to show the relevance. Last night Rebecca and I had a "date night". We visited a couple lounges in our city while my niece sat with the kids. During our few hours of alone time, we talked, and a lot of the conversation centred on G. If the old saying has any truth to it, his ears would have been severely uncomfortable between the hours of 7pm to 11pm.

It did cross my mind that it could be interpreted as "strange" that on my one date night in a month with my wife, that we spent so much time talking about her relationship with another man. I still enjoyed the conversation.  Rebecca is doing a yearly fundraiser for Cardiopulmonary research, and she said G mentioned that he would like to contribute to it "if your husband wouldn't mind" (or something along those lines). He scored some points with me just by asking so I told Rebecca that I don't mind at all. Of course, he's just out in the ether somewhere, not really knowing what I think about this whole dance of theirs, but at least he's approaching it as a gentleman.

If I had my way, I would have  Rebecca confess the truth of the entire situation, but at the same time, I can understand her reluctance to do so. Right now, her and I understand our relationship, and its strength, but he might get a little freaked that we're getting so much entertainment from him pursuing my wife.

The more interesting part of the evening (from my perspective) came when she mentioned a brief email exchange they had last week. You see, last Thursday evening, she went out to a local pool as part of the training she's doing for an upcoming triathalon. It turns out  G emailed her while she was swimming, suggesting if she was having difficulty finding the pool, he would give her directions. The directions just happened to coincide with his office location, where he was working late that night. Rebecca received the email on her BB as she was getting ready to come home from the pool. She casually told him she found the pool just fine, and that she couldn't come out to see him because she was "dripping wet", and she didn't bring any underwear.

I almost choked on my drink when she told me this. I had several thoughts flash through my mind. First of all, I told her I would have been fine with her going out after her swim. In fact, I told her I had thoughts(hopes) that she was pulling a fast one when she said she was going swimming. I guess in the back of my mind I hoped she would get a little wild without my permission. My second thought was of poor G. here's a guy going through a serious dry spell, and she sends him an email like that.

Finally, I told her that the one thing she needed to work on was her presentation. I told her I would have loved for her to bcc me on her response to him, as it happened in realtime. To receive an email like that while she was out would have driven me crazy. To hear it over drinks was exciting, but it pales in comparison to how I would react if she sent it to me as it happened.  I told her I would have jumped on her the moment she walked through the door. Come to think of it, I seem to recall she came to bed and jumped on me that night, so I guess I can't complain.

Rebecca is still pretty coy about how she thinks things will unfold with G. She insists nothing will happen, but every once in awhile, she mentions a tidbit like that.  I guess I'll leave it up to her to do as she sees fit.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Things have kind of ground to a halt on the HW/ G front. He still emails her daily, but her and I talked and she really has no interest in pursuing anything with him for a couple of reasons.

First, and maybe most importantly, she has said over and over that she only wants me. How can I argue with that? As much as it turns me on to think of her cutting loose, I'm very happy knowing I satisfy my wife (on several levels.)

Secondly, she said the last thing she wants is for him to do something crazy like fall for her. She doesn't want the to be a tipping point in his troubled marriage. I told her  I believe he's already infatuated with her. As long as she keeps meeting for coffee and drinks, he'll have his hopes up. I believe she either has to stop talking to/ seeing him, or she needs to come clean with her "special" situation as it relates to me.

If she were able to do that, he may just loosen up and realize he can have his cake and eat it too.

Speaking of sweets, here's a shot of Rebecca getting ready for work in the morning. I'm a big fan of the "stay-ups". She still has the Mexico tan-lines. Next trip we'll have to leave the kids at home so she can get an even tan.

Edit: The irony of the situation just hit me after I re-read this. It's knowledge that she loves me that gives me comfort in offering her this freedom. If we were missing something as a couple, I'm not sure I would be as open to her interacting with other men. 

The more she tells me I'm her one and only, the more I relax about (and desire) the idea of her enjoying the company of another man. So far, I just don't understand why.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Full Package

Well, Rebecca went out last night with G, and I get the impression things have cooled a bit. He asked her when they were at the lounge what time she needed to be home. She took the opportunity to tell him there wasn't any rush, since I knew she was out with him. She said he reacted in disbelief. He said I must be very open minded. She told him I was okay with it because I love her and trust her.

I would have preferred she said that I trust her to make her own decisions about these type of things, because I think her statement could be construed as slamming the door on him (which she may well have intended). 

They talked throughout the evening about work, some sex and home life. My initial impression is he had fallen for her (he told her she was the "total package") and her reiterating her love for me, slammed that door on him. I actually do prefer it this way. The last thing I wanted out of all this was someone trying to woo my wife away from me. At least moving forward, (if it does at all) he'll understand where he sits in all this.

I think our relationship has also served as a foil to his unhappy marriage. If I was him, and I met a woman like her, I would be very depressed to know that the  perfect relationship  is out there and I didn't have it. 

Now, on the contrary, I am a very happy man. My wife loves me and has professed that love to a man she went on a date with. It must have hit him like a cold shower.
I'm not sure where we go from here, other than I'm going to continue enjoying my wife. She is amazing. I still think there's an opportunity for G if he can temper his expectations. Apparently, he hasn't had sex for almost ten months. I'd be ready to explode. 

To be fair to him, Rebecca didn't leave room for much interpretation. If he knew  that I was cool with her having fun, he might think differently  She's been consistent, saying nothing will happen, and nothing has. But ten months? Even I feel bad for the guy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Thirty Second Conversation

It's funny how so much can be said in a thirty second conversation. Well, to be fair, it actually started last night as I gave Rebecca a short massage. We were discussing whether or not she would meet G this Thursday evening. He has a get together with a number of old classmates, and he has invited her along. 

Now Rebecca has made it ultra clear to me that she has no desire to do anything physical with him, or anyone else, other than me. That's fine with me, but I told her last night that it bothered me more that she wanted to go out for his company vs the physical attraction. I guess the physical part is something I can accept, even want for her; it's the emotional part I can't handle.

She assured me that I am her only love, so I had to ask her directly what exactly would she get out of this.

Her answer stayed with me until the morning, and it seems to make some sense. She said she gets an ego boost. From that simple answer, I can start to understand her a little better. She used to flirt quite a bit in her college days, often chatting up several guys in the same short time frame. I'm sure the attention makes her feel sexy and desirable, even if she has no intention to "cheat".

Driving in to work this morning, I told her if going out with him gave her an ego boost, and I was the one to benefit, I really can't complain. I also told her (for the record) that I don't consider her making out with someone "cheating" if we discuss it and I'm fully aware of it. Her usual response is to say how she considers anything like that cheating, etc, etc.

This time, she caught me a little by surprise by saying she would tell me if they made out. As we crossed the bridge to downtown, she thought aloud how it would be weird because it's been almost twenty years since she kissed another man.

She might just be pushing my buttons but as we approached her building, she felt for my erection. She laughed as she felt my hardness through my pant leg. It's typically not a good thing when a woman laughs as she feels your cock, but in this case I'll let it slide.