Friday, June 17, 2011

The Last Minute Invite

I've had a busy week, which is nice since it makes time fly. Yesterday I had a deadline at 4:30, so my head was down most of the day. Around 2:00pm, Rebecca email me this,

"I went for a quick lunch today. Last minute invite."

It's a very simple email, but it still made my stomach flipflop. I had told her some time ago I would like a surprise every now and then and it was okay for her to take the initiative. 

After supper last night, I had to come back to the office to get ready for yet another meeting today, and as I sketched away, I was thinking of how sexy she is. Along with my arousal, there's always the lingering worry in the back of my mind that she'll start to fall for him. She puts those worries to rest when we're alone together. When I got home around 10:00pm, it was no different. She was laying in bed reading, and I was on her in no time.

We made out like teenagers. I took her pajama top off as she felt how hard she made me. I was rock hard. 

I won't go into great detail about how great the sex was, but suffice to say , I came twice as Rebecca ground against me. After the first time, I stayed rock solid. 

After the second time, We collapsed together, with me still inside her. As we lay there breathing heavily, my mind started to wander, I began thinking about her out for lunch with him. I could feel the blood starting to rush back into my cock, but it was late, so I quickly changed my train of thought. I know... I should have gone for a third, but I really did need to get to sleep.

She said lunch was nice, but nothing happened. I told her I would be very interested in getting another surprise email someday, when something has happened...

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