Monday, April 5, 2010


Last night we experimented a bit and watched a couple of porn clips. Normally, she's usually quite conservative, and I wasn't sure how she would react, so I picked out something she would appreciate more than me. (No girl on girl) I had found a site,, that had a wide variety of short movies and picked a clip featuring a star by the name of Mandingo. This fellow was huge! I'm guessing he was at least 11" long and quite thick.

Now she's quite good at masking her emotions, even when she's turned on, so while she watched this massive black cock pumping this woman, I massaged her back and shoulders. I'm not sure if she had ever seen something this large; he always seemed to have a few inches sticking out of this woman, never quite fully getting inside her.

As I massaged her, I let my hand drift down to her buttocks and finally between her thighs. I lightly brushed her lips with my finger, trying to get a sense of whether the movie was arousing her or not. When my finger penetrated just past her outer lips, I felt an immense buildup of her juices. It was as though she had been on the verge of overflowing and my finger had breached the last fragile barrier.

I worked my fingers in and out of her pool of juices, keeping time with the large cock on the screen. Finally, when I couldn't take it any longer I climbed between her legs and replaced my fingers with my cock. I slid in quite quickly and lay on top of her, pumping her from behind to the rhythm of Mandingo. Now I was getting very close to coming, so I fell back on my strategy of using my tongue instead of my cock. She always enjoys this, and she tasted wonderful, so it was a win-win. Finally, she closed the laptop and turned over, so I could enter her missionary style.

One thing to note about my wife is her preference of positions. She will almost always come when she's straddling me, but it's rare that I finish her off when I'm on top. I could feel my cock bottom out in her, gently bumping into her cervix. When I whispered to her that I had "bottomed out", she warned me she was very close to coming. She tried to hold herself on the edge, but somehow the images of Mandingo's massive black cock coupled with the feeling of mine buried to the hilt in her pussy pushed her over the edge. She came hard. I can always gauge the intensity of her orgasm with how hard the walls of her pussy spasm around my cock. This was one of the bigger ones, and after the second gripping spasm, I came hard myself, shooting deep into her belly...


  1. Hot Hot Hot Hot - I cant say it enough, hank you very much for that post, very similiar to something that happened with my wife and I that I had forgotten about. I have not found a blog worthy of following yet, but you sir, are the bomb, you are my first. I will be reading every single one of your posts. Thank you very much for reminding me its in the details and not just skipping them over to the good stuff, they are the good stuff. And I truly share your same desires of love for our woman. I too would travel the world to find her again. Thanks again and keep writing awesome stuff. If at some point you woud like, I would feel honored to have you post on my blog sometime as a guest writer. You could even do it anon if you wanted to say something, something you didnt want anyone to know. I am just blabbing, it would be my honor. but not requires as i will be following you! thanks again.

  2. Thank you .. I checked out your blog, and I think you two might be out of my league. It would be nice to read about how you two progressed to where you are today. Once again, thanks. It's nice to have someone who likes to read.

  3. ah, but you are in a very sweet spot right now, trust me, you are building and climbing. Just think if it ever happens. You will probably not stop exploding. Your blog will explode for sure, lol. I am a little jealous right now, not joking, your thoughts are crsytal clear, you have many paths to choose from and yet you have no idea which way things will go. So it just builds and builds. I got about a third of the way through your blog, you rock.