Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back from Mexico

We're back after a week in the sun with the kids in Mexico. We all had a good time and the kids are getting easier to travel with. Having said that, Rebecca and I will have to take a short trip with just her and I someday soon.

The hotwife fantasy was more less on hold, although it did come up almost daily in conversation. One day as the kids played in the pool, we sat watching and discussed why things went wrong with G. Rebecca told me she didn't really view the opportunity with him as something she would ever act on. She was just practicing her flirting skills. It did establish some of my own limitations when it came to her and another man. The thought of her being physical with another man still turns me on more than anything. Where I fall apart is when it comes down to the emotional attachment she might experience.

It's interesting to note the difference in opinion she and I have when it comes to what constitutes being unfaithful. She believes "cheating" occurs when something physical happens and I  believe the physical aspect is irrelevant compared to the emotional side of things. While now I'm sure she didn't intentionally hold things back from me with G, I told her how I feel that the act of withholding info is the same as lying about it. I think we're on the same page now, although I think she still finds it difficult to understand how I can be turned on so much by her telling me about another man. I can't explain it either.
The second night were were there, we had several margaritas with some new Mexican friends of ours. Rebecca was definitely feeling the tequila. She commented jokingly to me a couple times about  her not getting to do what she wanted, which I guess still shows some promise.

To summarize where we are now, I wanted to reiterate to her that she has my permission to have fun if she feels she can keep it as a pure turn on sexually,  and control the emotional aspect of it all. I know.. It's a tall order.. for us both.

In the meantime, we're still having fun. We were at the kid's soccer tonight and she was texting V who is in town. He invited her out for drinks, but she told him she needs more notice. He asked her what he was supposed have done... call her in Mexico? She replied that that would have worked. (she's really good at this game.) He replied, telling her where he would be. I'm sure he's out somewhere with his friends with one eye on the door, hoping she'll change her mind. I can't blame him, though, after spending a week watching her in her bikini, frolicking in the sun. The following pics are just a sample of the beauty I had the pleasure of experiencing.

Strolling by the pool...

 Riding a Dolphin

You might recognize this ensemble from her boudoir shoot. She wore her booty shorts and the transparent t-shirt quite freely. 

I just can't resist her. When I would comment on  how good she looked, she would ask me if she was "delicious". (A reference to one of the earlier comments on this blog.) I would have to say, "delicious" is a perfect way of describing her.

Sex on this vacation was a little limited due to sheer exhaustion (kids, etc.) but the few instances were great. I did miss out on a great opportunity that afternoon/evening after Rebecca had a couple too many margaritas by the pool. She started making HW innuendos but I'm afraid the tequila hit her hard before I could get the kids to sleep. Near the end of trip, we were alone in bed and as we were kissing, I told her to pretend that we were making out and she was trying to control my wandering hands. It eventually turned into a fantasy session where I was the other man, and she was eventually convinced to let me into her a little at a time. First the head of my cock, then a little more at a time until I was buried inside of her.  I eventually "convinced" her to let me come inside of her even though she knew she was ovulating. I talked the dirty talk of sending her back home to her husband knocked up. She came hard.

It was a great vacation with an exquisite woman. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have her.


  1. There's no doubt about it - she is a hottie!

  2. She is extraordinary. I love the yummy mummy bikini. Appropriate to wear around the kids. If I were there, I would have loved to have taken her away for the afternoon. For the date, have her wear something much skimpier and go sailing. Bring margaritas. Anchor in a private bay, then lay out with her on deck. Have her comfortable enough to go topless, then take her below deck.

  3. Glad you had a great time on vacation. And glad you posted the pics. Smokin' hot!

  4. An absolute delight she is. You must be very proud of her. And i do hope she plays around with other men.....hehe....