Sunday, April 10, 2011

She's Got It.

G emailed Rebecca again while on his getaway. He must have been quite drunk, because his typing was horrible, and she said he's generally a good writer. He said that he knows where they're both coming from, which we assume to mean "unhappy marriages". If he only knew. He also wrote that he was surprised that she played like this. We assume he means the playful flirting over the email. In the same email he wondered aloud where things might go. 

She let him stew all day yesterday, not acknowledging his drunk email. It was me who finally said she needed to respond to him somehow. I told her I know what it feels like to be waiting for a response after sending a drunk message (What guy doesn't?)  Last night, before bed, she finally emailed him. She completely ignored his previous letter and simply asked him what he would say to her if he met her in a bar and was trying to pick her up. I told her jokingly that she's cruel, and that she's very good at playing this game. I also mentioned that it's interesting to be privy to this side of things. I used to be on the other end, not knowing what was going through the woman's mind.

He responded to her today by saying he's at the airport on the way back to town. He also, very directly invited her for lunch or coffee this Friday. He then finished the email by saying that in response to her question, he doesn't know what he would say to her, but he knows what he would "do to her". Wow. 

I told her that I'm more than fine with her going for lunch. She replied by saying that "yes, lunch is harmless." I told her at some point soon, he's going to make a move. He seems like the kind of man who doesn't wait too long moving forward. At the same time, Rebecca told me she's no home wrecker (He has a wife and kids). She has a fine line to tread. I thought maybe she might use this Friday to set the ground rules. She's a smart woman.

He appears very willing to take my wife to bed and she's attracted to him. I'm not sure where all this is going, but I had butterflies in my stomach all day thinking about how he signed off on his last email. This is the first time another man has told my wife so directly that he wants to do things to her.

Rebecca also seems to have a spring in her step. When we pass in the house, she'll grab me or make a sexy comment to me. This is certainly having an effect on her, and I'm the one currently reaping the benefits (as it should be, I guess).

Moving forward, I Friday is the next milestone. They're going for lunch, and I'm sure he'll be at his best. I'm excited for her to get attention like this. Shortly after that, we're heading to Mexico for a week with the kids. I think that sometime before Friday we should talk about some general guidelines ("rules" seems too strong a word) so she's comfortable with whatever happens. We have a lot to look forward to. We also have a lot to discuss. I'm pretty sure I'll be hard all week.


  1. Phew! This is getting exciting...

  2. I agree with Jay, this is very exciting stuff. Erections for everyone!

  3. I love this blog. It is the progression that is almost better then the destination. I do hope that eventually she does move forward with G. Very exciting

  4. This is really exciting to read. I htink your wife sounds delicious. I know you will be on edge this week, which is the best.